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Rotary District 7690 – Piedmont, North Carolina, USA From Past Rotary International Director Barry Rassin On Wednesday January 27, 2010 a delegation of items sent in by Rotary to ensure they get of Rotarians (PRID Barry Rassin, RIDE John We only had a few hours as Dr. Surena had to with one Orthopedic Surgeon (Dr. Patrick return to meet with President Preval. When Hospital which is overloaded with victims Burton Wallace flew from Nassau to Pignon, Leaders who have working tirelessly to bring Below I have summarized the primary points We met at the Hôpital de Bienfaisance de and Adele Noel-Romelus from Pignon met us at the airport and transported us to the more efficient entry of goods and medical Hospital. AG Dr. Claude Surena, PP George personnel into the country. This could be Pignon from Port-au-Prince to join us and 2. The acute relief efforts are coming to an conditions and anticipated short term future 3. The next phase will be on fixed clinics needs of the most affected areas. Dr. Surena is our Rotary Disaster Chair for Haiti and also 4. They are working closely with WHO to get Association and was appointed by President complete involvement into the relief efforts of antibiotics (Bactrim, Cipro and Keflex) are understand what is happening and what we need to do to assist. The Rotarians from 6. The Hospitals have been treating and the Pignon have been coordinating the delivery patients are recovering to go home but they have no home to go to. The plan is to Page 1 of 3 1/29/2010
put tents up next to the Hospitals in order 15. They need clothes including shoes as they to provide a step down situation for the lost all of their possessions. They ask for 7. They estimate a need of 200,000 tents to 16. They understand the need for an overall plan for relief and will begin on that task necessarily full blown shelter boxes but as they can; however they must do all they can to sustain life and develop an ability 8. Dr. Surena suggested that one possible Rotary project, in partnership with other 17. They have begun a concerted effort to locate Rotarians from all of the five Rotary conjunction with the facility we need to Rotary Clubs so that we can also support establish a workshop for artificial limbs they are also victims of the disaster. They with the Rotary Jaipur Limb project to plan 18. We are considering the purchase of a truck for Rotary in Haiti in order to help from the ports or the airports to those that 9. The School System in Port-au-Prince has received by Rotarians and distributed to 19. All of these priorities listed does not mean that there are not other needs like x-ray machines, autoclaves, or specific supplies, priorities as the Port-au-Prince airport has 20. We in Nassau are now organizing a cargo ship to take into Port-au-Prince all the 12. They are in great need for psychological Methodist Conference. We are able to fill about 12 containers or more and so it will $40,000 for the ship to transport the goods. 14. There is an urgent need for Food and We will need the cash to pay for the ship water and that will continue for some time. but the containers are being lent to us at no charge. Again our Rotarians will meet focus on staple goods like Rice and Beans. 21. The Rotarians in Haiti greatly appreciate the outpouring of support from Rotary in also from all the neighboring districts and food items locally for distribution if they positive and will continue to work to bring Page 2 of 3 1/29/2010
their country to the healthy, vibrant and effort and we will be part of the rebuilding and will need significant cash to participate in meaningful projects as time goes by and I am proud to be a Rotarian and know that Rotary around the world will work side by taking the time to fly in for this visit. They side with our Rotarians in Haiti to bring them also appreciate the hard work being done to a new and positive era for their country. by Rotarians within our District led by our excellent District Governor Errol Alberga. Please stay current with the needs as the transitioning of relief efforts will continue. We ask Rotary Clubs and Rotary Districts to consider the above and work with us to focus on their needs for today. However, please keep in mind that this is a long term relief Page 3 of 3 1/29/2010


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