Resume of maya liv petersen

Maya Liv Petersen
1351 Guerrero St., San Francisco, CA 94110

M.D., University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine
Ph.D. in Biostatistics, University of California, Berkeley Advising: Prof. Mark van der Laan, Prof. Art Reingold M.S. in Health and Medical Sciences, University of California, Berkeley
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Pre-Doctoral Fellowship in Biological Sciences
Graduation with Academic Distinction and Honors from Stanford University Stanford University Human Biology Invited Commencement Speaker

University of California, Berkeley; University of California, San Francisco
Application of causal inference methodology to the analysis of longitudinal HIV data;
Investigation of treatment strategies for patients infected with resistant strains of HIV,
and of the causal effects of non- suppressive antiretroviral treatments
University of California, Berkeley; Kaiser Permanente Medical Center;

Application of causal inference and machine-learning methods to the analysis of HIV
genotypic resistance data in a large observational clinical database

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Investigation of trends in the Brazilian HIV epidemic following introduction of
universal access to antiretroviral therapy and access to HIV care among vulnerable


Analysis of surveillance data for bacterial meningitis in Salvador, Brazil
Div. Child Psychiatry, Stanford University Medical Center,

Collection, management, and analysis of data from several child psychiatry
research projects, primarily focused on treatment of conduct disorder in adolescents
Dept. Pediatrics, Stanford University Medical Center
Subject recruitment and sample collection for investigation of mutations in
the Sabin type 3 polio vaccine virus
Dept. Anthropology, Stanford University
Field work in Belize and Costa Rica researching the community impact of ecotourism
Graduate Student Instructor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

University of California, Berkeley
Graduate Student Instructor, Epidemiologic Methods
University of California, Berkeley

Seminar Design, Medical Students for Choice

Planning and coordination of a seminar at the University of California,
Berkeley, School of Public Health and the Joint Medical Program on issues surrounding
reproductive health
Course design, Evolution and Medicine
Design and coordination of course in Evolution and Medicine for graduate students
at the University of California, Berkeley

Free "Suitcase" Clinic

Patient intake at weekly free clinic in Berkeley, CA Coordinator of physician recruitment, outreach and scheduling for clinic
Students for Environmental Education

Designed and taught weekly hands-on science lessons to a class of sixth graders
Language Skills:

Proficiency reading, writing, and speaking Spanish and Portuguese
International Experience:
• One year in Rio de Janeiro and two months in Salvador, Brazil collaborating with the • Three months in rural Chile initiating, planning, and executing an environmental • Academic work in: Santiago, Chile; Iquitos, Peru; Barcelona, Spain

1. Petersen ML, Hacker MA, Beck E, Bastos FI. The Healthcare system and HIV epidemic
in Brazil. In : Dealing with the HIV Pandemic in the 21st Century: Health Systems’ Responses Past, Present, and Future. 2005. London, UK. Oxford University Press.
2. Bastos FI, Malta M, Hacker M, Petersen ML, Sudbrack M, Colombo M, Caiaffa WT.
Assessing Needle Exchange Operations in a Poor Brazilian Community. Substance Use and Misuse. In press
3. Hacker MA, Petersen ML, Enriquez M, Bastos FI. Highly active antiretroviral therapy in
Brazil: The challenge of universal access in a context of social inequality. Rev Panam
Salud Publica
. 2004; 16(2):78-83.

4. Bastos FI, Petersen ML, Kerrigan D, Boily MC. Management of HIV/AIDS: the
Brazilian experience. In: Lévy JJ, Pierret J, Trottier G. Antiretroviral treatment: Experiences and challenges. 2004, Québec, Canada. Presses de l’Université du Québec. [French] 5. Ribeiro GS, Reis JN, Cordeiro SM, Lima JB, Petersen M, Slagado K, et al. Prevention of
Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) meningitis and emergence of serotype replacement
with type a strains after introduction of Hib immunization in Brazil.
J Infect Dis. 2003;187(1):109-16.
6. Steiner H, Petersen ML, Saxena K, Ford S, Matthews Z. Divalproex sodium for the
treatment of conduct disorder: a randomized controlled clinical trial. J Clin Psychiatry.
2003; 64(10):1183-91.


1. Petersen, ML, Hacker MA, Renton A, Bastos FI. Trends in the distribution of
opportunistic diseases among newly notified AIDS cases in Brazil over a period spanning introduction of universal access to antiretroviral therapy. Abstract TuPeC4718. XV International AIDS Conference: Access for All. July 11-16, 2004. Bangkok, Thailand. 2. Bastos FI, Petersen ML, Renton A, Hacker MA. The impoverishment of the Brazilian
AIDS epidemic is partially driven by new cases among gay men from deprived communities. Abstract WePeC6078. XV International AIDS Conference: Access for All. July 11-16, 2004. Bangkok, Thailand. 3. Bastos FI. Petersen ML, Renton A, Hacker MA. Dramatic declines in AIDS deaths and
AIDS-related hospitalizations are made of small steps: Findings from a monthly reconstruction of the introduction of HAART in Brazil. Abstract TuPeC4708. XV International AIDS Conference: Access for All. July 11-16, 2004. Bangkok, Thailand. 4. Malta M., Petersen ML, Freitas F, Bastos FI. ARV adherence: A qualitative study with
physicians from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Abstract WePeE6685. XV International AIDS Conference: Access for All. July 11-16, 2004. Bangkok, Thailand.
5. Enriquez MEM, Petersen ML, Hacker M, Bastos FI. An ecological study of HAART in
BZ: The impact of universal access on AIDS incidence and mortality (1984-2000). Oral Presentation TuOrC1160. XV International AIDS Conference: Access for All. July 11-16, 2004. Bangkok, Thailand.
6. Petersen ML. The Brazilian response to the HIV epidemic. Presented to the 6th
International Conference on Healthcare Resource Allocation for HIV/AIDS (ICHRA): Healthcare Systems in Transition. October 13-15, 2003. Washington, DC, USA. SUBMITTED/REVISED PUBLICATIONS:

1. Petersen ML, Boily MC, Bastos FI (2005) Assessing HIV resistance in developing
countries: Brazil as a case study. Submitted to Rev Panam Salud Publica.
2. van der Laan MJ, Petersen ML (2004), Estimation of Direct and Indirect causal effects
in longitudinal studies, technical report, Division of Biostatistics, Under revision for Epidemiology.
3. van der Laan MJ, Petersen ML (2004), History Adjusted Marginal Structural Models
and Statically Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes, technical report, Division of Biostatistics, To be submitted for publication in International Journal of Biostatistics.
4. Petersen ML, van der Laan MJ.(2005) History Adjusted Marginal Structural Models:
Time dependent effect modification. To be submitted for publication in Epidemiology.
5. van der Laan MJ, Petersen ML.(2005) History Adjusted Marginal Structural Models:
Optimal Treatment strategies. To be submitted for publication in Epidemiology.


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