Ultralit Hard Extra is a water-based ultra-high solid lithium densifi er used to densify, harden, dustproof new or existing concrete fl oors. Active lithium content of the product comes into chemical reaction with Parking garagesconcrete components and form insoluble calcium Airport hangars silicate hydrate (CSH) that increases surface Warehouses hardness, reduces dusting, makes maintenance of the fl oor easy. As the silicate-concrete chemical reaction is formed internally in upper layer of concrete, the protection of Ultralit Hard Extra is much more durable than traditional surface coatings and sealers, it will never peel or debond and is unaffected by moisture. BENEFITS
Highest lithium content in the industry – up Active ingredients: 100% of total solids.
Fast hardening and dustproofi ng – days instead of months.
Can be applied to concrete of any age.
Excellent penetration: 2-8 mm on steel trowled Increases abrasion resistance by 30-60%.
Does not contribute to surface ASR or promote PACKAGING
Good stain and water resistance.
Ultralit Hard Extra is packed in 30 liter pails (36 pails Does not change fl oor friction coeffi cient – no Very fast application: minutes instead of days.
Cost Effective solution - the least expensive Freshly placed uncured concrete: 20-30 m2/L Absolutely “GREEN” and Planet Safe, water Steel troweled cured concrete: 10-15 m2/L Cured honed / polished concrete: 10-20 m2/L APPLICATION
Precautions / Limitations:
If the fl oor joints are to be fi lled after Ultralit Hard Extra has been applied, they must be thoroughly Always clean surface to remove any dirt, laitance, cleaned before installation of joint fi ller. Cleaning curing compounds or coatings that may prevent joints by circular concrete saw or a grinder Ultralit Hard Extra from penetrating the surface. equipped with a wire wheel is recommended.
Apply only when temperatures will be above 2ºC Surface is ready for use when dry, but the for at least 4 hours following application. complete reaction may take up to two weeks In hot conditions, it may be necessary to spray to develop depending on site temperature and water on hot concrete to cool the surface prior to Clean brushes, tools, equipment and sprayer Protect metal, glass, wood, paint or brick from with potable water immediately after use.
contact with Ultralit Hard Extra. If accidently oversprayed on these surfaces, wash surface with clean water immediately.
In all cases consult the Material Safety Data MAINTENANCE
Do not use acidic cleaners (with pH below 7) to maintain treated fl Application procedure:
Extra will improve stain resistance of concrete fl oor, some acidic products may leave a stain if left on There is no need for surface preparation when the surface. Clean up all spills promptly to minimize Ultralit Hard Extra is applied on freshly fi nished possible damage. Daily removal of surface dust with concrete. Saw cut control joints after fi nal surface a microfi ber pad or dry dust mop will help to maintain preparation. Clean concrete of saw debris or any the desired appearance. Regular maintenance cleaning with auto scrubber will improve surface In case of existing concrete remove all dirt, shine. debris or curing compounds. Allow clean surface
to dry. It is recommended to grind and level the
concrete surface with an orbital fl oor machine or
diamond grinding machine equipped with a 100 SAFETY / HEALTH INFORMATION
to 400 grit diamond discs (recommended level of KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product
grinding for application of Ultralit Hard Extra) or is alkaline. Do not drink. If swallowed, drink large diamond abrasive pad depending upon desired quantities of water. DO NOT induce vomiting. Seek medical attention immediately. Keep container Using a low-pressure sprayer, apply a single coat closed tightly when not in use. Wear goggles and of Ultralit Hard Extra at a rate that covers the gloves. If splashed in eyes, rinse eyes immediately surface, but does not produce puddles. In case with clean water and seek medical attention if of freshly placed concrete – average coverage irritation persists. Additional precautions, safety rate 20-30 m2/L, in case of existing concrete - information and fi rst aid treatments are contained 10-20 m2/L. Treated surfaces should stay wet in the Material Safety Data Sheet.
for 10-15 minutes following initial application.
Uniformly spread the product in a thin layer using
a microfi ber pad that should be pre-moistened
with Ultralit Hard Extra prior to use. Treat porous CUSTOMER SUPPORT
areas that dry in less than 10 minutes with one more layer.
Ultralit Hard Extra is available worldwide. For Let treated surfaces dry thoroughly, typically technical assistance, product information, Dealer location - visit our web site at www.ultralit.eu or email In case of freshly placed concrete immediately at [email protected]. apply the specifi ed curing compound or initiate the specifi ed curing procedure.
On existing concrete to achieve desired glossy fi nish, use progressively fi ner diamond discs and continue grinding from 800 to 3000 grit.

Source: http://ultralit.eu/media/documents/PDS_UL_Hard_Extra_EN_10_09_2013.pdf


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