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Detailed instructions: references (‘Vancouver’ style)
References should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text. Identify references in text, tables, and legends by superscript Arabic numerals. The experiment by Abbot was inconclusive.1 Work by Friedel and Schmidt suggests that the Multiple sources may be cited at a single point in the text. The identifying numbers are separated by The course of the disease is variously reported as lasting three to six months.3,6–9,12 References cited only in tables or figure legends should be numbered in accordance with the sequence established by the first identification in the text of the particular table or figure. The titles of journals should be abbreviated according to the style used in Index Medicus. Consult the List of Journals Indexed in Index Medicus, published annually as a separate publication by the National Library of Medicine and as a list in the January issue of Index Medicus. The list can also be obtained through the library’s web site ( Reference list format
List all authors if there are eight authors or less. Halpern SD, Ubel PA, Caplan AL. Solid-organ transplantation in HIV-infected patients. N Engl J Med 2002; As an option, if a journal carries continuous pagination throughout a volume (as many medical journals do) the month and issue number may be omitted. Halpern SD, Ubel PA, Caplan AL. Solid-organ transplantation in HIV-infected patients. N Engl J Med 2002; 347: If there are more than eight authors, list the first eight authors followed by et al. Dunstan DW, Zimmet PZ, Welborn TA, de Courten MP, Cameron AJ, Sicree RA, Dwyer T , Colagiuri S, et al. The rising prevalence of diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance: the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study. Diabetes Care 2002; 25: 829–34. Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group. Hypertension, insulin, and proinsulin in participants with impaired glucose tolerance. Hypertension 2002; 40: 679-86. Both personal authors and an organisation as author Vallancien G, Emberton M, Harving N, van Moorselaar RJ; Alf-One Study Group. Sexual dysfunction in 1,274 European men suffering from lower urinary tract symptoms. J Urol 2003; 169: 2257-61. 21st century heart solution may have a sting in the tail. BMJ 2002; 325: 184. Geraud G, Spierings EL, Keywood C. Tolerability and safety of frovatriptan with short- and long-term use for treatment of migraine and in comparison with sumatriptan. Headache 2002; 42 Suppl 2: S93-9. Glauser TA. Integrating clinical trial data into clinical practice. Neurology 2002; 58(12 Suppl 7): S6-12. Abend SM, Kulish N. The psychoanalytic method from an epistemological viewpoint. Int J Psychoanal 2002; Salem R, Thurston KG, Carr BI, Goin JE, Geschwind JF. Yttrium-90 microspheres: radiation therapy for unresectable liver cancer. J Vasc Interv Radiol 2002; 13(9 Pt 2): S223-9. Banit DM, Kaufer H, Hartford JM. Intraoperative frozen section analysis in revision total joint arthroplasty. Clin Outreach: bringing HIV-positive individuals into care. HRSA Careaction 2002 Jun:1-6. Chadwick R, Schuklenk U. The politics of ethical consensus finding. Bioethics 2002; 16(2): iii-v. Type of article indicated as needed Tor M, Turker H. International approaches to the prescription of long-term oxygen therapy. Eur Respir J 2002; Lofwall MR, Strain EC, Brooner RK, Kindbom KA, Bigelow GE. Characteristics of older methadone maintenance (MM) patients. Drug Alcohol Depend 2002; 66 Suppl 1: S105. [Abstract]. Feifel D, Moutier CY, Perry W. Safety and tolerability of a rapidly escalating dose-loading regimen for risperidone. J Clin Psychiatry 2002; 63: 169. [Retraction of: Feifel D, Moutier CY, Perry W. J Clin Psychiatry Feifel D, Moutier CY, Perry W. Safety and tolerability of a rapidly escalating dose-loading regimen for risperidone. J Clin Psychiatry 2000; 61: 909-11. [Retraction in: Feifel D, Moutier CY, Perry W. J Clin Article republished with corrections Mansharamani M, Chilton BS. The reproductive importance of P-type ATPases. Mol Cell Endocrinol 2002; 188(1-2): 22-5. [Corrected and republished from: Mol Cell Endocrinol 2001; 183(1-2): 123-6]. Malinowski JM, Bolesta S. Rosiglitazone in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus: a critical review. Clin Ther 2000; 22: 1151-68; discussion 1149-50. [Erratum in: Clin Ther 2001; 23: 309]. Article published electronically ahead of the print version Yu WM, Hawley TS, Hawley RG, Qu CK. Immortalization of yolk sac-derived precursor cells. Blood 2002; 100: 3828-31. [Published online 5 July 2002]. Murray PR, Rosenthal KS, Kobayashi GS, Pfaller MA. Medical microbiology. 4th ed. St. Louis: Mosby; 2002. Gilstrap LC 3rd, Cunningham FG, VanDorsten JP, editors. Operative obstetrics. 2nd ed. New York: McGraw- Breedlove GK, Schorfheide AM. Adolescent pregnancy. 2nd ed. Wieczorek RR, editor. White Plains, NY: March Royal Adelaide Hospital; University of Adelaide, Department of Clinical Nursing. Compendium of nursing research and practice development, 1999-2000. Adelaide (Australia): Adelaide University; 2001. Meltzer PS, Kallioniemi A, Trent JM. Chromosome alterations in human solid tumors. In: Vogelstein B, Kinzler KW, editors. The genetic basis of human cancer. New York: McGraw-Hill; 2002. pp. 93-113. Harnden P, Joffe JK, Jones WG, editors. Germ cell tumours V. Proceedings of the 5th Germ Cell Tumour Conference; 13–15 September 2001; Leeds, UK. New York: Springer; 2002. Christensen S, Oppacher F. An analysis of Koza’s computational effort statistic for genetic programming. In: Foster JA, Lutton E, Miller J, Ryan C, Tettamanzi AG, editors. Genetic programming. EuroGP 2002: Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Genetic Programming; 3–5 April 2002; Kinsdale, Ireland. Borkowski MM. Infant sleep and feeding: a telephone survey of Hispanic Americans. 2002. PhD dissertation, Tynan T. Medical improvements lower homicide rate: study sees drop in assault rate. The Washington Post, 12 Chason KW, Sallustio S. Hospital preparedness for bioterrorism. Secaucus, NJ: Network for Continuing Medical The details necessary for the citing of a legal authority are: name of case; year or volume; abbreviated name of report series; first page no. These can be cited within the text. They are not included in the reference list unless important to an understanding of the work. The titles of Acts, Ordinances, Regulations, bylaws etc. should be cited exactly within the text. They are not included in the reference list unless important to an understanding of the work. Work that has not been published (or accepted for publication) should not be included in the reference list, but may be cited within the text (e.g. K. Evans and B. Gibson, unpubl. data). Anderson SC, Poulsen KB. Anderson’s electronic atlas of hematology. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Abood S. Quality improvement initiative in nursing homes: the ANA acts in an advisory role. Am J Nurs 2002; 102(6). Available at [verified 12 August 2002]. Foley KM, Gelband H, editors. Improving palliative care for cancer. Washington: National Academy Press; 2001. Available at [verified 9 July 2002].


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Antibiotic susceptibility and determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of potent antibiotics used against Staphylococcus spp. isolated from raw milk Ankita Shrestha • Priyaragini • Satyamvada Swayamprabha : December 2010 : November 2011 Corresponding Author : Satyamvada Swayamprabha Abstract : The uncontrolled use of antibiotics has led to the Ampic

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