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Proceedings of the 40th

Tuesday 8th August 2006
10:00 Council meeting (Boardroom 5.68 in the Wills Memorial Building)
14:00 Registration (Wills Memorial Building)
14:00 Installation of Group 1 Posters (Merchant Venturers Building)
19:00-21.30 Welcome Reception
(In the Museum adjacent to the Wills Memorial Building)

Wednesday 9th August 2006
08:00 Registration (Wills Memorial Building)
08:00 Installation of Group 1 Posters (Merchant Venturers Building)
09:00 Congress opening (The Great Hall)
To be opened by The Right Honourable
the Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Peter Abraham.
The Great Hall
Marek Spinka
09:30 Author: Alistair Lawrence
Title: Is there a future for applied ethology?
10:30 Coffee Break and Poster Session 1 (Merchant Venturers Building)
Sponsored by the RSPCA
11:15 Spoken Papers

The Great Hall
The Reception Room
Chair: Hans Erhard
11:15 Plenary Paper: 1
Author: Mike Appleby
Title: Where did it all go right? Applying
applied ethology worldwide
Chair: Mark Rutter
Chair: Anna Olsson
12:00 Author: Per Jensen
Author: Cathy Dwyer
Title: Genetic inheritance of acquired
Title: Contributions of ewe and lamb
behaviour to the maintenance of body temperature in neonatal lambs of two breeds 12:15 Author: Andrew Fisher
Author: Gudrun Illmann
Title: The identification of quantitative
Title: Responsiveness of sows towards
trait loci for stress and learning responses in piglet vocalization during 24 h after birth the sheep 12:30 Author: Joop Lensink
Author: Jenny Loberg
Title: Parental effects on the behaviour of
Title: Weaning and separation at different
12:45 Author: James Serpell
Author: Emma Baxter
Title: Breed differences in aggressive
Title: Predictors of neonatal piglet survival
13:00 Lunch: Sandwiches in the Merchant Venturers Building

14:30 Spoken Papers

The Great Hall
The Reception Room
Chair: Harold Gonyou
Chair: Suzanne Millman
14:30 Author: Carol Petherick
Author: Hanno Würbel
Title: Mate choice by female beef Bos
Title: Developmental plasticity and animal
welfare: adaptive plasticity, phenotypic mismatch or pathology? 14:45 Author: Anja Wasilewski
Author: Jolanda Pluijmakers
Title: 'Friendsheep'? Non-reproductive
Title: Is there a "sensitive period" at the
15:00 Author: Anette Wichman
Author: Angelica Terrazas
Title: Influence of light/dark incubation on
Title: High-energy food supplementation
in the last 15 days of pregnancy facilitates the establishment of non-olfactory recognition of the kid in underfed goats. 15:15 Author: Johannes Baumgartner
Author: Severine Henry
Title: Preferences for littermates or non-
Title: Influence of various early human-
littermates in social behaviour of weaned foal interference on subsequent human-foal pigs kept in mixed groups of different size 15:30 Coffee Break and Poster Session 2 (Merchant Venturers Building)
Sponsored by the RSPCA

16:15 Spoken Papers

The Great Hall
The Reception Room
Chair: Per Jensen
Chair: Birte Nielsen
16:15 Author: Hans Erhard
Author: Sarah Redgate
Title: Dominance has a quantitative
Title: Post-ingestive feedback on diet
selection in horses (equus caballus); dietary experience changes feeding preferences 16:30 Author: Susanne Waiblinger
Author: Nicky Roberts
Title: Social bonds of dairy cows affect
Title: Absence of variation between sheep
reactions in a challenging situation and 16:45 Author: Karen Thodberg
Author: Fernando Borderas
Title: The acute effect of a synthetic pig
Title: Feeding behaviour and response to
weaning of calves fed limited or ad libitum 17:00 Author: Janne Winther Christensen
Author: Lesley Smith
Title: Habituated companion horses reduce Title: Grazing behaviour of herbivores is
fear responses in naïve test horses
affected by nutritional environment and maternal investment 17:15 Author: Suzan Dudink
Author: Laura Hänninen
Title: Announcing the arrival of
Title: Effect of method of feeding
reduces weaning stress induced behaviours 17:30 Author: Lisa Collins
Author: Andrea Ellis
Title: A birds-eye view of stocking
Title: Effects of high concentrate versus
high fibre diets on the behaviour of horses crowded conditions in which they are kept commercially?
17:45 – 18:45 Poster Session 3 (Merchant Venturers Building)
20:00 – 22:00 To be announced…

