Swami book

Miraculous Powers of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
are expressed in third person as I-NESS or EGO of the humble Experienced by Swami Anand Om Parkash
Swami has completely vanished. The understanding, explanation & Truth is not formed or constructed through our research. views on the hymns (shabds) quoted from the sacred Shri Guru What research does is to bring it within the realm of our experience. Granth Sahib Ji which transformed the very life of this 80 years old Truth is ever present. Force of Gravity was already there before Swami are purely personal. GOD has not made any two persons Newton revealed it. That is why the Indian way of research declares alike. Their profile, nature, understanding, intellect, thumb the conclusion caused by experience (Gyan) in the beginning and impression, DNA and experiences all differ. So this Swami who is afterwards discusses method and procedure. The Western method not equal to the dust of your feet is always apologetic to any of the called Logic investigates truth by the process of thinking i.e, first reader who does not agree with these because these are individual method then investigation and finally conclusion. The Indian way, and personal only. This humble Swami is not a scholar but a SEER which we call experience, “Gyan” discloses all things at one time only and has stated what he has actually seen ,felt and experienced like the lightening flash with the result truth comes out as it is, in its totality. The Truths declared by Shri Mahavir, Lord Krishna, Shri First:
Gautam Budha & Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are revelations. They are Twenty years old trouble vanished in a moment on prayer to Shri
not discovered step by step. They know it in its totality in a single Guru Granth Sahib Ji
moment. True knowledge is not an addition to one's information but which transforms him, which does not require memorizing but In the year 1949 while studying in B.Sc. in D.A.V.college which becomes his life itself and his total personality demonstrates Jalandhar the left knee of this Swami was injured during playing it. This happened in the life of this Swami when he put himself to test Basket Ball being member of the Team which won the University whether his behavior thoughts and actions are in accordance with Basket Ball Championship. It was cured while young but in the old what he read and heard on Spirituality and had passed the test.
age in the year 1980 the ailment revived. He could not climb stairs without a support. For 20 years he tried many treatments but in vain.
The following experiences were caused by the Blessings of WAHEGURU in the state of egolessness and complete trust and Then a miracle happened at Gurdwara Nanaksar Singra Faith of a devoted follower of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. So, these (Karnal) where after completion of 101 AKHAND PATHS, a SANT SAMELAN was held by Sant Baba Ram Singh ji Maharaj. All the From that moment onwards he never felt any pain. So his faith in the Saints sitting on the stage including this Swami were asked to carry Sacred Shri Guru Granth Sahib increased thousand times more. The Shri Guru Granth Sahibs on their heads to the place where those had result was more faith and more miracles and enlightenment. Now he to be established. Flowers were being showered, water was being feels there is no limit to the blessings by the All Powerful Shri Guru sprinkled, and name of WaheGuru was being recited by persons Granth Sahib Ji if one is sincere, pure and devoted to the service of standing on both sides of the way while they were going with a Band playing in front. The Swami was surprised to notice that the Shri Second:
Guru Granth Sahibs were to be placed in a room after climbling A new method of healing found from Shri Guru Granth Sahib's
about 16 stairs. He felt his inability and helplessness to climb these shabd,`` Pawan Guru, Pani Pita, Mata Tharat Mahat-``of Shri
stairs because only 11/2 hours before he could not climb even two Guru Nanak Dev ji.
stairs without a support. Now no support is available as his both hands were on the Shri Guru Granth Sahib on his head. The moment fdt;[ okfs d[fJ dkJh dkfJnk y/b? ;rb irs[.
