M1. (a) A sperm
ignore fertilise / check fertilisation / check viability (ii) no / little chance of success over 42 the statement ‘only 2 out of 53 became pregnant / had babies’
gains 2 marks

reference to table of only 2 women became pregnant M2. (a) 21
(b) 1/26 or 8/208 or 4/104 or 2/52 or 3.8%
(d) any two from:
• low success rate or not always successful
M3. (a) ovary
M4. (a) (i) any one from:
• chemical / substance released in one part another / target organ / tissues / cells allow chemical from endocrine gland (ii) in blood / circulatory system / any named part including plasma extra wrong answer would cancel example not red blood cells
(b) Quality of written communication:
correct use of at least two relevant scientific terms spelt phonetically
e.g. pregnancy, ovulation, FSH, oestrogen, progesterone, ovary, follicle, circulation, thrombosis, feminisation, sperm count, STD any three from:
• prevent (unwanted) pregnancy or prevent egg release
• prolonged use may prevent later ovulation / cause infertility e.g. circulatory problems / weight gain / nausea / headache / breast cancer / mood swings • increased promiscuity / increase in STD’s / STI’s e.g. feminisation of fish or lowered sperm count in human males
• can enable woman to have children or to become pregnant
or stimulates egg release
for full marks must score at least one re contraceptives and at
least one re fertility drugs

if unclear which type of hormone maximum 2 marks from 3
M5. (a) any three from
if oestrogen or progesterone used = max 2
if both oestrogen and progesterone used = max 1
ignore effects of oestrogen and progesterone (b) max two pros for IVM / it from:
allow max two cons for IVF
• ovarian hyperstimulation or the syndrome less likely
allow ‘it’s safer for the mother’ ignore ‘more risks’ unqualified allow max one pro for IVF
• small risk of abnormal sex chromosomes / birth defects / allow ‘more risk to baby’ ignore ‘more risks’ unqualified eg IVM better because less risk to mother outweighs small risk to baby IVF better because no risk to baby and a small risk to mother must include an appreciation that there are two sides to the argument M6. (a) pituitary (gland / body)
(b) oestrogen inhibits the release of FSH FSH stimulates follicle development / causes egg to develop or no follicle / egg development if high oestrogen
accept growth / maturing / ripening for development do not accept no egg to be fertilised



Biochemical Society Transactions (2003) Volume 31, part 2 Transgenic mouse models for studies of the role of polyamines in normal, hypertrophic and neoplastic growth A.E. Pegg*1, D.J. Feith*, L.Y.Y. Fong†, C.S. Coleman*, T.G. O’Brien‡ and L.M. Shantz* *Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology, The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine

Material safety data sheet: diamabrush lithium densifier

Material Safety Data Sheet Material Identity: DIAMABRUSH LITHIUM DENSIFIER SECTION I · PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Manufactured For: Emergency Phone: ChemTel 1-800-255-3924 HMIS Rating Information Phone: 800-321-7044 Date Prepared: February 26, 2014 Health: 1 Fire: 0 Reactivity: 0 SECTION II · HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS CHEMICAL NAME CAS Number SECTI

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