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Research suggests that life expectancy for men is at least 10 percent lower than that of their female counterparts. Yet, most men fail to take care of themselves. The National Institute of Aging Prost-X™ contains the unique glandular materials of prostate Cytosol™ recommends that men over age 40 get regular checkups with a extract, plus specific nutrients that are thought to support a healthy thorough prostate exam. Additionally, the following products help prostate. These nutrients play a fundamental role in supporting healthy support men’s health by promoting the healthy functioning of those tissue. The nutrients support proper cellular function by supportingnormal capillary formation. The substances unique to the bovine prostate organ systems intimately related to specific male health conditions. Cytosol™ extract help support prostate health at the cellular level.* Palmettoplex® combines the natural ingredients from saw palmetto berry 12 contains Tillandsia usneoides, which is known in South extract, bovine prostate PMG™ extract, stinging nettle root extract, saw palmetto American folklore to boost immunity. Tillandsia has also been used in the berry powder, pygeum, zinc liver chelate, glutamic acid, tomato powder, glycine, and form of a tea to help support healthy blood. The compounds found in alanine to help support healthy reproductive system functioning. Saw palmetto For-Til B12 help keep the heart and blood vessels healthy.* berry extract specifically helps support prostate health.* The following MediHerb products also support men’s health.
Symplex® M contains Protomorphogen™ brand extracts that enhance the Nettle Root 1:2 promotes healthy prostate gland function and healthy functioning of the male adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary glands and reproductive organs. Collectively, these glands promote appropriate hormoneproduction to help regulate cardiovascular and muscle function, enhance central Tribulus contains Tribulus terrestris leaf and furostanol saponins, nervous system response to daily stress, encourage healthy energy production and which help promote healthy male physiology. In clinical trials, this basal metabolism rate, and promote protein synthesis. The ingredients found in herb has been particularly useful for enhancing libido and sexual Symplex M are combined specifically to address the unique demands of the male performance in men. It may also help restore or build vitality and Cataplex® E contains the vitamin E complex, which has been known to helpsupport muscle function. Research reveals that vitamin E helps decrease anoxia ofmuscle, maintain capillary tone and permeability, promote healthy arterioles, andprotect muscle tissues from free radical damage. Vitamin E helps keep thecardiovascular system healthy. * *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Cornerstones Practice-Based Research Syntheses of Child Find, Referral, Early Identifi cation, and Eligibility Practices and ModelsEducational Outreach (Academic Detailing) The use of an educational outreach procedure called academic detailing for changing physician pre-scribing practices was the focus of this research synthesis. The practice is characterized by brief, repeated,

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BLADDER TUMORS IN DOGS Background Bladder tumors are uncommon in dogs and cats. Like most tumors in animals and people, we do not know why they occur. Tumors typically arise from the lining of the bladder or urethra, and can also involve the prostate in male dogs. Clinical Signs The most common presenting complaints for animals with bladder tumors are increased frequency an

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