he prayed,”hun tera hi sahara”, the pain vanished and he climbed all the stairs miraculously without any support. He could not Swami Anand Om Prakash retired as Asstt. Audit officer in understand this sudden transformation. So after a while he again oct.1987 from the P&T Audit Department. All his family members- tried to climb the stairs. Then also he climbed the stairs easily son, daughter, wife, one by one died accidently and he had a heart without any support. He related this miracle of Shri Guru Granth attack. After medical treatment, he could walk after placing Sahib Ji to Sant Baba Ram Singh ji the head of Gurdwara. He told 'Sorbitrate' tablet under his tongue. This reduces the pain but head him a very interesting thing which this Swami did not know before. becomes heavy. One day he forgot to take the tablet while going to According to him, just like Gita, Ramayana, Bible or any other the garden and so reached the garden with pain. There he did some sacred book, Shri Guru Granth Sahib is also a sacred book. But it has exercise and to his surprise the pain subsided. He had passed B.Sc. one more quality namely the Sikh Gurus have blessed it with the seal and so had a scientific thinking. He began research as to how the pain of Power of a living Guru. “You prayed sincerely and the prayer was subsided without the aid of medicine. As a result of his research, not accepted in full not partially and the ailment vanished forever”. only his heart trouble but all the ailments not caused by germs but due to change of level i.e., Blood pressure, Depression, Sugar, Joint him to feel the vacuum inside and to see the whole Universe was pain etc. vanished. The prescription was found in the Shri Guru moving in the infinite vacuum outside. All of a sudden, the two Granth Sahib's bani,`` Pawan Guru, Pani Pita, Mata Tharat Mahat- vacuums came into contact and HE realized the ATAMIC SHAKTI ``when he practiced and understood in the following way:- .ie, the Shakti (energy) to vacate the residue left after digestion in the body. These two Shakties (energies) not only operated his body but a) We cannot live even for a moment without 'Pawan'(air)and go also the bodies of all livings beings in the world. The control of these on breathing from the moment of birth to the moment of death two Shakties(energies) called yoga by him and lead to “Meditation without paying any respect or regards. But Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji in Action” culminating in ATAMGYAN.ie, to live as ATMA and he says in the above shabd (verse) to accept it as Guru this Swami observed that no DIS-EASE can affect one's ATMA. He felt at practiced this with full faith and a miracle happened. He inhaled to EASE and enjoyed life in fullness, singing& dancing, uttering, ``the full capacity and stoping the Pawan(air) inside for a few seconds best thing in the world is to be happy, the time to be happy is now, the said Namaskar accepting it as a Guru, The Guru caused him to feel place to be happy is Here and the way to be happy is to make other so that his very life was his ATMA and the air provided him PRAN SHAKTI in the form of oxygen which digests whatever he ate and drank and gave power to every minute part of his body. This Further he observed that a great deal of energy lies dormant Pranshakti depended on air and air was not divided. All living beings (hidden) in the human body. It must be aroused and activated in the world breathed in the same atmosphere of air. Thus he felt the towards our goal of “Meditation in Action” which Lord Krishna undivided infinite Pranshakti sustaining all life in the world. Also taught to Shri Arjuna. In the second chapter of Bhagwat Gita, Shri through Pawan (air) he became conscious of his relative existence Arjuna was told all about ATMA but he could not understand it. He with plants who provided oxygen needed by him and in return he went on asking questions and came to know the whole philosophy provided Carbondioxide needed by them. Thus by the Guru's grace through the eighteen chapters of the Gita. At last when he admitted to have understood it. What he was asked to do? To sit and remember or recite the verses of Bhagwat Gita or to fight considering him ATMA Further , when he exhailed and stoping the air outside for few and not body alone. Similarly the Swami says to us to live as ATMA seconds offered Namaskar to the PAWANGURU, the Guru caused and not body alone. Body is the visible part of ATMA and ATMA is the invisible part of the body. And the easiest means available to us in and snow are parts of him. Not only this he is the very life of plants, all the 24 hours is the breathing activity caused by the DIVINE animals, birds and human beings. He quenches their thirst and saves them from fire. NO body can remain alive without him. Then he met another researcher and came to know to his surprise that he is heat, It will be easiest for us to go into “Meditation in Action” , if fire and light also because he is made up of Hydrogen which burns we take in as much oxygen as possible. The more oxygen we have in and Oxygen which helps burning. All heat and light of the sun is due our blood, in our hearts, the easier we will find our meditation. The to its disintegrating there like Hydrogen bombs. Then he met impurities decrease as we increase the amount of oxygen in our another researcher and came to know that he consists of Electron, bodies. It is important to note that mind finds it difficult to function if Protons& Neutrons of which each and every thing is made of. In the the basis of bodily impurities is removed i.e., the more we expel end he met a Saint and came to know that the source of all these Carbon dioxide, the more pure & healthy we feel because all the three is the ONE and only Omnipresent ONE called God, Allah, seven million cells in the body becomes energetic to resist any Bhagwan, Waheguru, Parmatma, call him with whatever the name you like. He is always one and will remain one till eternity.
b) Why 'Pani'(water) was considered Pita(father) by Shri
So, whenever we take water, first pay respects say Guru Nanak Dev ji?
