Replacing the SNAP PAC R-Series Rechargeable Battery
Opto 22 SNAP PAC R-series programmable automation controllers manufactured after July 1, 2007, have a rechargeable battery that receives charging current whenever the controller has power. The battery will retain data for up to three years Replacing the SNAP P
Because the battery is rechargeable and has such a long data retention period, you should never have to change it. However, if you need to change the battery, this technical note provides instructions to do so. This technical note applies to the following R-series PACs: The replacement battery is a Sanyo Lithium ML2430-CJ1 or equivalent. If you have difficulty with the battery or the R-series PAC and cannot find the information you need in this document or in the SNAP PAC R-Series Controllers User’s Guide (form #1595, available on our website), contact Opto 22 Product Support. Opto 22 website:
rm 1910-09

Replacing the SNAP PAC R-Series Rechargeable Battery Replacing the Rechargeable Battery
You can replace the battery if necessary using a Sanyo Lithium ML2430-CJ1 battery or equivalent. CAUTION: Replacing the rechargeable battery erases archived strategies, persistent variables,
the autorun flag, and variables initialized on download. Before replacing the battery, make
certain any strategy archived on the controller is also archived somewhere else (for example, a
PC). After the battery is replaced, archive the strategies again to the controller. See the PAC
Control User’s Guide for more information and instructions.

Strategy, firmware, and configuration files stored to flash memory are not erased. 1. Turn off power to the controller. Remove the Ethernet cable(s) and the serial terminal,
if used. Unscrew the center hold-down screw enough to remove the PAC from the mounting rack.
2. Turn the controller over. Unscrew the four small screws holding the bottom plate and
3. Pull the boards out slightly so you can see where the battery is connected to the board.
CAUTION: When working inside the can, make certain you do not damage the boards

4. Carefully unplug the battery from the connector on the board.
TECHNICAL NOTE • Form 1910-091203
Replacing the SNAP PAC R-Series Rechargeable Battery You can see the battery attached to the wall of the metal case. 5. Notice the battery’s position. Carefully pry the battery off the wall.
6. Carefully scrape the remaining sticky tape off the metal wall.
7. On the new battery, remove the paper backing on the sticky tape. With the wires
toward you, stick the new battery to the wall of the case in the same position as the old one.
8. Note the polarity of the battery’s connector. Carefully plug it into the connector on the
9. Ease the boards back into the case and put the bottom plate back on, using the saved
screws. Replace the PAC on the mounting rack, tighten the hold-down screw, and reattach cables.
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Source: http://www.opto22.cn/support/pdf/technicaldocuments/1910_Replacing_SNAP_PAC_R_Series_Rechargeable_Battery.pdf


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