Medical Hypotheses (2000) 55(2), 160–163
doi: 10.1054/mehy.1999.1042, available online at on B. J. L. Sudan
This case study demonstrates that the normal human body frequency, which can be disturbed by electromagnetic influences of the environment, can be modulated by 0.9% sodium chloride solutions (physiological saline) and that occurrence of allergic reactions have subsequently been suppressed as a result of this modulation.
The use of distilled water as control showed no effect on occurrence of allergic reactions. Further observations on the growth of various plants in a greenhouse exposed to various geomagnetic fields support the previous observations on humans. The neutralization of electromagnetic influences on humans using 0.9% sodium chloride solution or by enclosure of plants within a copper wire Faraday cage resulting in a normal and uniform growth of plants as compared with disturbed and irregular growth in unenclosed controls, is demonstrated. These original observations propose a new strategy to suppress or prevent allergic reactions and possibly other effects observed in various human pathologies in relation to a disturbance of human body frequencies. It is hypothesized that the double helix structure of desoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) could be modified by environmental electromagnetic fields and that disresonance between the two chains of DNA could lead to the expression of specific pathology. 2000 Harcourt Publishers Ltd dermatologic syndrome with the study of human bodyfrequencies (2).
Several members of my immediate family have suffered Following the protocol of Professor Cyril W. Smith (Salford University, UK, Personal Communication, matitis. All allergic investigations are strongly positive September 8, 1995), I was able to show by use of a sweep/ with the allergen tobacco and the hapten nicotine (1).
function generator that my body emitted extremely low All conventional desensitization therapies used to attempt to resolve this dermatologic reaction showed Further observations showed that my body frequency unsatisfactory results due to problems with the standard- was modified by environmental electromagnetic fields ization of allergenic extracts. During the last one/two such as when using an electric razor (50 Hz; 3000 mG/10 years, a new hypothesis has been proposed to resolve this min), a hair-drier (50 Hz), a mobile phone (900 MHz) orstanding before a personal computer monitor (450 MHz)for a short time (at least 1 min) and that allergic reactions of the skin appeared regularly in such situations.
Additional observations concerning the growth of plants Correspondence to: Bernard J. L. Sudan, PO Box 1951, 4001 Basel 1, in my greenhouse under various electromagnetic condi- To order bulk copies of this article, please contact - Jenni Welch tions supported the same findings as those for humans.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7424 4389, Fax: +44 (0) 20 7424 4433 Email: [email protected] Human body frequency modulation by sodium chloride solutions 161
Fig. 1 Undisturbed human body frequency:
Positive amplitude at frequencies shown, as measured = positive reaction of pendulum read Negative amplitude at frequencies shown, as measured = negative reaction of pendulum read on sweep-function generator (Hertz) Fig. 2 Disturbed human body frequency:
Positive amplitude at frequencies shown, as measured = positive reaction of pendulum read Negative amplitude at frequencies shown, as measured = negative reaction of pendulum read on sweep-function generator (Hertz) short time due to the influence of other environmental electromagnetic sources. Consequently, I decided to keep Human body frequency, distilled water and 0.9%
a closed bottle (50 ml of 0.9% sodium chloride) in my sodium chloride
pocket throughout the day and observed a total abroga- I have previously reported that ELFs produced by a func- tion of my facial dermatitis and a disappearance of the tion generator are regularly imprinted in distilled water paradontosis (Personal communication to J. Benveniste, and only after shaking water solutions for a minimum of May 17, 1998 and response of J. Benveniste, July 8, 1998).
30 s (2). Further studies using 0.9% sodium chloride After 18 months of successfully modulating my body fre- (physiological saline) solution were unable to demon- quency, I observed a body weight gain of 5 kg which was never observed previously as an allergic patient (20 years The following experiments were performed.
ago, cyproheptadine chlorhydrate was regularly pre-scribed for allergic patients to try and bring about body weight gain). In addition, it is interesting to note that an The human body, which is not perturbed by electromag- abrogation of psoriasis by bathing in the concentrated netic environmental influences, emits waves of electro- salt water of the Dead Sea is commonly described in der- magnetic frequencies; one of them is regularly measured matology; a relationship between my experiments and at 1.0 to 1.1 Hertz (Fig. 1) when using a pendulum with a these observations in dermatology could perhaps explain length of 20 cm as previously published (2).
my body frequency was regularly disturbed as described After the first observations concerning my body fre- in Figure 2 and subsequently I developed a reoccurrence quency and the modulation with 0.9% solutions of of facial dermatitis and other unexplained reactions (i.e.
sodium chloride, I started an experiment on the growthof various plants in my greenhouse (egg plants: Solanummelongena, tomatoes: Lycopersicum esculentum L. and parodontosis). I observed the same modifications of mybody frequency when using a mobile phone for a shorttime MHz) or other electromagnetic sources (i.e. French Marigold: Tagetes patula).
hair-drier, personal computer monitor).