Our body as well as the whole earth consists of about ¾ th Namaskar, and then drink enough water in the morning. There part as water. So, it plays an important part in our lives. To make us should be gap of at least half an hour before or after meals. Also take understand the spiritual knowledge of how to know thyself and to enough water in the whole day. It is very important to keep the water realize our relative existence with the whole Universe as ONE, Shri pure by making our Rivers and Canals free from Poisonous Guru Nanak Dev ji called PANI (Water) PITA (Father)-a sacred chemicals of factory waste and sewage which poisons the ground relationship. To explain it, here is a story of DROP of water who met water we drink. This pure water will purify our body from inside. a Seer and asked, “what am I ?”He was surprised to know from the Also early bath in the morning before Prayer and meditation in seer that ocean is made up of the same stuff as he is. He went to meet Action or yoga cleans the body from outside. So Pani Pita cleans the the sea and when he met him, he lost his name and form and became body from both inside and outside and makes us physically healthy. ocean. Then he met a researcher and came to know that the clouds Knowing its true Nature provides the idea of Oneness and removes the thought of duality and promotes our spiritual health.
While the Swami was performing meditation in Action- the Why Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji called 'Mata Tharat
NEW SEHAJ yog exercises while standing and which can be done at Mahat'ie, the Earth as mother of Great Importance?
any time and in any way and not the usual yoga aasans done in Because the Earth behaves like Sacred Mother. Keeps us sitting or lying positions, a miracle happened thus. This meditation alive by growing so many things to eat i.e, fruits, vegetables, cereals, in Action consists of three parts done simultaneously. To move the etc. which human beings can eat and remain healthy. There is no body parts is physical exercise, to move it with the breath is Sehaj need to eat birds and animals. It even provides ground water also for yoga and to employ the mind also by reciting mentally any name or drinking, without which we cannot exist. But above all she is Mantar of God along with the body and the breath is called revolving by keeping all of us in her lap like a mother and protects us meditation in action. So on that day the Swami was reciting the full from flying away and be annihilated in a moment. She is protecting us all the 24 hours and do not neglect us even for a moment. Cannot "Ek onkar sat nam, karta purkh, nirbhow, nirwair, akal murat,
we express our gratitude by paying respects & Parnam as we do to ajuni, sahbang, gur parshad, Jap, aad such, jugad such, hai bhi
our Mothers? She also grows trees & plants to provide oxygen, such, nanak hosi bhi such"
flowers of beauty & fragrance and music of birds to hear. Enjoy them and not destroy them and we will be filled with peace and bliss. ;fs Bkw[ eosk g[oy[ fBoGT[ fBot?o[ nekb w{{ofs ni{Bh ;?Gz r[o gQ;kfd.
Live and let live. These are Blessings of the Mother Earth on us-her nkfd ;u[.i[rkfd ;u[.j? Gh ;u[.BkBe j';h Gh ;u[.
children Not only preserve them but also grow more to enhance her All the body got energized and the breath was deep and strong and he felt that he was reciting in the mind ek onkar sat na Third miracle
main instead of Nam. All of a sudden true meaning flashed in his ENLIGHTENMENT FLASHED in a moment by revelation of
mind that in all the forms ( Akars i.e. onkar)only ONE(IK) prevails true meaning of Mool Mantar while holding FREE sehaj yoga
and his I-ness , his eS (w?) , his ego is no more in him. In other words, camp at the canal where it was first sung by Shri Guru Nanak Dev
Nam is not a word or group of words but a state of Na main a state of ji in Sultanpur Lodhi.
egolessness, which is the opposite of Hun main. It is a state of that we cannot remove anything from its ISNESS. We can destroy its forms, but we cannot destroy its ISNESS. Its Isness will remain Further, feeling of Karta purkh is the ONE who beats his forever. This which is seen has come out of that which is unseen. heart and also beats the hearts of all living beings at the same time.
