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CO2 Laser Resurfacing is a procedure used to rejuvenate and correct aging or damaged skin. Dot is commonly used to minimize the appearance of fine lines, effective in treating acne scars and areas of uneven pigmentation. Laser resurfacing is a rewarding experience for your skin, but it does require pre-surgical preparation and post treatment care. Following your coordinators pre and post instructions is essential to your recovery and outcome. To help the skin prep and recover effectively, The Plastic and Cosmetic Center has chosen a topical treatment to prep the skin and a healing kit to make the healing process as quick and comfortable as possible. When you arrive for your initial consult/pre-op appointment, a skin care protocol and products will be given to you. Prescriptions will also be given at the pre-op appointment. Laser Resurfacing won’t completely remove all facial flaws or prevent further aging. A recommended series of 3 to 5 DOTS (depending on severity of skin) every 6 weeks apart, at minimum, for best results. Schedule your follow-up appointment with Spa Black 1 week after your DOT session. Skincare/make-up recommendations as well as maintenance treatments with chemical peels and Microderms will be discussed at appointment. DOT PRE-OP INSTRUCTIONS
Do not expose your skin to the sun before the procedure. Tanning is not advised at least 4 weeks before the procedure. Liberally apply Lidocaine/BLT to face/eyelids/neck 2 HOURS prior to procedure. Cover face with saran wrap (cut holes for nose, eyes, and mouth) **Lidocaine takes 2 hours to take effect. Please arrive 15 minutes early the day of the procedure. You will need a driver to and from the office for your procedure. Expect procedure to take one hour. No recent facials treatments or depilatories done 2 weeks prior to the treatment. Discontinue the HQRA and/or any other topical prescription products (Retin-A or Tri-Luma) one week before the treatment. Make sure all medications assigned by Dr. Jeneby have been taken EXACTLY as directed, including times:
A. Take 2 Xanax (alprazolam) 2 hrs. before surgery (eat something light 15 minutes after you take the
B. Take 1 Norco (10mg) 1 hr. before surgery C. Take one Valtrex one day before procedure and 7 days after D. Take Duricef/Bactrim 3 days before procedure BRING ALL YOUR MEDICATIONS WITH YOU ON THE DAY OF THE PROCEDURE!!! We may need to give you more of your medications when you are here. Do not forget or you will have to buy more or have someone bring them. If you have any problems, please call during business hours 210-270-8595, Dr. Jeneby and Staff PRODUCTS REQUIRED FOR DOT LASER PRE/POST-OP
1. HQRA topical crème- mandatory prepping required for 4 weeks. Discontinue at week 5. Laser resurfacing 2. BLT/Lidocaine Topical- topical lidocaine to be applied by client liberally all over face/neck/eyelids 2 hours 3. CU3 Healing Kit- mandatory for healing post treatment. Use the tissue cream during week 1 and move to laser lotion in week 2. Broad-spectrum/SPF included in kit. PRODUCTS RECOMMENDED DURING DOWNTIME
1. No Acid cleansers or serums/crèmes are recommended during healing. To cleanse skin we suggest: Image Oremedic Balancing Facial Cleanser or Image Vital C Hydrating Cleanser.OTC: recommend Cetaphil 2. Make-up: should be mineral based only. GLO Mineral make-up is a physician grade make-up line with
anti-oxidants and SPF protection. Safe and made especially for post treatment procedures. You can
purchase products at Spa Black, located above Dr. Jeneby’s office or call 210-6155-6625 for any
questions or to schedule a skincare consultation.

1. Keep the area cool with cold compresses after the treatment. Avoid direct sunlight to the face when walking to the car from the facility. Turn on AC and aim it at the treated area on the way home. 2. You will feel drowsy after the DOT. Your face may feel a burning sensation. You may eat whatever you like after the surgery, but be careful of nausea. Use pain meds as directed. 3. Apply the CU3 tissue cream every 2-3 hours to the affected areas to keep skin hydrated and barriered. 1. Avoid direct sunlight. Begin washing your face with gentle cleanser (recommended by staff) and cold water.
Gently pat the skin. Do not rub or massage aggressively. 2. Do not apply any make-up or perfumes to area. Apply only SPF and continue to use the CU3 cream to keep
3. You will see “railroad tracks” on your face. THAT IS NORMAL! These will peel off within 3-6 days, or it may
4. Continue to take your Antibiotic for 5 days (either Duricef, Bactrim, or Cipro). These may have generic
names. Call your pharmacist for clarification. 5. Continue to take your Valtrex until finished (one day before, 7 days after).
Avoid any cardio exercising until skin is healed.
1. You my start to experience rash or bumps/itching/irritation, especially to the jaw line. Avoid scratching as this can lead to scarring. You can apply a topical OTC Hydrocortisone 1% to relieve irritation or Benadryl as directed. Let us know if these persist more than 1 week. ANY RASHES AROUND THE MOUTH (like cold sores) need to be brought to Dr. Jeneby’s attention. 2. The DOT laser attacks and kills bacteria. Experiencing acne flare-ups after a DOT session is normal. 3. Your eyes maybe swollen from the treatment. You may apply light cold compresses for one week. Do not leave on your skin for more than 30 minutes at a time (30 min on/one hour off). 4. Continue to use cold compresses to soothe skin. NEVER use direct cold contact-have a cloth between skin and cooling agent being used. NO HEAT PACKS EVER! 5. Continue to use CU3 cream as needed and SPF daily. KEEP SKIN HYDRATED! If you need more CU3 cream, call our office early in the day and before you are out. 6. Peeling may start by Day 3. Avoid picking and scratching at the peeling skin, this may lead to scarring. Clarisonics are not recommended during the healing time. Continue to apply CU3 tissue cream to help skin stay moisturized. Peeling process must occur naturally. Continue to cleanse with gentle cleanser. KEEP SKIN HYDRATED! DAY 5 PLUS
1. Switch to Post Laser lotion for healing. Make-up application is cleared to start. We recommend mineral based only. Do not use any products, perfumes, lotions that are not approved by us. (Make-up not approved by us, can cause a reaction). 2. No sun exposure allowed for up to 6 weeks. Use a hat to protect the face as well as the SPF from your kit. 3. Do not get any facial treatments: microderms, chemical peels, waxing, Laser hair removal until cleared by Dr. Jeneby and/or staff (usually cleared for peels and microderms by week 3) 4. BE PATIENT! You are still producing collagen to the skin. Final results take time. You will need an appointment 1 week after DOT with Melisa in Spa Black upstairs Ste. #804. She will then schedule you for more follow-ups. At this time, she will also be recommending a skincare regimen and maintenance treatments as well as Glo Mineral make-up for your skin. If you are scheduling multiple DOTS, you will need to see your coordinator at 2 weeks to reschedule your 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th DOT. You will see Dr. Jeneby at 6 weeks post DOT. Then at 3 months and 6 months. 5. You can return back to HQRA and your Spa Black skincare regimen, usually, within 2-4 weeks after DOT.


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