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200 Centennial Office Building658 Cedar StreetSt. Paul, MN 55155-1603651.297.1184 December 20, 2007 Re: Canadian Pharmacy Formulary Changes Dear State Employee, The Canadian pharmacy program, Minnesota Advantage Meds, makes available a limited formulary of drugs to state employees at no cost and is an optional enhancement to the basic pharmacy benefit plan offered through the Advantage Health Plan. With the changes in the basic pharmacy benefit plan and the introduction of the new pharmacy benefit manager, Navitus Health Solutions, there have been some corresponding changes in the limited formulary of drugs available through the Canadian pharmacy program. The existing three formularies formerly available through Advantage Meds have now been consolidated into a single limited formulary that will be the same for everyone regardless of the health plan in which the individual is enrolled. The enclosed two attachments show the revised Canadian formulary and the drugs that will no longer be available effective January 1, 2008. No new prescriptions will be accepted for drugs on the terminating list; however, refills will be allowed through the refill termination date shown on the attachment. The Canadian mail order pharmacy service was developed as part of Governor Pawlenty’s plan to help reduce Minnesotans’ expenses for prescription medicine. If you are an Advantage Plan member and your drug is on the formulary, I would encourage you to visit the Advantage Meds Web s) to consider whether this valuable benefit would be a good option for obtaining maintenance prescription drugs at no cost. Sincerely, Patricia Anderson Commissioner Equal Opportunity Employer
Minnesota Department of Employee Relations Minnesota Advantage Meds
Canadian Drug Formulary
Effective January 1, 2008
2008 Formulary
Aggrenox 200mg/25mg Arimidex 1mg Asacol 400mg Avandia 8mg Celebrex 100mg Celebrex 200mg Epival 500mg Detrol LA Femara (new)
Lamictal 25mg Lamictal 100mg Niaspan 1000mg Patanol Opth Premarin 0.3mg Premarin 0.625mg Premarin 0.9mg Premarin 1.25mg Prempro 0.625mg/2.5mgPrempro 0.625mg/5mg Serevent Diskus Seroquel 25mg
Seroquel 100mg
Seroquel 200mg
Spiriva capsules for
inhalation (new)
Toprol XL
Topomax 25mg Topomax 100mg Wellbutrin XL Yasmin 28 day (new)
Minnesota Advantage Meds
Canadian Drug Formulary
Drugs no longer available
Effective January 1, 2008, new prescriptions for the following drugs will no longer be available under the Minnesota Advantage Meds Canadian drug program. Refills for existing prescriptions will be accepted until the refill termination date listed below. Terminating Drug
Refill Termination


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