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Emanuele Lo Gerfo
Date and Place of Birth: 20 december 1975, Palermo Italy
2009 PhD in Neuropsychology
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Roma - Italy
2003 Degree in Experimental Psychology (magna cum laude)
Università degli studi di Palermo– Italy
1994 High school degree,
Liceo Scientifico D’Alessandro Bagheria
Current Position
Post doc researcher at the Department of Neurological and Vision Sciences – Section of
Physiology, at the University of Verona. Supervision of Prof. Leonardo Chelazzi
Professional Experience
2006-2008 PhD Student in Neuropsychology
IRCSS Fondazione Santa Lucia – laboratory of transcranial magntic stimulation (TMS) – Roma
– Italy. Research Supervisor: Professor Massimiliano Oliveri
Evaluation of cognitive deficits in patients affected by dementia and cerebral focal lesions,
using neuropsychological batteries. Fondazione “S.Lucia” – Rome- Italy. Research
Supervisor: Professor Carlo Caltagirone.
2008-2009 Seminar lectures for academic undergraduate courses of Psycophysiology at the Università
degli studi di Palermo– Italy
2004-2005 Apprenticeship
IRCSS Fondazione Santa Lucia – laboratory of magntic transcranial stimulation (TMS) – Roma – Italy
Research Supervisor: Professor Carlo Caltagirone and Massimiliano Oliveri
Current research interests
The main research interests are in the study of cognitive functions using the Transcranial Magnetic
Stimulation (TMS) technique in healthy subjects and in patients affected by neurological damages.
The main field of investigation is: the relationship between language and motor system; the effects
of TMS or TBS (theta burst stimulation) on the improvement of cognitive functions in aphasics
patients with unilateral stroke; the role of the cerebellum and other brain structures in the processes
of perception and attention.


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Effects of inhibitory rTMS on bladder function in Parkinson's disease patients. Mov Disord. 15;
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Oliveri M., Salerno S., Koch G., Torriero S., Lo Gerfo E., Caltagirone C. Representation of time
intervals in the right posterior parietal cortex: implication for a mental time line. NeuroImage 2009
Jul 15;46(4):1173-9
Koch G, Brusa L, Carrillo F, Lo Gerfo E, Torriero S, Oliveri M, Mir P, Caltagirone C, Stanzione P.
Cerebellar magnetic stimulation decreases levodopa-induced dyskinesias in Parkinson disease.
Neurology. 2009 Jul 14;73(2):113-9.
Koch G., Ruge D., Cheeran B., Fernandez Del Olmo M., Pecchioli C., Marconi B., Versace V., Lo
Gerfo E
., Torriero S., Oliveri M., Caltagirone C., Rothwella JC. Activation of interhemispheric
pathways between the posterior parietal cortex and the contralateral motor cortex. Journal of
Physiology 2009 Jul 21
Conference and Poster Presentation
“Effects of rTMS of the left prefrontal and motor cortex on a morphological task in nouns and verbs”. AIP, Como 17/19 settembre 2007 “Left middle frontal gyrus and left motor area in the processing of grammatical and semantic information. A TMS study”. First meeting of the European Societies of Neuropsychology 2-5 settembre 2008.(poster)

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