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Johannes Kepler Univ. of Linz & Inst. of Problems of Chemical Physics of Russian:
Fabrication of “green” organic field-effect transistors
N. Marjanovic
M. Irimia-Vladu and colleagues from the Johannes Kepler University of
& Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of Russian present
this work in the frame of the “green potentiality” of organic electronics. They
have succeeded to fabricate OTFTs with nature-based materials such as caramelized glucose, edible hard gelatin and commercially Steps towards
available plastics based on potato and corn starch acting as green electronics
substrates. Dielectrics are chosen among naturally occurring nucleobases, such as adenine and guanine, as well as various sugars (glucose, lactose, sucrose) or even caffeine. Last but not least, glucose, adenine, and guanine employed as dielectrics show remarkable properties, with low dielectric losses (10-2 at 10 mHz for adenine and guanine; 10-1 at 10 mHz for glucose) and high breakdown strengths (between 1.5 to 3.5 MV cm-1) respectively. Finally, beta-carotene and indigo are employed as natural p- and n-type organic semiconductors. The transistors demonstrate operational voltages as low as 4–5 V, a source drain current of up to 0.5 µA and an on-off ratio of 3–5 orders of magnitude have been fabricated with such materials. The Figure 2 present the characteristics of an edible OFET built on an aurin coated gelatin capsule substrate with an operating voltage of 20 V and an on-off ratio of  105. Figure 1: a,b) Transfer
and output characteristics

of an OFET on a
biodegradable Ecoflex

substrate; the roughness
of the Ecoflex foil is

reduced with a smoothing
layer of aurin. The

transfer curve displays the
temporal stability of the
transistor characteristics

after 1000 continuous
scan cycles in 12 hours;

Adenine forms the
dielectric and perylene

diimide is the

μ = 0.01 cm 2V− 1s−1;
C0d = 3.1 nF cm-2;

c,d) Transfer and output
characteristics of an OFET

with an Inorganic
(aluminium oxide)-organic

(0.25 nm evaporated
glucose) gate dielectric
and perylene diimide as

organic semiconductor;
μ = 0.01 cm 2V− 1s−1; ;

C0d = 138.8 nF cm-2.
This work is a proof of principle that organic electronics has huge potential for developing biodegradable, biocompatible, bioresorbable, or even metabolizable products. By using natural products to fabricate devices, the authors have started to pave a way to real “green electronics”. This work comprises steps towards environmentally safe devices in low cost, large volume, disposable or throwaway electronic applications, such as in food packaging, plastic bags, and disposable dishware. In addition, there is significant potential to use such electronic items in biomedical implants. Figure 2: a, b) Transfer
and output characteristics
of an edible OFET on a
hard gelatin capsule

substrate; the roughness
of the substrate foil is

reduced with a smoothing
layer of aurin. Adenine

and guanine form the gate
dielectric and perylene

diimide is the organic

μ = 0.02 cm2V−1s−1 ;
C0d = 5.1 nF m− 2.

Reprinted with permission from Advanced Functional Materials "Biocompatible and Biodegradable Materials for Organic Field-Effect Transistors" ; M. Irimia-Vladu, P.A. Troshin, M. Reisinger, L. Shmygleva, Y. Kanbur, G. Schwabegger, M. Bodea, R. Schwödiauer, A. Mumyatov, J.W. Fergus, V.F. Razumov, H. Sitter, N.S. Sariciftci, S. Bauer : Advanced Functional Materials 20, 4069 (2010).


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