June solve bloated stomach and reflux

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By Dr David A. Pierotti
Digestion is one of the most fundamental processes all
animals need working optimally in order not only to survive,
but also to thrive.

alive to navigate and choose the right food for you at the right time. Your sense of smell and sight will fire up and you will even engage touch and hearing into your experience (think about walking into a restaurant and feeling moved by the hum of conversations of the other diners or the sounds of vendors at a market or feeling the outer flesh of a it does? I’d like to briefly address some forgotten ideas on eating and digestion. Once the food has been picked up with your hands or with cutlery, your mouth engages it in a tide of I’d like to invite you to use your body and mind to saliva followed by mastication. The mechanical consciously participate in the ordinary everyday act of chewing of the food as well as the chemical eating. Not only will your health improve as a result components of the saliva have already begun the of this heightened awareness, but your experience of transformation of the food into it’s constituent parts enjoyment will also most certainly be lifted. to become part of you. Your taste now becomes the dominant sense but olfaction (smelling) is crucial, and I will focus on the stomach in this article primarily in fact makes up a significant part of taste (try due to the primacy of this organ as the origin of much blocking your nose during chewing and see how little of digestive upset. But remember this is but one small snippet of an overal picture of digestion, and therefore general knowledge I will share on this topic The gustatory receptors for taste on your tongue will is not meant to serve as diagnosis or treatment. If you send signals to the rest of the body, including the suspect an issue with your own digestion please brain, the instant the food touches them. This means that check in with myself or Eric and we will advise and wel before that food has left the mouth and journeyed through the rest of the digestive tract, your body knows what it’s about to receive. This is an Firstly, you should understand that the conversion of ancient evolutionary tool the body has developed so food into nutrients that wil be absorbed and it can prime the next stages of processing to best distributed by the body (i.e digestion) does not begin in the stomach. It actually begins in the brain. The signal to eat the food in the first place begins with the If chewing is conscious and complete, it will lessen the hunger hormones. From there, your senses will come load the stomach must bear to mechanically mince the substrate into smaller and smaller parts. So As you can see, there is not a single solution to your chewing properly, swallowing and waiting for that bite stomach digestion issue. It must be diagnosed and to enter the stomach before the next bite is taken is treated accordingly if a solution to the cause is vital to lessen the stress on your stomach. desired. Of course you may take a symptom relieving drug. However you will experience incomplete The bolus of food then makes its way via the digestion and therefore lowered overall wellness. But esophagus into the stomach, a highly acidic if you’re here, reading this, then I suspect you’re environment of pH around 2. This is no mistake, the high acid environment serves to kill the majority of parasites, bacteria, fungi and viral particles that have In the bulk of cases, these kinds of problems are come along for the ride. Secondly, the acid actually imminently treatable. In fact it’s one of the areas activates the enzymes that will do the first part of Firstly, there are several things I urge you to ‘get right’ So now it begs the question: if stomach acid is so vital as part of great digestion. Please ensure you’ve to digestion and we must digest food to live, why mastered these before seeking assistance. would we want to use an ant-acid or acid-reducing drug like Nexium??? The simple answer is that the #1 Engage your senses: before eating, during
pharmaceutical companies have it backwards. Their preparation of meals and of course during the actual goal is to reduce a symptom. If we have acid reflux, eating itself, be sure to really smell, hear, feel and taste which means acid is making it’s way up into the your food. It’s one of life’s great joys that we get to esophagus, the logical symptomatic solution is to eat many times a day for many years. The more you reduce the acid, right? Well, kind of.
can involve heightened, conscious sensations the We must ask why that acid is in the esophagus in the
#2 Chew thoroughly: Initially, shoot for a number
such as 30 chews. When you get used to it, you’ll subconsciously chew your bite until it’s uniform in #3 one of which is to close the sphincter
between the esophagus and the stomach.
#4 Therefore, low acid = open sphincter.
#3 Savour: This means sit to eat. Never stand, and
#5 Open sphincter = acid reflux into the esophagus certainly don’t eat ‘on the run’. This also means to and all the fun and pleasant symptoms of burning, savour your eating experience both as an entire meal discomfort, burping etc. So the solution in that case is and also each bite. Make sure you don’t go for actually to increase acid so that the valve will close another mouthful until the previous one is in the thus preventing it entering places it’s not wanted. There are many reasons that there would be low acid to begin with. Firstly, each individual, as we mature and spend more time on this earth, will eventually experience lowered functioning of the cells that produce the acid. After the age of about 40, there is a fairly significant drop in this natural acid production. I run an online community designed to inspire and Secondly, mechanical/structural subluxation of the empower individuals to become the change they sphincter/stomach itself will cause dysfunction of the want to see in their own lives. Head over there and check out my messages of inspiration and wisdom.
Thirdly, a nerve interference of the Vagus nerve along it’s course from the base of the brain to the stomach All my newsletters, past and present, are Fourthly, a deficiency in the chemical cofactors to manufacture acid will literally halt production of acid premiumhealththerapies.com.au

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