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PRIME CATTLE (14) - Auctioneer: Roger Waters
Short and sharp - Mary Jones once again hitting the high spots with her Limousin cross
heifer at 220p. John and Mark Cornwell have Sussex cross steers 214p, 208p and 204p,
plus heavyweight grossing nearly £1,600. Exempt Section - Pioneer Danny Woolgar
leads the way with lightweight Limousin cross heifer at 209p.
COWS & OVERAGE BEEF (23) Auctioneer: Roger Waters
All dearer and a sharp, sharp trade, the better Continental cross cows 144p, 142p, 141p,
etc., other heavyweights 128p, 134p, 133p, etc. Robert Penny and Ronnie Kemp sell
Belgian Blue cross and Limousin cross cows £1,074 and £1,043 respectively. Friesian
and Friesian Holsteins 124p and 119p and gross over £900, steaking black and whites
TB EXEMPT SECTION - Going with the trade - Charolais to 146p and £1,189 per head.
Friesians 124p, 124p, 122p, etc. Keep them coming and take advantage of this
rewarding trade.
OVERAGE BEEF - Very few - Holstein heifer 135p, young Sussex cows to 159p.
CALVES (2) Auctioneer: Roger Waters
Only two calves on offer they sell well. Stuart Thomas’ Aberdeen Angus cross bull £210
and Aberdeen Angus cross heifer to £165.

SHEEP (339)
- Auctioneer: Nick Young

A very short entry as a result of the adverse weather and poor trading conditions. That
said certain best lambs would be as dear as anywhere in the country, in particular,
congratulations to Danny Woolgar on achieving a resounding top price of 168.3p per
kilo, closely followed by Hollycombe Farms 166.2p. Sadly the also rans did not achieve
their full value potential. The national price remains severely depressed. We hope that
the Feb/Mar trade will be an improved one.
Leading prices per head:-
F W & M J Akehurst £78, £76.50, £70, Ashdown & General
Land Co. £70, £68, FG Coles £68, £65, AD Woolgar £68, RD Thomas £67.50, £66.50,
AL Ainslie £67, Hollycombe Farms Ltd £65.
Leading price per kilo:- A D Woolgar 168.3p, 153.5p,144.2p, Hollycombe Farms Ltd
166.2p, 151.2p, CA Lee & Sons 150.7p, 149.3p, 147.1p, GN & J West 147.2p, 144.4p,
142.5p, 140p, 139.6p, C Unsted 144.7p, RD Thomas 144.2p, FG Coles 141.4p.
EWES (11)
Far too few to judge. We predict the trade is sure to improve soon.
F W & M J Akehurst £57, DM Pinney £45.
Nothing like enough on offer, but a very fast trade which bore no resemblance to the
finished price. G N & J West £50, RFF Brown £45, £42.