This which we know, has come out of that which we do not know. Nirbhow He has no fear, nobody can stop ones heart by threatening Whatever falls in our experience always comes from that which lies and creating fear. He is afraid of none, fearlessness is GOD's beyond our experience. If we plant a seed, a tree grows from it. If we attribute, and GOD realization is inversely proportion to fear. In fact break the seed and crush it into pieces, there will be no trace of tree. fear is sin, sin is weakness and weakness is death. Our Gurus, There will be no trace of the flowers which should have blossomed. martyars & Sahibjade demonstrated that they had no fear of death There will be no trace of the leaves which should have appeared. even. Lesser the fear render nearer to GOD realization.
From where do they come? They come from the invisible. They are created by the invisible Karta Purkh. Every moment the invisible is Nirwair He is beating the hearts of the Saints and the sinners alike. being transformed into the visible and the visible is being lost into Otherwise he can stop the heart of a person who is going to commit a the invisible. Every moment the limitless enters into the limited and sin. HE has no enmity with any one. HE showered HIS Blessings on returns every moment from it. It is just like our breathing process- all giving full liberty on the principle of “ As you sow so shall you breathing in and breathing out. The whole of existence is continuously inhaling and exhaling. Those who know the secret of the breathing process of existence call it Creation and Annihilation. HE is not born and so HE cannot die. Motion is creation and They say the creation takes place when existence inhales and the stillness is spirit. Every thing in the world is in motion. From the tiny Annihilation when existence exhales and between the two breaths atom where electrons are moving to the vast Universe wherein we pass through endless births, times without numbers we come and Earth, Stars& Suns are moving. So this energy of creation can go by the order of the unknown Karta purkh. One who recognizes neither be created nor can be destroyed. It is GOD's energy. GOD HIS order & HIS ISNESS loses ones ego, ones Isness and becomes means EXISTANCE ,being –what simply is. ISNESS is GOD's attribute. Whatever we may do, it makes no difference to HIS ISNESS. Scientists also say,”nothing can be destroyed”.This means GUR means Principle, the spiritual Law stated above i.e., IK forms., nothing but differentiations, variations and combinations. ONKAR SAT NA MAIN and Parshad means manifestation of this And these differentiations and combinations are due to what? These spiritual law which combines all into ONE. This is the state of are due to intrinsic illusion. In these names and forms which are due Oneness attained after annihilation of I-ness and seeing the same Sat to intrinsic illusion, the One Divinity manifests itself. GOD in all forms. But the lapse of considering Gur as Guru and Parshad as manifests Himself in these names and forms of the world which is Guru's offerings and considering Nam as a word or group of words called Maya. This is due to intrinsic illusion. Get beyond that and we or mere sound deprives one to reach the inner meaning, the essence are everything. He sees indeed who sees in all alike; he is a person of this SHABD. Meaning is the outer body, essence is the inner soul. with eyes open who sees the Divinity in all alike.
The meaning can be understood by the intellect also but the essence Fourth miracle
can be grasped by the heart only. See Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji sang in Transformation into the state of egolessness while reciting the
ecstasy this MOOL MANTAR after emerging from the canal and in SHABD of Guru Bani
singing heart, emotion, control of breath and inner link with the soul are involved. The Sacred Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji which contains .s{ mke[o[ s[w gfj nodkf;.ihT[ fgzv[ ;G[ s/oh okf;.
.s[w wks fgsk jw pkfoe s/o/.s[woh feqgk wfj ;{y xB/o/.
pure spiritualism and the sayings of those saints who attained .e'fJ B ikB? s[wok nzs[.T{u/ s/ T{uk Grtzs.
Oneness with the Almighty Nature was for the benefit of the whole .;rb ;wrqh s[[wo? ;{fsq Xkoh.s[w s/ j'fJ ;[ nkfrnkekoh.
world and could unite all into ONENESS. The saints of Shri Guru .s[woh rfs fwfs s[w jh ikBh.BkBe dk; ;dk e[opkBh.
