Esa 2011 handbook

Instructions for oral
encouraged to attend and stand next to their posters to discuss and answer questions. presenters
You are also encouraged to be close to your poster during morning and afternoon tea breaks and lunches, Oral papers
to enable anyone who wishes to discuss your particular poster topic to be able to find you and do so! We hope Time slots for oral presentations are 15 minutes. This is that this will allow you several hours of opportunity and based on a 12-minute talk and 3 minutes for question exposure that will give you the widest possible time/changeover. Session chairs are instructed to ensure that ALL presenters adhere strictly to these times. Speakers will be gently warned when the talk A listing of posters, in numerical order, is on reaches the 10-minute mark, and courteously but firmly of this handbook. Staff at the registration desk will be available to help you find the correct location for mounting your poster. Double-sided tape will be Time slots for symposia are roughly the same but some may differ in length. If you are presenting as part of a symposium please refer to the full program for details. Please ensure that you collect your poster at the end of the conference. Any posters not collected by Thursday Speed session oral papers
Time slots for speed session oral papers are 5 minutes. Please prepare for 4 minutes, allowing up to 1 minute Instructions for session
for changeover. Session chairs are instructed to ensure that ALL presenters adhere strictly to these times. Speakers will be gently warned when the talk reaches Please be available in your allocated room at least the 3-minute mark, and courteously but firmly invited to 15 minutes before your session starts. Ensure you are acquainted with the AV and general room set up, and There will be no time for questions in between that all speakers are also familiar with the equipment presentations, but there may be opportunity for that will be used. Inform your speakers of the exact time questions and discussion at the end of the whole that each of their talks is to begin and end. All presentations must be uploaded prior to the commencement of each session in the speakers’ Instructions for poster
Please start sessions on time, even if people are still arriving. You are welcome and encouraged to introduce the session, but please keep this brief! Keep Poster presenters are requested to have their posters up track of elapsed time during a presentation. It is your for display from morning tea on Monday 21 November job to ensure that speakers start and finish on time. through to lunch on Thursday 24 November. Posters will be displayed according to themes, in numerical For oral papers, please give speakers a warning shortly order. Posters will be displayed in the Boardwalk Gallery before their time is up (at 10 minutes) and then tell them when their time is up (at 12 minutes). This will allow 3 minutes for questions and changeover. This will In addition, poster presenters are required to be at their give time for the audience to move between rooms poster display during the following times: after each presentation, if they desire. Barbara Rice Memorial Poster Session on the For speed sessions, please give speakers a warning evening of Monday 21 November (1730–1930). shortly before their time is up (at 3 minutes) and then This time will provide authors time to discuss and tell them when their time is up (at 4 minutes). There is no time for questions between speakers and this will allow 1 minute for changeover. There may be time for Wiley-Blackwell Poster Session on the evening of discussion at the end of the speed session, in which Tuesday 22 November (1730–1930). This session is not compulsory but poster presenters are strongly


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