Thursday 10th August 2006

09:00 Spoken Papers

The Great Hall
The Reception Room
Chair: Joseph Garner
09:00 Plenary Paper: 2
Author: Jaak Panksepp
Title: Affective neuroscience and the
ancestral sources of socio-emotional
feelings within animal minds
Chair: Carol Petherick
Dan Weary
09:45 Author: Elizabeth Paul
Author: John Church
Title: Doing emotion and feeling emotion:
Title: The effects of using lidocaine on the
constructing a framework for investigating 10:00 Author: Mike Mendl
Author: Mitja Sedlbauer
Title: Studies of emotion-cognition links in Title: Lameness and pain in dairy cows
humans as a basis for developing new
measures of animal emotion
10:15 Author: Lucile Greiveldinger
Author: Jeffrey Rushen
Title: Ability of lambs to form
Title: Local anaesthetic as a means to
validate measures of lameness in dairy cows 10:30 Author: Bart Houx
Author: Anne Marie de Passillé
Title: What do 50-kHz vocalizations tell
Title: Effects of lameness on activity in
dairy cows and the effects of hoof trimming 10:45 Author: Alain Boissy
Author: Andrew McMullan
Title: Inconsistent behavioural and cardiac
Title: Associations between behavioural
patterns in ewes' responses to the separation indicators and inflammatory disease in dairy from their lambs 11:00 Author: Patrick Zimmerman
Author: Eranda Rajapaksha
Title: Anticipation as a tool to explore
Title: Development and assessment of a
11:15 Coffee Break and Poster session 4 (Merchant Venturers Building)
11:45 Remove Group 1 Posters

12:00 Spoken Papers

The Great Hall
The Reception Room
Chair: Charlotte Nevison
Chair: Kate Breuer
12:00 Author: Suzanne Held
Author: Richard Kirkden
Title: Changes and individual consistency
Title: Strength of aversion to carbon
over several parities in two tests of maternal dioxide in rats during a gradual-fill responsiveness in outdoor sows 12:15 Author: Corinna Clark
Author: Lee Niel
Title: Do age and experience matter?
Title: Rat responses to CO2 euthanasia:
Consistency of aggressive responses and the effects of novelty versus distress effect of repeated resident intruder tests on pigs 12:30 Author: Hilde Vervaecke
Author: Ellen Jongman
Title: Measuring dominance styles in
Title: Aversion of finisher pigs to CO2 and
12:45 Author: Emma Creighton
Author: Victoria Sandilands
Title: Animal personality and animal
Title: Aversion of chickens to various

13:00 Preparation for Excursions
13:30 Excursions Bus Departure

Friday 11th August 2006
08:30 Installation of Group 2 Posters (Merchant Venturers Building)
09:00 Spoken Papers

The Great Hall
The Reception Room
Chair: Janice Swanson
09:00 Plenary Paper: 3
Author: Innes Cuthill
Title: Other ways of seeing: Vision,
ecology and welfare
Chair: Kate Littin
Chair: Cathy Dwyer
09:45 Author: Ashleigh Bright
Author: Oliver Burman
Title: Plumage colour and feather pecking
Title: A multidisciplinary study of the
long-term effects of environmental enrichment on laboratory rat welfare 10:00 Author: Go Kurosu
Author: Helena Chaloupkova
Title: Preference for visual variability in
Title: Enrichment of pre-weaning housing
Lister-hooded rats and European starlings decreases later agonistic behaviour in domestic pigs 10:15 Author: Claire Guest
Author: Camilla Munsterhjelm
Title: Individual differences in a complex
Title: Effects of environmental enrichment
scent discrimination task: Cancer Detection early in life on aggressive and explorative 10:30 Author: Dorthe Rasmussen
Author: Arianna Manciocco
Title: Learning performance differs with
Title: The response to different
environmental enrichments in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus): Comparison among laboratory and zoo colonies 10:45 Author: Jan Langbein
Author: Kamara Scott
Title: Learning how to learn - learning set
Title: Environmental enrichment for pigs:
formation in dwarf goats during voluntary 11:00 Coffee Break and Poster session 5 (Merchant Venturers Building)
Sponsored by CIWF Trust

11:45 Spoken Papers
The Great Hall
The Reception Room
Chair: Anna Valros
Paul Koene
11:45 Author: Georgia Mason
Author: Nicola Cross
Title: Substitutability effects in a closed
Title: Causal factors for excessive barking
12:00 Author: Ragen Trudelle-Schwarz
Author: Yoshiko Uchida
Title: Dogs' social hierarchy in the
Title: 'Need' or 'luxury'? Measuring
motivation for contrafreeloading in laboratory mice 12:15 Author: Louise Holm
Author: Eva Baranyiova
Title: The importance of a food feedback
Title: Dog bites to children in the Czech
12:30 Author: Alexandra Harlander-Matauschek Author: Sabine Gebhardt-Henrich
Title: Motivation in laying hens for
Title: Feeding behaviour and daily energy
feathers and wood shavings when presented
12:45 Lunch: Free-Foraging in Bristol

14:15 Spoken Papers

The Great Hall
The Reception Room
Chair: Georgia Mason
James Serpell
14:15 Author: Anne Lene Hovland
Author: Helene Leruste
Title: Using the 'maximum price paid' to
Title: On-farm measurement of the human-
animal relationship for veal calves housed 14:30 Author: Tarja Koistinen
Author: Janet Talling
Title: The preference for sand floor in
Title: The influence of driving style on the
14:45 Author: Eva Søndergaard
Author: J. Elizabeth Bolhuis
Title: Horses' motivation for three levels of Title: Effects of social support by a
social contact as measured by operant
familiar person or conspecific on responses 15:00 Coffee Break and Poster session 6 (Merchant Venturers Building)
Sponsored by CIWF Trust
16:00 – 18:00 ISAE Annual General Meeting
18:00 Preparation for Banquet
20:00 Buses depart for Banquet
20:30 – 24:00 Banquet