Granth Sahib ji said all this after reaching or realizing GOD but we Swami Anand Om Prakash used to take daily morning and interpret it without realizing or reaching GOD. That is why this sort evening Meditation in Action classes in Kamra Garden
of misunderstanding. Only those who follow and practise it with Kapurthala. He has included rq Bkdqj]rqe iS vnkZl(s{ mke[o[ s[w gfj faith and devotion can realize GOD and after realization find it how nodkf;) complete Shabd of Gurbani in the prayer done at the end of easy and precious is this path. So, as long as there is duality there is spiritual exercises. But he used to say rqe Bkdqj (s[w mke[o[) instead of non-liberation, there is bondage and there is misery. Only in rq Bkdqj (s{ mke[o) because he considered rqe (s[w)more respectable than rq (s{). One of his friends Shri Teja Singh Chadha Corrected him pointing out the above mistake. When he verified from Sukhmani This phenomenon of the Universe is nothing but names and Sahib he found rq (s{) instead of rqe(s[w) . Then he began to think and inanimate objects. rq (s[{)is common and is the supereme element what is the difference between rq(s{) and rqe(s[w) ? He combined eS and is all pervading when eS(w?) of every object is different. rqe(s[w) (w?)with rq(s{) it became rqe(s[w) and when he recited this Shabd after is the manifestation of rq(s[{) to enable HIM to work and is also called merging his eS (w?) in the rq (s{) (GOD),a Miracle happened. His eS(w?) Maya. rq Bkdqj (s[{ mke[o[ )is self originated . it can neither be created was finite and rq Bkdqj((s{mke[o[) was infinite just like a drop and the nor destroyed. It is indestructible. It is immortal. It can be called ocean. He was surprised to find this merger of the finite and the Parmatma. It is the Supreme element from which everything else is infinite a sort of RAS (DANCE) of Soul and body, Mind and made of. How and why it is madeof? It is HIS maya. Nobody knows Matter. Everything from the atom to the whole universe is the limit of HIS manifestations of names & forms HE is above all that we perceive. Everything exists in HIM. But HIS existence is in no one else's hands. So only HIS order prevails in the whole Next day the Swami asked his friend the meaning of ge Universe. This is the meaning of the remaining part of the above (jw pkfoe s/o/.). He answered that ckfjd (pkfoe ) means Shabd except the last verse that is rqejh xrfer rqe gh tkuh ukud nkl lnk but the Swami disagreed. The Swami felt ckfjd dqjckuh(.s[woh rfs fwfs s[w jh ikBh. BkBe dk; ;dk (pkfoe ) means cjhd (pohe)(small)and HE is vishal (infinite). The only difference between he and HIM was that he is small and HE is so great that he is dancing in HIM just like wave on the surface of the This means HE is above Mind. Mind cannot reach HIM. HE Ocean. The moment he felt the merger of his eS (w?) into rq (s{) not cannot be realized by thinking and gathering knowledge alone. But one lq[k (;[y) (blessing) what many lw[k (;[{y)(blessings) showered Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji tells in this verse the easiest way to reach on him by HIS GRACE. rq Bkdqj (s{ mke[o[) is all pervading? HIM i.e to scarifies one's eS(w?), ones's ego by becoming HIS Everything appeared to him is a combination of eS (w?) and rq(s{). 'DASS'(SERVENT). That is whenever eS (main)enters the mind say rq(s[[{) alone does not exist. Only rqe(s[w) exist. rq(s{) becomes rq(s[{) , change eS(w?) into rq(s{) . transform your eS into rq once for all operative by becoming rqe(s[w). That is why Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji just like Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji had done in Sultanpur Lodhi where made vjnkl (nodkf;)(prayer) to rqe(s[w) and not rq Bkdqj (s[{mke[o[) .
