Pigmanorm cream patient information

Pigmanorm Cream Patient Information

Please read the entire packaging instructions or user information carefully before you start
using this medication.
This medicine was prescribed for you personally, and must mot be used by a third person. It
can be harmful to other people, even if they have the same illness as you.
Pigmanorm Cream 15g

Hydroquinone, tretinoin, hydrocortisone.
The medical constituents are: hydroquinone 5%, tretinoin 0.1g, hydrocortisone 1g
Other constituents are: Glycerol monostearate 40-65, hard paraffin, macrogol,
isopropylmyristat, lauromacrogol 400, ascorbic acid, emulsifying cetyl stearyl alcohol, thin
paraffin, glycerol alkanoate, sodium cetyl stearyl sulphate, pure water.
What is Pigmanorm Cream Widmer and what is it used for?

Pigmanorm cream WIDMER is a medicine which is applied locally to the skin. It is
manufactured by:
Louis Widmer AG
Rietbachstrasse 5
CH-8952 Schlieren
0041 43 433 77 00
Pigmanorm cream is used for melanin conditioned hyper pigmentation (brown spots on skin)
eg) melasma, chloasma (facial pigmentation), brown skin spots after inflammation.
What must you be aware of before using Pigmanorm Cream?
1) Pigmanorm cream must not be used:
For vitiligo (white spot disease), for melanoma or suspicion of melanoma, acute inflammation and eczema of the skin, perioral dermatitis (inflammation of the skin on the chin and side of the mouth). Kidney complaints and rosacea as well as with all normal restrictions for use of cortisone preparations such as chicken pox, reaction to vaccinations, skin infections due to bacteria or fungi and specific skin processes (syphilis, tuberculosis) If you are extremely sensitive (or allergic) to a substance or one of the constituents of Pigmanorm cream Widner. 2) It is necessary to take special care when using Pigmanorm cream. Hydroquinone can be reabsorbed through the skin in small amounts. Because of the possible risk of this substance, Pigmanorm cream Widmer should not be applied to extensive large areas. To avoid any additional browning of the skin, the area being treated should be protected from intensive sunlight and ultra violet rays. In particular cases it is recommended that a sunscreen minimum SPF30 be used on the treated area (eg: Heliocare Gel SPF50) Avoid contact with mucous membranes, such as the nostrils and mouth. a) This treatment is not suitable for children under 12 years old b) Pigmanorm cream must not be used during pregnancy since the danger of deformity c) During breast feeding, Pigmanorm cream may only be used if a doctor considers the application to be absolutely necessary. If it is to be used, then it must not be applied to any area around the breasts where the child may come into contact with the treated areas. d) No special precautions are necessary when driving or operating machines e) Cetyl stearyl alcohol can cause local skin irritation (eg contact dermatitis) f) The possibility of an increased intake of other locally applied substances with a Vitamin A acid treated skin should be taken into account. Please inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are using other medicines or have recently used them – even if they are or were non-prescribed medicines
How is Pigmanorm Cream Widner applied?

Always apply Pigmanorm cream in accordance with instructions. Please call us on 0845 389
9586 if you are unsure about anything.
Apply sparingly to the skin. This ensures that the cream is not spread beyond the edges of
the pigment spots.
Unless otherwise directed, the normal dosage is applied once per day.
As soon as the dark spots disappear, the frequency of application can be reduced. The
duration of treatment is usually 7 weeks. If after 3 months at the latest, the skin does not
improve, then treatment should be stopped.
NB: From experiments on animals after feeding them orally with hydroquinone, there is a
suspicion of the substance being genotoxic and have slight cancer inducing effects. Even if it
is only lightly applied, the duration of a local application should depend upon the therapeutic
success and be kept as short as possible. (please remember these problems occurred in rats
who were FED the drug)
If you use too much Pigmanorm cream, there will be increased side effects and if not enough
cream is used, or the treatment is not continued for long enough, then the original problem
may recur.
What are the possible side-effects?
Like all medicines, Pigmanorm cream has side effects.
1) During treatment with Pigmanorm cream, reactions in the form of rashes, irritation, 2) With very long persistent application, local side effects such as skin surface deterioration, complications with blood vessels, wrinkles and acne can occur. 3) Please stop application of Pigmanorm cream if pale areas are visible around the treated areas or on other parts of the body, or if the skin does not clear up after 3 months 4) Please inform us on 0845 389 9586 if you experience any other side effects which
How should Pigmanorm cream be stored?

Keep out of the reach of children
The medicine must not be used after the expiry date which appears on the box or tube.
Do not store in temperatures above 25°C

Source: http://www.outlineskincare.co.uk/images/Pigmanorm_Cream_Patient_Information.pdf


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