Calcium sulfate fillers

High-purity additives for high-quality food,
beverage and pharmaceutical products

Calcium Sulfate Fillers
Calcium sulfate products are used by the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries
as an economical and FDA-approved source of supplemental calcium. Calcium sulfate is
also acceptable as an additive in pigments and colorants used in food containers.
Calcium Sulfate Fillers
Use of calcium sulfate in food and pharmaceutical applications is wide-spread and continues to expand. United States Gypsum Company offers two highly refined calcium sulfate products: USG® Terra Alba and SNOWW HITE filler. Both fillers are food- and pharmaceutical-grade forms of calcium sulfate, a mineral that appears on the Food and DrugAdministration’s GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list of additivesapproved for nutritional and functional use in food products. Calcium Sulfate Products
USG Terra Alba (CaSO4 2H2O), the dihydrate form of calcium sulfate, results from fine-grinding and air-separating a
select, high-purity white gypsum that contains about 20 percent water of crystallization.
SNOW WHITE filler (CaSO4), the anhydrous form of calcium sulfate, is produced by calcining and milling high-purity
white gypsum.
USG Terra Alba filler
Typical Analyses
(a) Conversion of calcium content:Milligrams of calcium per lb. of USG Terra Alba filler computed as follows: 1 lb. = 454 grams = 454,000mg 23% x 454,000 mg = 104,420 • 1 lb. of USG Terra Alba filler = 104,420 mg of calcium.
Milligrams of calcium per lb. of SNOW WHITE filler computed as follows: 1 lb. = 454,000 mg 29% of 454,000 mg = 131,600 mg • 1 lb. of SNOW WHITEfiller = 131,660 mg of calcium.
(b) The brightness index was determined on aBeckman DU Spectrophotometer using magnesium oxide as the standard.
(c) Oil absorption is the amount of linseed oil, in cubic centimeters, required to wet 100 grams of filler.
3 Calcium Sulfate Fillers
USG Terra Alba and SNOW WHITE filler are used primarily in the food,beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
Commercial Baking Industry
In the commercial baking industry, the fillers are economical sources of supplemental calcium in enriched flour, cereals, baking powder, yeast, bread conditioners, baking powder, and cake icing. The gypsum products can also be found in canned vegetables and artificially sweetened jellies and preserves.
Brewing Industry
In the brewing industry, calcium sulfate promotes a smoother-tasting beer with improved stability and a longer shelf life.
For pharmaceutical applications, calcium sulfate is extensively used as a diluent because it makes an excellent inert extender while also serving as a dietary calcium supplement.
4 Calcium Sulfate Fillers
FDA Regulations
With benzoyl peroxide in caciocavallo siciliano cheese Food and Drugs
With benzoyl peroxide in gorgonzola cheese Parts 1-199
With benzoyl peroxide in parmesan and reggiano cheese With benzoyl peroxide in provolone and pasta filata cheese With benzoyl peroxide in swiss and emmenthaler cheese Enriched macaroni products with fortified protein Artificially sweetened fruit preserves and jams Firming agent in canned green sweet peppers, red sweet peppers and lima beans Resinous and polymeric coatings (pigments and colorants) Substances migrating to food from paper and paperboard products (a) Product: calcium sulfate(b) Meets specifications of the Food Chemicals Codex(c) Anti-caking, coloring, drying, firming, leavening; adjunct, dough strengthener, formulation aid, nutrient supplement, pH control,processing aid, stabilizer and thickener, synergist, texturizer.
(d) Conditions of use: This substance is generally recognized as safe when used in accordance with good manufacturing practices.
(e) Waiver-prior sanctions 5 Calcium Sulfate Fillers
USG Terra Alba and SNOW WHITE filler are manufactured only at USG’s plant in Southard, Oklahoma. Both products are guaranteed to meet thespecifications of the Food Chemicals Codex and the National Formulary,as listed below: Standards
Food Chemicals Codex
National Formulary
Upon request, USG will supply a continuing guarantee to customers using USG Terra Alba or SNOW WHITE filler. Each shipment is batch-coded to show the day, month and year of manufacture. Representative samples are kept for reference at the Southard plant for five years from the date of shipment.
6 Calcium Sulfate Fillers
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