he was measuring by counting 1,2,3,4…………. so on and when Some rqe(s[w) becomes females and some Males. Different figure (13) rsjk(s/ok) called in Indian language came. He went on objects are also combinations of eS (w?) and rq(s{). In all these animate reciting rsjk] rsjk(s/oK),(s/oK)HHHHH.and did not proceed further. He never said again esjk(w/ok) and whole world became his. He merged in the was surprised to see these transformations and began to think how it supreme element called GOD,WAHEGURU, PRATAMA, happened. In deep sleep one forgets the world and its worries, the ALLAH….with whatever names we call HIM. HE is the ONE and body and its ailments. Then KARTA PURKH who has created this the only ONE, In the past, present and in the future also. Any body body goes on working the heart and the breath and charges the body and at any where one can test this MOOLMANTAR and he will find just like we charge our mobile phones. After the sound sleep this it to be true and had to admit its truth and say vkn lPp] tqxkn lPp gSHkh body machine works well. In the absence of sound sleep it does not lPp]ukud gkslh Hkh lPp (.nkfd ;u[ i[rkfd ;u[ j? Gh ;u[ BkBe j';h work normally. On awakening we forget the power which works in deep sleep i.e., KARTAPURKH and remember the body and worldly worries. But on that day when he woke up he found his Fifth miracle
connection with the internal power KARTA PURKH was not cut off Miracle of attaining ATAM GYAN in a second by the Grace of
and additional connection with the body and the world was also WAHEGURU.
made. He was enjoying the dual connection. All Saints like Shri Sant Singh Maskeen…the authority on Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji , Shri Brahma Baba Ji founder of Brahma The internal connection was with the infinite Supreme Kumaris Centre Mount ABU . Swami Daya Nand Ji of Arya Smaaj Power. WHO operated not only his heart but the hearts of all living and Acharya Shri Rajneesh Osho say that ATAM GYAN can be beings and providing energy, peace and bliss. The second attained in a moment because only one moment is at our desposal not connection was with the finite world and small body and its impact two at a time. Every moment is becoming past. By the blessing of was very small as compared to the internal major connection. To this WAHEGURU this Swami experienced that moment. See how?
GOD given transformation, a dual connection, a new awaking he Due to the tragic deaths of his family members, he could not sleep gave the name ATAM GYAN in a MOMENT. Because it happened for months. Every day he found his pillow wet with tears on in a moment just like ordinary awakening which also occurs in a awakening. That meant he had not slept because during sleep one cannot weep or shed tears. But one day by the grace of It is not in our power to get sleep again once we are WAHEGURU when he woke up he found his pillow dry, there was awakened. We can lay on our bed but sleep comes by the GOD's no depression; he felt energy, peace & bliss from inside his body. He grace. Similarly in this NEW AWAKINING, it is not in his power to meditation suggested by the Saints. Thus, becoming conscious of return to the previous sleeping condition. He feels GOD has this energy one can fill one's life with health, wealth, peace, awakened him to spread HIS MESSGES, to share HIS BLESSINGS prosperity and bliss. For this God's Grace, he urges you to do on him with others i.e., in eighty first year of his life he is fit to serve 'Meditation in Action' and wonderful Spiritual exercises developed the humanity with perfect health, peace and bliss through and practised by him quite Free to all. By doing these, one actually MEDITATION IN ACTION which causes the new awakening with becomes conscious of one's rare body which generate might, light, the dual connection. See how GOD's grace enabled him to develop peace, purity, love, bliss and knowledge and one's enlightened self finds one with the whole Universal Existence like his vibrating with First contemplate whether there is anything common or any link between the states of deep sleep and ordinary awakening? You To this unique awakened state he calls it “to live as ATMA”. will find that breath and heart beat are common in the two states. It means SUN can exist without him but his life cannot exist without Now employ these two in your MEDITATION IN ACTION, you
the sun. To keep him alive not only sun has to work but also EARTH will surely find the method. GOD – Generator, Operator and has to revolve, trees & plants have to provide oxygen, the body has Destroyer of the whole Universe has made provision in the body of to protect his life and so on, the whole Universe works for him. He every human being to become conscious of that Divine Spiritual merging his I-ness in the KARTA PURKH, is living as master of the Energy which operates his body machine and the whole Universe at Universe. Because KARTA PURKH HIMSELF works this body the same time by circling it through his spine to the top of his head. machine and not his little I-ness or EGO. To keep yourself free of any fear, hatred, ill-will, tension or Like steam, it rises above circling through various centers. Up to the depression, he gives your good self a six point formula very much heart centre its rise is automatic but it cannot pass through the throat centre without meditation. When blocked, it makes the body Early in the morning when you get up, see six things in abnormal, disturbing the level of blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, addition to others which you already do to keep up your personality. heart beat etc. Then the remedy is either to lower the production of energy by not taking the energy producing eatables suggested by 1. Smiling Profile(Showing contentment in the will of GOD) doctors; or direct the energy to pass through the throat centre by 2. Kind Look (Showing compassion to serve the needy) 3. Generous heart (Showing desire to give and serve others SARB VIYAPAK Ludhiana,Saint Doctor Vishavamitra ji head of instead of receiving and being served by others).
