10 kinds of homemade tea practices and effectiveness

10 kinds of homemade tea practices and

ginseng: sex more peaceful, not warm but not dry, either qi, but also fluid, suitable for rousing,enhance physical fitness and anti- disease capabilities.
White ginseng (sugar ginseng): more choice of body short, inferior quality of ginseng, blanched inboiling water cook for a while, soaked in syrup, then dried.
White ginseng (ginseng sugar) effectiveness: the most peaceful nature, effectiveness is relativelysmall, suitable for spleen Yifei.
Wild ginseng: No warm dry nature, nourishing vitality, as the reference in the top grade, but fewresources, the value of expensive and rarely used.
Red ginseng: 2 hours steam with high temperature steam until fully cooked until the Senate shall beremoved after drying, then pressed into irregular square pillar.Red ginseng Effects: Warming.Qi inwarm dry with vigorous resistance, longer boost yang, apply first aid back to the sun.
Medicinal discourseTropism of taste: nature, sweet, slightly bitter, slightly warm.Spleen and lung.  Efficacy: nourishing vitality, fumai solid off, Spleen Yifei, thirst, tranquilizer puzzle. [1] Indications: injured workers wasting, eat less, fatigue, nausea and vomiting food, stool diarrhea,cough and promote imaginary, spontaneous bursts off, palpitation, forgetfulness, dizziness,headache, impotence, frequent urination, thirst, women, uterine bleeding, pediatric slow shock andlong illness no longer, all blood and body fluids deficiencies card.
Dosage: Oral: decoction ,3-10g, large doses of 10-30g, should also fried blended; or powder ,1-2g; orapply ointment; or infuse; or into pills, scattered. [1] Drug contraindications: empirical, heat syndrome and righteousness is true Jifu.Anti hellebore, fearWulingzhi, evil acacia, should avoid the same with.  Efficacynourishing strength, solid off-chun, soothe the nerves.
Governance injured workers wasting, eat less, fatigue, nausea and vomiting food, stool diarrhea,cough and promote imaginary, spontaneous bursts off, palpitation, forgetfulness, dizziness,headache, impotence, frequent urination, elimination thirsty, women uterine bleeding, pediatric slowshock, and for a long time no longer empty, all blood and body fluids deficiencies card.
Role in regulating the central nervous system1Ginseng can regulate the central nervous system, improve brain excitability and the inhibitionprocess, so that tends to balance; can improve mental and physical ability, improve work efficiency,and has anti-fatigue effect.
2 to promote the use of energy substances on the brain can improve learning and memory ability ofginseng enhance learning and memory abilities of active ingredients of ginseng saponin, whichginsenoside Rb1 and Rg1 on learning and memory function have good effect.Ginseng root saponinson normal rat learning and memory processes promote the role, while the electrical shockgensenosides memory impairment in rats induced a significant improvement.Both the normal ratbrain regions were significantly increased monoamine neurotransmitters.These studies work on therational use of resources ginseng plant has a certain reference value [3].
3 improve heart functionginseng can increase myocardial contractility, heart rate, increased cardiac output and coronaryblood flow, resistant to myocardial ischemia and arrhythmia.On cardiac function, cardiovascular,blood has a certain impact.Ginseng has significant hypoxia role in its preparation to be effectiveagainst sinus arrhythmia.Ginsenosides may accelerate lipid metabolism, and has a significantlylower high cholesterol.Small doses of ginseng can increase blood pressure slightly anesthetizedanimals, large doses of the blood pressure drop.Different ginseng preparations on isolated toadheart and in rabbits, cats, dogs heart Individually enhance its functionality role and improve itsventricular fibrillation when the heart muscle weakness [4].
4hypoglycemic effect of ginseng contains ginsenosides and ginseng polysaccharides.Ginsenoside Rb2especially significant hypoglycemic effect, in addition to ginseng polysaccharides (or glycopeptide) isanother type of ginseng hypoglycemic ingredients.
5 enhance immune functionginsenosides and ginseng is ginseng polysaccharide immune function of the active ingredient, notonly for normal people, but also for immunocompromised per capita has increased immunefunction.Ginseng polysaccharide is purified ginseng acidic polysaccharide polymer, is an immuneenhancer.After experimental animal studies and human clinical observations, shown to significantlyenhance the immune system, have a certain effect on malignant tumors; clinical trials prolongpatient survival seen the same time, improve immune function and reduce the side effects ofradiotherapy, accelerate tissue damage repair.After clinical observation confirmed: a significant riseginseng polysaccharide leukocyte function, simultaneously with the application of chemotherapy,radiotherapy side effects can be reduced, so that the patient leukopenia prevent the successfulcompletion of treatment.Application ginseng polysaccharide process without side effects, the drugproved to be safe and reliable.
6 to improve resilience to noxious stimuli, can enhance the body’s stress ability and adaptability ginseng contains ginseng glycosides, can improve the anti-stress effect.Can be anti-hypoxia, hightemperature and low temperature capabilities.
7anti-tumor effect of ginsenosides in ginseng, ginseng polysaccharide, ginseng enol, ginseng triolalkyne and volatile oils .These substances have a certain extent of the tumor, but the mechanism isvery complex.
8 antioxidantginseng contains a variety of antioxidants, ginseng saponins, ginseng and ginseng polyacetylene diolcompounds saponin.These compounds have anti-lipid peroxidation, is the basis for anti-agingeffects.In addition to anti-aging effect, on the nervous, endocrine, immune function and metabolismand other physiological functions have a moderating effect.In addition, ginseng also has anti-viral,anti-shock, weight loss and other aspects of the role.Although the higher value of ginsengsupplements, but not for everyone.Ginseng protein factors can inhibit lipolysis, increased lipiddeposition in the vessel wall, so there is coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebral vascularsclerosis, diabetes, vasculitis harm should be careful ginseng.Increased blood viscosity, make bloodcirculation, Chinese medicine called stasis.Ginseng can promote the growth of red blood cells, redblood cells increased, blood station consistency will be higher.

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