Landmark Temple In London
has been in full swing. As in previous years, several hundred faithful were expected daily. Celebrates Its Historic Silver
The core of the festival is the homage of the The Deity that is the focus of worship may differ in each temple: In Durnten it is the (Express): A Historic Hindu temple which was the first of its kind to be built in Europe is celebrating its momentous Silver Jubilee morning there’ll be a water ritual at the in Willesden, London this week. People from as far afield as Australia, India and America ”The beginning of the festival was timed to travelled to the UK for the 25th anniversary coincide with the last day of school in Zurich Sarahanabavananthan. He wants to give as many believers and their families a chance to participate in the festival. Most of them Mandir, a temple for followers of a Hindu are originally from Sri Lanka. The priest sect called Swaminarayan Sampraday, to be emphasized that guests are welcome at any built in the capital. The sect was established time. “We want the people in Switzerland interested parties can stop by if they like.” A particularly good opportunity was offered attended by thousands, a live music concert main event of the twelve-day festival took and an opening ceremony choreographed by place: the procession in honor of Goddess the youth of the Temple. The festivities, the temple on a trolley. Worshipers made temple, have run from July 20 till July 2013 offerings, and there was a peacock dance. A Peacock Dance For
Annual Chariot Festival
Goddess Amman
Canadian Temple
(Inside Toronto): The glory of Lord Ganesha (Bezirk Hinwil): For more than a week now Saturday, July 27, as a gigantic hand-carved chariot circles the parking lot of a Kennedy Arsha Vidya Newsletter - August 2013
The day was marked by a traditional ritual Chariot Festival, the Deity will emerge from of “prana pratishta,” a rite in Hindu theology Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar at 9 a.m. and ride that distinguishes the consecration of the outside for about two hours while offerings Mayor Bill Given. With that, the formal ceremony transformed a patch of ground east of the city limits into a sacred dwelling of thousands, and temple officials have said all are welcome to watch. The Chariot Festival is an important event for Sri Lankan Tamil “This is such a joyous occasion,” said Ratna On this day the statue of the Elephant God Lord Ganesha is kept on the pedestal of the ourselves very lucky that we have been able chariot and slowly drawn around the temple by the devotees. For this purpose, the chariot is attached to two long heavy ropes enabling The notion of a cultural center is rooted in all who wish and cherish to pull it, a chance practicing Hindus. According to Roy, the families have had to travel 280 miles to Edmonton, if wanting to visit the nearest New Canadian Hindu Temple
homes. “It worked before when the (Hindu) community was quite small, but now it has grown a lot, and we definitely needed a Prairie’s growing community of Hindus celebrated the official opening of the first “This will be a place for us to celebrate our temple in the province north of Edmonton festivals, instill our traditions in our children and showcase our culture to the people of peace region, said Roy.” Published by V. Sivaprasad
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