Shri Ram Sharnam Delhi , Saint S. Jagatjit Singh ji Harikhowal 4. Tranquil mind (Showing peaceful mind taking work as Sultanpur Lodhi , Saint S. Balbir Singh ji Seechewal Sultanpur worship and duty as prayer to GOD unmindful of the Lodhi. Maha Mundleshwar Swami Gyan Dev ji of Nirmal Niketan of Amritsar , Yug Pursh Maha Mundleshwar Swami Pramanand ji 5. Spine erect (Make you more active and alert ) Hardwar and Singh Sahib S. Gurbachan Singh ji Jathedar of Akal 6. Breathing is deep (Enable you to fill oxygen as much as you Takhat Amritsar. They all appreciated his experiences and accepted his D.V.D and his books and promised to prepare copies of D.V.D He has found this by the Grace of GOD( WAHEGURU) and and distribute these free or at cost price for the benefit of humanity.
to spread it he daily takes classes in Kamara Garden free of any OM PRAKASH SHARMA
(Known as Swami Anand Om Prakash after sanyas) charges. He has written a book named ATAM GYAN which is Founder Chairman Spiritual Charitable Society (Regd) available in English, Hindi and Punjabi at cost price. He distributed 6-Aman Nagar,Kapurthala(Punjab)-144601.M:94173-27592 it free also to the deserving ones. A D.V.D is also got prepared with the help of Sant Shri Kamal Kishore Ji of Shunya Sanstha Saharanpur. It is also available on cost price and free also to those persons who promise to distribute its copies to the public at cost gj fny esa] gj le; Hkxoku ekStwn(mifLFkr)gksrk gS] oks mldks [kqn(Lo;a)pykrk gS] rks
price of the copies made by them. He has not kept its Copy Rights. lkjh dkbZukr(l`f”V)pyrh gS A
,d fny dh /kM+du lkjh dkbZukr dh /kM+du gS] ;g fdlh&fdlh dks ekywe gksrk gSA A n y b o d y c a n p r e p a r e i t s c o p i e s . H i s w e b s i t e ]tks bldh vkokt lqurk gS] oks izse ls Hkjiwj gksrk gSA www.atamgyanandyoga.com also contains the above book named fny mlds cLl esa ugh gksrk ij Hkxoku (fny dk M~kbZoj) mlds cLl eas t#j gksrk gSA
ATAMGYAN and the vedio D.V.D also named ATAMGYAN. mldh dksbZ pkgr(bPNk) ugh jgrh ij fny [kq'kh ls Hkjiwj gksrk gSA
mldk nqfu;k ls eksg ugh jgrk ij nqfu;k dk I;kjk esgeku t#j gksrk gSA oks D;k&D;k gksrk gS] oks D;k&D;k ugh gksrk og mlh ds fny dks ekywe gksrk gS A gj pht mlh esa ekStwn gksrh gS ij oks fdlh es egnwn(lhfer) ugh gksrkA
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N E U R O - B I B - I N F O Marie-Pierre RETHY : : COLLOQUES.CONFERENCES.… REUNIONS.CONGRES…….COLLOQUES.CONFE • Lundi 4 juin 2007, mardi 5 juin 2007 , au Novotel Orléans La Source, 2 rue Honoré-de- Balzac, 45071 Orléans, les 34ème Journées d’étude de l’AFIINC (Association Française desInfirmières et Infirmiers de Neurologie et de Neuro


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