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February 16, 2009 My Testimonial by Sylvia Moch I began consuming Mona Vie approximately a month and one half ago. I told my husband I would try it for 1 month and let him know if I felt any difference or improvement in my health. I kept my promise and did not discuss any affects during this time. After about 1 week, I noticed I was sleeping better. After 2 weeks, I noticed my legs were no longer bothering me during the night, prior to consuming Mona Vie; I would get up every couple of hours during the night to walk around and massage my legs to keep them from hurting. Also, restless legs syndrome symptoms were gone. What a relief to finally receive a restful sleep during the night. If you have never experienced this in your life, you have know idea how precious sleep is until you have gone through what I have over the past 15 years with endless tormenting sleep deprived nights. During the same time, I started eliminating medications for restless legs syndrome, pain, insomnia, fibromyalgia, breathing, stomach, arthritis and high blood pressure. I do not recommend anyone stop taking medications cold-turkey, but if you begin to feel better and would like to slowly wean yourself off medications it may work for you. Personally, I took this notion into consideration during the process of weaning myself from prescription drugs. The most difficult medication to eliminate was the Cymbalta which was prescribed for Fibromyalgia and pain. After 4 weeks of consuming Mona Vie, I was completely off of this medication as well as Previcid, Amitza, Advair, Albuteral, Lunesta, Nerotin, Hydrocodone, Celebrex, Ultracet, Skelton, Hydrochlorot and was able to reduce my blood pressure medicine in half. People who know me understand my health was declining and I was not getting any better. Doctors were preparing to name a disease after me because after fifteen years of treatment, they were unable to zero in on the cause of my declining health. The only difference I can attribute my miraculous recovery is the consumption of Mona Vie. It’s hard to imagine just a few months ago that I was in such bad shape. I am so blessed to be able to walk an unlimited distance without running out of breath, I’m no longer taking mid-day, intense pain has disappeared and my energy level has increased tremendously! I visited my pulmonary doctor on March 3rd and received a very good check up. My breathing capacity is up to 96 % oxygen rate which is a very big improvement over 60% oxygen rate prior. I mentioned to my doctor what I had done differently and he informed his mother-in-law also consumes Mona Vie. He told me to keep consuming because it is working really well for me. On March 6th I went to my General Practioner and while we were reviewing my medications, every time I said “ I’m off of that one“, she looked up and me and smiled and asked ” what was going on with me?” I told her I was consuming Mona Vie. She said I am doing great and keep up the good work. I had blood work done at the same time and I am waiting anxiously for my results to compare to historical results. Please feel free to reach out and talk to me directly. I have to admit, when my husband first introduced me to Mona Vie, I was very skeptical and was upset when he had Mona Vie decals installed on the rear window of my car. Now, I want to share our story with everyone, because as I have become more involved with others who are consuming Mona Vie, I find that my experiences are not so unique rather that Mona Vie is truly changing lives. This is my true testimonial with my personal results from consuming Mona Vie. I can honestly say that this Gift from God has changed my life and I am able to LIVE again instead of just existing! God Bless, Sylvia Moch [email protected] www.tommoch.com

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