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Up-date on the Club HaulOut-2013
Sat/Sun-October 26th/27th
Given that we will be hauling out some boats belonging to recently joined club members (who have not hauled
and stored with us previously) – please read on.
Between Saturday October 19th Tuesday October 22nd we will lay out the cradles arranging them to be out
of the way of the crane but ready for a quick final push into position when the appropriate boat is lifted
beginning on Saturday October 26th. WE WILL NOT BE ASSEMBLING THEM. Non-Folding or wooden
cradles will not be accepted-period-no exceptions.
Any boats currently in the yard that will not be storing with the Club must be removed no later than
Monday afternoon October 8th-period-no exceptions. Any boats (not storing)or equipment found in the
yard after this date will be removed from Club property with costs associated with same charged back to
the Member.

We do need the cradles marked with the owner’s name and the boat name - how else do you think we know
where to put them? We also need to have the bow or stern end marked – sometimes it is obvious but
sometimes it is not and Murphy’s Law thrives at haul-out.
The assembly of the cradles and the fitting of pads etc. is the responsibility of the boat owner and has to be done
prior to the boat being hauled out—please refer to the Haul-out schedule that will be posted shortly. The owner
is responsible that the cradle is ready and fit for the purpose of safely propping up the boat for the winter months
if, in our judgement, a cradle or trailer is not fit for the purpose then we will not be able to haul the

Prior to haul-out you will need to ready the boat for lift out – i.e. take the mast down, remove anything else that
might obstruct the positioning of the slings. Having an empty, light boat is good too.
We will issue a schedule ahead of haul out giving a time when you are expected to be lifted on either Saturday
October 26th or Sunday October 27th. The schedule will be posted in the club house and on the club web site.
As is traditional it will be wildly optimistic but you need to note the times given as one of these years we
will get them right
. Skippers should determine where we are in the lift sequence and motor up to the crane
“just in time”. There will be a chase boat idling around to assist as needed. Owners are asked to be at the Club a
minimum of 1 ½ hours ahead of their respective scheduled time (no-this does not include those hauling firt thing
in the morning)
Once the boat is under the crane - it is ours – skippers go away and do not come back unless you are on a
work party in the yard.

We will power wash the boat when it is on its cradle – it is a good idea to have the speed transducer retracted
prior to haul-out if you can as a 1500 psi water jet really makes those little paddle wheels go around fast if
inadvertently misdirected.
If you have signed up for a work party then thank you-please come with a hard hat c/w safety shoes/boots
and dressed for your job. Obey the safety instructions given to you and apply copious common sense.
As I write this I would like to remind all Members that my experience is limited in overseeing Haul-out
and, as such, am looking for your cooperation, attention and offers of constructive criticism. Rob Watt is
to be considered “in charge” in terms of managing the placement of boats and yard the weekend of Haul-
Chris Burcher – Assistant Site Supervisor (905) 320-8460



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