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Elenco Pubblicazioni Dottorandi - anno 2011
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Operations: an Analytical Solution Based on Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process”, accepted in AIChE J (2011). • Cogoni G., Grosso M., Baratti R., Romagnoli J., “Dynamic evolution of PSD modelled using an
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interruttori MT per il miglioramento della continuità del servizio”. Convegno Nazionale AEIT: “Prospettive economiche e strategie industriali”. Milano, 27-29 Giugno 2011. • Arturs Purvins, Heinz Wilkening, Gianluca Fulli, Evangelos Tzimas, Gianni Celli, Susanna Mocci, Fabrizio Pilo, Sergio Tedde: “A European Supergrid For Renewable Energy: Local
Impacts And Far-Reaching Challenges”. Pubblicazione su rivista internazionale “Journal of
Cleaner Production”. 2011.

Source: http://phdschools.diee.unica.it/dottingind/pdf/pubblicazioni/96-2011.pdf

Microsoft word - great blue touraco article rebecca waite for submission

Hand Rearing a Great Blue Turaco at Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall. Corythaeola cristata by Rebecca Waite Introduction and Background The Great Blue Turaco ( Corythaeola cristata ) is the largest of the turaco family measuring between 70-75cm in length and weighs between 820-1250g. The body is bright blue and the wings are quite short and rounded, with a stout body and a long

The supreme court case of marley v. rawlings & another: a mix-up in wills

The Supreme Court Case of Marley v. Rawlings & Another: A Mix-Up in Wills In December 2013, the Supreme Court heard the ongoingdispute between two biological brothers and their‘adopted’ sibling af ter their parents, Alf red Rawlings andMaureen Rawlings, mistakenly signed each other’s wil s. The issues bef ore the Supreme Court were:(1) Whether, when a person mistakenly execut

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