Sheep auctioneers note:-
I am aware a certain number made a cultural and social
expedition to Hastings following a party in Broad Oak last Saturday and I am curious to
know what happened . !!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE 2013 HAILSHAM MARKET CALENDARS ARE AVAILABLE SOON ON
Please let us know if you would like one and we’ll be happy to send you one ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WANTED CUNDY STAKE PEELER
To buy or borrow or hire
From 1st January 2013 all cattle holdings in East Sussex will become twelve month TB testing holdings and, therefore, their movement between holdings will be subject to TB pre-movement testing South East Marts are pleased to announce that
will now be able to accept cattle, i.e. cull cows, finished cattle, etc. from East
Sussex without TB Pre-movement Testing
Cattle sold through the EXEMPT MARKET SECTION will need to be moved from the
market direct to a slaughterhouse, direct to an Approved or Exempt Finishing Unit or can be returned to the farm if unsold, i.e. the Only cattle from TB unrestricted herds in East Sussex will be acceptable It is a requirement of the AHVLA that cattle are physically separated from other cattle and sold at the end of the sale to restricted destinations as listed before. N.B. There appears to be some confusion over TB movement time periods:- Cattle ‘moving off’ of TB free herds that are required to test annually and subject to TB pre-movement testing still have 60 days to be ‘moved off’ from the start date of the test. Please note that the sixty day period runs from the start date of the test and not four days later when the cattle are pronounced clear. **The livestock market system still providing choice
and competition to the livestock industry **
To test for TB or not to test for TB that is the question ?
Please keep in touch with us at Hailsham over your requirements, always happy to help and advise. Notification of cattle for the Exempt Market Section will be much appreciated. All other livestock marketing operations on a Wednesday continue as normal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WEDNESDAY, 23rd JANUARY
Snow and ice disrupt the entry, limited numbers forward but nothing wrong with the trade, looking forward to February with better numbers. Rod Thomson’s Sussex cow with British White steer calf at foot £1,080 and In-calf
Sussex cow £780
D Crush’s Simmental cross steers, 11/12 months £760
D Bennett’s Sussex heifer, 18 months £505
N Velvick’s Simmental cross heifers, 18/20 months £645
A Barr’s Sussex cross steer, 21/22 months £990
and Aberdeen Angus cross steers, 21/22 months £1,000
Some good entries already coming forward and including Special Annual consignment of 20 Limousin cross steers and heifers, 9/11 mos from M & I Robins; 15 Holstein
Friesian steers, 14/19 mos from S Sargent, 10 ¾ Simmental steers and heifers, 9/11
mos from SD & JJ Feakes. Further entries now being taken, please let us know what
you have for inclusion in the catalogue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FARM DIRECT
DAIRY DIRECT - a choice of
Freshly calved or due late Jan/Feb/early March - continuing herd dispersal 14 FRIESIAN HOLSTEIN HEIFERS - SOLD
Calving Feb/March, all with lactations of 10,000/15,000 kilos. 10 FRIESIAN HOLSTEIN HEIFER CALVES, 12 weeks old
15 PUREBRED ORGANIC SUSSEX steers and heifers, 12 months old
Round bale silage and hay available at realistic prices, Inquiry for bedding straw - small bale hay now available RRW 07860 663345 or 01323 844874
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heathfield Show 25th May 2013 – Trailers wanted
As the organisation of the Heathfield Show warms up culminating in Show day on Saturday 25th May we are investigating ways in which we can publicise the Show more widely. Last year we had great success with large trailer boards positioned strategically around the counties on major roads. We hope to increase this form of advertising in 2013 and are looking for trailers which are no longer wanted but are still roadworthy and towable. If you have anything that will serve our purpose please contact the Show Secretary, Nicola Magill, on 01435 864587. The Schedule of competitions for Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Horses will be available towards the middle of February. All last year’s competitors will receive a copy in the post. Schedules will also be available from many local outlets including markets, feed stores and various other agricultural suppliers. The Schedule will be downloadable via ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SMITHERS BUTCHERY SERVICE
For High Quality Bespoke Cutting and Processing of all Home kills Cut, Packed and Labelled to Your Requirements Delivery Service Available - Weighing and Pricing Available Specialist in Processing of High Quality Sausages and Burgers For this and any other meat related requirements Please telephone Steve on 07971405302 or 01435 813648
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ REPLACEMENT CATTLE TAGS - £2.30
next day service including p&p (excl. VAT) Call Helen Sheppard (Allflex) 07766112126
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CL LEPPARD OF MAYFIELD
High Class Family Buthcers
Purveyors of the Finest meat, game and poultry Experienced butcher now able to offer a private butchering service to smallholders and farmers. All animals taken, butchered,packed and labelled at competitive rates. Advice on cuts of meat, smoking and curing of gammons and bacon also available. Telephone 01435 872335
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOLE VALLEY FARMERS & SCATS COUNTRY STORES
Molemec Cattle Pour-on
• For the treatment and control of gastro–intestinal nematodes, lungworms, warbles, chorioptic and sarcoptic mange mites and sucking and biting lice of beef and non-lactating dairy cattle. • Manufactured by the producers of the original Ivermectin. • Demonstrating commitment to quality & efficacy at competitive prices. “The Molecare concept underlines our commitment to farming, offering a trusted brand, quality products and value for money. It is a tried and tested formula and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers quality at a very competitive price.” Patrick Traill MRCVS Mole Valley Farmers Veterinary Services Manager Farm Services
Scats Country Store
Station Road, Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21 8DJ FARMING – EQUINE – PET – GARDEN – CLOTHING – HOUSEHOLD – DIY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BURDEN BROS AGRI LTD
John Deere Main Dealer
Great Meade, Pump Lane, Framfield, East Sussex, TN22 5RN
01825 891111
Church Farm, Church Lane, Stockbury, Kent, ME9 7RD
01795 843250
The Ultimate Gator Series will take you anywhere you need to go! With true On-Demand 4-Wheel-Drive, an impressive turn of speed, a fully independent 4-wheel suspension and great ground clearance these Gators can conquer virtually any obstacle with ease. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STOCK 1st LIVESTOCK SERVICES
Offering a comprehensive range of Livestock Services to dairy, beef and sheep farmers throughout the South East FOOT TRIMMING FREEZE BRANDING DISBUDDING
AI Service Bolusing Castrations Crutching/Clipping Consultancy CMT Dehorning Discussion Groups Locomotion scoring LIC Genetics Milk sampling NVZ Management Relief milking Scanning Training QUALIFIED MOBILITY MENTORS
DAIRY/BEEF/SHEEP: Andy Ward 07815 909721 / Phil Martin 07971 360200 FOOT TRIMMING: Peter Heath 07767 660784 / Paul Martin 07904 170245 Office: 01293 852722
Email: [email protected] Web: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SUPPLIERS OF HIGH QUALITY ASSURED CATTLE AND SHEEP FEEDS~
10mm cattle/sheep nuts at extremely competitive prices !
Fresh Citrus pulp available for immediate delivery
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