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Prepare for a Flu Pandemic
Make a plan now for a flu pandemic. Figure out what What is Pandemic Flu?
you will do if members of your household have to Home Care Guide
A “pandemic” is a disease that spreads stay home from work or school or stay separated For H1N1 Flu
from others for a period of time. Keep extra supplies of food, water, medications and your disaster Pandemic Flu Care Giving Supplies
Protecting Yourself, Protecting Others!
Prevent the Spread
of the H1N1 Flu
These healthy habits will help keep you  Surgical Masks (one for each person)  Sugar, baking soda, salt, salt substitute TULARE COUNTY
Care for a Loved One with the Flu
A person recovering from flu should have:  Medications to relieve flu symptoms In some cases, a healthcare professional may prescribe antiviral drugs to treat the flu. Antibiotics after the fever is gone without using fever reducing medications. If any questions with these
recommendations, please contact your
healthcare provider.
Monitor Pandemic Flu Symptoms
Monitor Pandemic Flu Symptoms (cont.)
When a Household Member is Sick
Follow the H1N1 and Seasonal Flu Guidance The flu virus is spread when contaminated droplets exit Electrolyte Drink for adults, teens and
Chart. If your symptoms place you in the the mouth and nose of an infected person and the virus children over the age of 3
green or yellow guidance, please follow these comes in contact with others. So, follow these tips to protect your self and other in your home: Recontact or call your healthcare
 Keep everyone's personal items separate. All provider if your loved one has:
 Fever - Greater than 100.4˚ F or 38˚ C, computers, pens, papers, clothes, towels, sheets,  Disinfect door knobs, switches, handles, toys, and other surfaces that are commonly touched around  If drinking liquids makes nausea worse, give one sip or lung disease, diabetes, HIV, cancer). at a time until your loved one can drink again.  If your loved one continues not to take fluids, or cannot retain fluids (continues vomiting and frequent Disinfectant: 1 gallon water & 1/4 cup bleach
diarrhea) please seek medical attention.  Fever in a child who is too quiet and  It is okay to wash everyone’s dishes and clothes together. Use detergent and very hot water. Reduce Fever
 Wash your hands after contact with or cleaning up If you cannot reach your healthcare
 To help reduce a fever, do the following: body fluids of a sick person or handling dirty professional, call 911 or local emergency
laundry that the sick person has had contact with. number for any of the signs below:
 One person should be the caregiver. He or she  Increasing difficulty breathing, blue lips  Give fever-reducing medication, such as may benefit by wearing a mask when giving care.  Difficulty moving, severe neck stiffness acetaminophen, aspirin or ibuprofen, as directed on  Please keep the sick person isolated (or away in  Drowsiness, confusion, disorientation, or the container’s label, or by direction of your another room) from the others in the home. Do not give aspirin to anyone younger than
Practice Hand Hygiene
 Fever in an infant under 3 months old 18 years old.
Caregivers should always wash their hands before  If fever subsides & then returns  To relieve discomfort, give a sponge bath with luke- providing care. Afterward wash again and apply alcohol based hand sanitizer as well. Follow these steps for Prevent Dehydration
Dehydration occurs when the body loses too H1N1 Vaccination
 Wet hands with warm, running water and apply much water and it’s not replaced quickly  Rub hands vigorously for at least 15 seconds, soothing drinks at the first signs of the flu and  covering all surfaces and fingers.  Scrub nails by rubbing them against the palms of  In addition to plenty of liquids, give ice and light, easily digested foods, such as soup  If your loved one has diarrhea or vomiting, give fluids that contain electrolytes. These are available at your pharmacy or grocery rehydration electrolyte drink for someone

Source: http://www.tulare.k12.ca.us/TWHS/Index%20Page%20Files/H1N1%20Home%20Care%20Guide%20%20brochure.pdf


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