As I observed previously, the human body frequency can be modified by external electromagnetic frequencies which are not in resonance with the existing natural After holding a bottle containing a 0.9% solution of human frequencies and which can lead to adverse effects.
sodium chloride I was able to restore my normal body fre- Having placed various plants in my greenhouse in Tel: +44 (0) 20 7424 4389, Fax: +44 (0) 20 7424 4433 Email: [email protected] Medical Hypotheses (2000) 55(2), 160–163
162 Sudan
Table 1 Development of various plants during three months of summer 1997 in a greenhouse under the
influence of various geomagnetic fields (*a bottle of 0.9% sodium chloride at the foot of plant in a disresonant position from mid July to mid August)Plants rates of the plants and decided to measure the height of all of the plants on June 22, 1997 (Table 1). Then, Imapped the greenhouse geomagnetically in order to Much scientific research is presently oriented on the observe differences from my body frequency (1 Hz). I was mapping of the human genome. The genome map of the able to show differences for various parts of my green- plant Arabidopsis thaliana was recently published (3) and house and decided to observe the growth of plants in the study of genome changes of such a plant could led to June, July and August 1997. The results are summarized a better understanding of the human genome and subse- in Table 1 and showed a high difference between the quently the expression of reactions in humans such as places where my body frequency (1 Hz) was in resonance and other places where my body frequency was not in It is intriguing to note the structure of DNA showing a resonance. From the end of June (22.6.1997) and mid July parallelism between the two helices of DNA and the (12.7.1997), the growth of plants placed in negative places structure of waves mimicking a resonance. We could hypothesize that disturbances of human body frequency Then, I placed a bottle of 0.9% sodium c Publishers could lead to a change of DNA structure or transcription tion at the foot of each plant which was in a disresonant and result in the specific expression of a pathological position and observed immediately a modulation of fre- reaction. The exact description of the human genome will quency for this geomagnetic position using a pendulum probably not be sufficient in the near future to explain (length 20 cm) and then a normal growth which recov- the expression of so many different reactions in humans ered within a month as reported in Table 1.
but it should be very interesting to conduct further inves- In previous experiments using the function generator tigations to elucidate my observations on humans and and frequencies imprinted in water, I observed that mental electromagnetic forces (i.e. mobile phone 900 MHz) if the bottle of water was placed in a copper box,simulating a Faraday cage. Consequently, in autumn It is noteworthy that electromagnetic fields vary widely 1997, I prepared my greenhouse for the following sum- on the earth but their influence on the development of mer (1998) as a Faraday cage using copper wire; further plants is poorly documented and the influence on measurements showed that the entire greenhouse area humans has not been investigated. The present study was in resonance with my body frequency (1 Hz). For this appeared to show that three different species of plants experiment I decided only to observe the growth of egg- were influenced by geomagnetic fields in a greenhouse and that modification of the geomagnetic field with a Further observations during the summer of 1998 copper Faraday cage led to an unusually regular growth showed a similar growth of all egg plants throughout the of egg plants. Recently, earth’s background free oscilla- greenhouse thereby confirming my results of summer tions were reported (4) and the observed oscillations have 1997 and excluding a possible variation due to season been found at frequencies between 2 and 7 mHz.
Numerical modeling indicated that these incessant To order bulk copies of this article, please contact - Jenni Welch Tel: +44 (0) 20 7424 4389, Fax: +44 (0) 20 7424 4433 Email: [email protected] Medical Hypotheses (2000) 55(2), 160–163
Human body frequency modulation by sodium chloride solutions 163
excitations could not be explained by the stacked effect water; this research could led to a possible explanation of a large number of small earthquakes and that the for the placebo effect, unexplained at the present time.
observed free oscillations represented some unknowndynamic geophysical process.
My observations concerning humans and plants could be related to the same original source: a resonance or a 1. Sudan B. J. L., Sainte-Laudy J. Nicotine and immunology. In: disresonance between the humans or plants and their Watson R. R., ed. Drugs of Abuse and Immune Function. BocaRaton: CRC Press, 1990: 113–123.
DNA structure and the environmental situation at a pre- 2. Sudan B. J. L. Total abrogation of facial seborrhoeic dermatitis cise time. Such observations could lead rapidly to a with extremely low-frequency (1-1.1 Hz) ‘imprinted’ water is not reassessment of the treatment of disease and of the allergen or hapten dependent: a new visible model for growth of plants. Further research should be oriented on homeopathy. Med Hypotheses 1997; 48: 477–479.
the measurement of human body frequencies, the influ- 3. Rhee S. Y., Weng S., Flanders D. et al. Arabidopsis thaliana.
Genome Maps 9. Science 1998; 282 (Poster).
ence of various electromagnetic sources and the role of 4. Suda N., Nawa K., Fukao Y. Earth’s background free oscillations.
0.9% sodium chloride solutions compared to distilled Science 1998; 279: 2 rights
To order bulk copies of this article, please contact - Jenni Welch Tel: +44 (0) 20 7424 4389, Fax: +44 (0) 20 7424 4433 Email: [email protected] Medical Hypotheses (2000) 55(2), 160–163


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