Saturday 12th August 2006

09:00 Spoken Papers

The Great Hall
The Reception Room
Chair: Deborah Goodwin
09:00 Plenary Paper: 4
Author: Jane Hurst
Title: What the nose knows: How scents
underlie social recognition and assessment
Chair: Gudrun Illmann
Chair: Alain Boissy
09:45 Author: Barbara Schoening
Author: Frank Tuyttens
Title: Validation of a behavioural test of
Title: Long-term consequences of early
and late castration of male piglets on social 10:00 Author: Joanne van der Borg
Author: Gry Færevik
Title: Behavioural test for the diagnosis of
Title: Behaviour and social interactions of
dairy calves kept at different group sizes 10:15 Author: Paul Koene
Author: Laura Boyle
Title: Vocal expressions of density, group
Title: Behaviour and welfare of yearling
dairy heifers out-wintered on an all-weather 10:30 Author: Rachel Casey
Author: Jonathan Cooper
Title: Refinement and validation of the
Title: Competition for resources by laying
10:45 Author: Mairi Stewart
Author: Bas Rodenburg
Title: Changes in eye temperature,
Title: Welfare of laying hens in furnished
measured using infra-red thermography, can cages and in non-cage systems detect pain due to disbudding in calves 11:00 Coffee Break and Poster session 7 (Merchant Venturers Building)

11:45 Spoken Papers

The Great Hall
The Reception Room
Chair: Jonathan Cooper
Chair: Alison Hanlon
11:45 Author: Rob Thomas
Author: Cassandra Tucker
Title: Impacts of capture and handling on
Title: Sprinklers and shade cool dairy cows
12:00 Author: Lindsay Matthews
Author: Virginie Remience
Title: A novel method for automatically
Title: Effects of space allowance on the
pastoral livestock in naturalistic settings 12:15 Author: Gesa Neisen
Author: Marcus Karlen
Title: Automatic recording of social
Title: Aggression, stress and immune
responses of gestating sows in stalls and in large groups on deep litter 12:30 Author: Mariko Lauber
Author: Paul Hemsworth
Title: Behavioural responses to novel and
Title: Behaviour and stress physiology of
gestating sows in a combination of stall and group housing 12:45 Author: Mark Rutter
Author: Kathalijne Visser
Title: Using GPS animal tracking, grazing
Title: The effect of different housing
conditions on the welfare of two-year old mapping to estimate diet selection in cattle
13:00 Lunch: Free-Foraging in Bristol

14:30 Spoken Papers
The Great Hall
The Reception Room
Chair: Stine Christiansen
14:30 Plenary Paper: 5
Author: Joe Garner
Title: Standardization and the Red Queen:
applying methodologies from ethology,
neuropsychology, and field biology to
problems in high-throughput behavioural
Chair: Hanno Wuerbel
Chair: Heleen van de Weerd
15:15 Author: Lynne Sneddon
Author: Keelin O'Driscoll
Title: Using selective attention strategies to Title: Effect of milking frequency and
understand the importance of the subjective
15:30 Author: Maarit Mohaibes
Author: Lorenz Gygax
Title: The importance of external validity
Title: Comparing stress in two types of
either partially forced or free cow traffic: daily periodicity in milk cortisol concentration 15:45 Author: Daniela Lexer
Author: Usama AbouIsmail
Title: The Analytic Network Process - a
Title: Let sleeping rats lie: does the timing
16:00 Author: Jim McLeod
Author: Charlotte Burn
Title: From Boids to Sheepoids
Title: Early experience of cage-cleaning
does not affect adult rat anxiety, but
identification tail-marking does
16:15 Coffee Break and Poster session 8 (Merchant Venturers Building)

17:00 Spoken Papers

The Great Hall
The Reception Room
Chair: Ruth Newberry
Janet Talling
17:00 Author: Maria Andersson
Author: Moira Harris
Title: Behaviour problems in horses - a
Title: Assessing the welfare, housing and
further look into factors associated with crib husbandry of elephants in U.K. zoos biting and weaving 17:15 Author: Andrew Hemmings
Author: Verity Bowell
Title: Opioid circuitry and the aetiology of
Title: Positive reinforcement training and
human interaction reduces the stress of capture 17:30 Author: Megan Jones
Author: Nora Lewis
Title: To stereotype or not to stereotype?
Title: Group versus multiple individual
behaviour, can we distinguish between the
17:45 Author: María Díez León
Author: Drewe Ferguson
Title: Are stereotypies less interruptible
Title: Effect of duration of road transport
18:00 Author: Naomi Latham
Author: Sandra Edwards
Title: We've got to get out of this place:
Title: Supplementation of pregnant ewe
frustration, enrichment and the development diets with docosahexaenoic acid reduces of stereotypies in laboratory mice (Mus 18:15-18:45 Close of the Congress (The Great Hall)

20:00 Farewell Party


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