Your surgery is scheduled at:
1. Perimeter Orthopaedics Surgical Center 5673 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, Suite 800 Atlanta, GA 30342 5665 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342 1000 Johnson Ferry Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30342 1. Depending on your medical history, you may need to see your primary doctor or cardiologist to get medical clearance prior to surgery. This is for your safety to ensure an uncomplicated surgery and recovery. 2. Stop aspirin and all anti-inflammatories other than Celebrex seven days prior to surgery. If you are taking Plavix, any herbal supplement or vitamins, stop these 10 days prior to surgery. You may continue to take Tylenol, Ultracet, or Celebrex. 3. Notify the office if you are taking any type of blood thinning medication (Coumadin, Plavix, aspirin, etc), are diabetic, take high blood pressure medication, or have any cardiac or medical conditions that you feel we need to be aware of. 4. If you are taking any form of diet pills, prescription or over the counter, please inform the office and discontinue at least 14 days prior to surgery. If you do not, your surgery may be cancelled due to potential heart problems that may arise during surgery. 5. You may not drive yourself home or have a car/taxi take you home alone after surgery. Arrange for someone over the age of 18 to take you home and be with you the first night after surgery. 6. If the patient is a minor (under the age of 18), he or she must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Guardians must have the appropriate documentation to verify their guardian status. 7. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery, including water, coffee, tea, gum, candy, mints, cough drops, etc. If you take any medication for high blood pressure or a cardiac condition, you may take these early on the morning of surgery with a SMALL sip of water. 8. Take a shower or bath the night before or morning of surgery. 9. If you have any abrasion, insect bite, rash, etc, located in the surgical area, please bring this to the attention of Dr. Nicholson or his staff. Your surgery may be postponed for your safety due to risk of infection. 10. Shoulder patients should not apply deodorant the morning of surgery. Wear a loose
fitting, button-up type shirt as you will be in a sling following surgery. a. Physical therapy is typically started after your first post-operative visit
where you will get further instructions regarding therapy. If you are having surgery for a frozen shoulder, your therapy needs to begin the day after surgery and needs to be scheduled PRIOR to surgery. 11. Knee patients should wear shorts, sweats or loose fitting bottoms to go over your
bandages and/or brace. If you have crutches, please bring them with you. a. Physical therapy is typically started on the second day after surgery unless
instructed otherwise. You should make an appointment with the therapy location that has been selected PRIOR to surgery to ensure you start your rehabilitation on time. 12. For patients undergoing knee surgery, Lovenox injections may be prescribed following surgery if you have certain risk factors that will be discussed with you. If you or a family member has a history of a blood clots, please let Dr. Nicholson know. Lovenox is a clot preventing injection given once a day for 7-10 days and is begun the morning after surgery. 13. If your surgery involves the placement of a tissue graft, your own or cadaveric, elective dental work should be delayed for six weeks after surgery to limit the chance of infection. If you need emergent dental work, contact the office to get appropriate antibiotics. Please plan accordingly when scheduling surgery. 14. Your first post-operative visit is typically 5-10 days from the day of surgery unless you are instructed otherwise or complications arise. Schedule this appointment
PRIOR to your surgical date.

15. You will be contacted the day before surgery by Dr. Nicholson’s assistant to give you your arrival time. Please make every effort to be on time as the pre-operative process takes time and to avoid being rushed before your surgery. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE AT 404-255-5595.


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