1. AUTHORITY: the 1st Belgian Open will be organized by the Belgian Table Tennis
Federation under the auspices and authority of the International Table Tennis Federation (Para Table Tennis Division).
2. DATE AND PLACE: Wednesday 30th October – Sunday 3rd November 2013
31st October - 1st November – Singles Event
1st November - 2nd November - Teams Event
3. EVENTS: the following events will be played:
Men’s singles (class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
Women’s singles (class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) Men’s team (class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) Women’s team (class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) Note 1: depending on the entries, the organisers and the Technical Delegate reserve the right to combine classes as may be necessary.
Note 2: the singles events will be played first followed by the team events.
Early arrivals (for classification): 29th October 2013
Arrivals: 30th October 2013
Classification: 30t h October 2013
Technical meeting: 30th October 2013 – 21:00 in Van Der Valk Hotel Beveren
Competition days: 31st October 2013 - 2nd November
Single Events Medal Ceremony: 1st November
Team Events Medal Ceremony: 2nd November
Departures: 3rd November 2013
Proposed dates for the singles events: 31st October - 1st November Morning Proposed dates for the team events: 1st November Afternoon - 2nd November 5. RULES: the event will be conducted in accordance with the current Laws of Table
Tennis, the Regulations for International Competitions and specific PTT directives (which may be amended from time to time).
6. EQUIPMENT: the following equipment will be used:
Competition Hall: 6 accessible wheelchair tables approved by ITTF (Blue Tibhar Smash
28); 8 tables approved by ITTF (Blue Tibhar Smash 28R) Training hall: 4 accessible wheelchair tables approved by ITTF (Blue Tibhar Smash 28); 4 tables approved by ITTF (Blue Tibhar Smash 28R) Note: 10 tables will be wheelchair accessible.
The event is open to players who are eligible to represent their national association
according to the ITTF Handbook 2010-2011.
Name: Belgian Paralympic Table Tennis Foundation Physical/postal address: Zuiderlaan 13, 9000 Gent - BE E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +32 491 91 14 87 Fax: +32 52 550 225 Website: Tournament Chairman: Nico Vergeylen Tournament Director: Allegra Roccato 9. TECHNICAL DELEGATE FOR THE EVENT
Name: Francesco Nuzzo
Email: [email protected]: +39 3474334569 10. REFEREE
Name: Isabelle Beumier
Email: [email protected]
DEPUTY REFEREE Name: Egils Purins Email: [email protected] 11. CLASSIFIER
Philippe Thomas and Romana Romanov
All new players and players who are to have their classification reviewed should be
present in time for classification. This means that all players should arrive by 29th October i.e. the day before the classification is scheduled. Classification will start in the morning of 30th October.
This is very important as players not present on time may not be classified.
All players should bring with them their medical diagnosis and any other medical information relevant to their classification. They should report to classification with these documents, dressed as if they are going to play a match and with all their table tennis equipment including sports chairs. All players and support staff are expected to cooperate fully in the classification process.
A player may only play in the class indicated on his or her international classification
card unless, due to the low number of players, his or her class is combined with the next class or classes. Then they may play in the next higher class event.
The minimum entry for a singles class to be played is 4 players.
The maximum number of entries per association per class is 6 plus 2 extra juniors.
The minimum entry for a team event to be played is 4 teams with 2, 3 or 4 players forming a team. A maximum 2 teams per Association may be entered where all players are from the same Association.
Players from different countries may form a team in the team event but if there are 3 players in the same event from the same Association, only the 3rd lowest ranked player may form a team with a player from another Association.
Only entries submitted by or endorsed by the national association will be accepted
(national paralympic committees are advised to contact the national association urgently to confirm this system of entry).
All players must bring with them a valid passport which will be copied for the ITTF database. The first entry (entry by number) deadline is: 15th July 2013 The second entry (entry by name) deadline is: 10th September 2013 In order to secure full participation, national associations failing to confirm their participation according to deadlines will be removed from the list of participants.
The limit on the number of entries is 180 players.
Singles events: the first stage will be played in a round-robin basis in groups of even
numbered players but there shall not be less than 3 and not more than 5 players in a group and priority will be given to groups of 4 players. If there are 5 or less players, the event will be played as a round-robin without knock-out. Two players advance from each group to the second stage which will be played in a knock-out format.
Team events: the first stage will be played in a round-robin basis with priority given to groups of 3 teams with the winner and runner-up in each group advancing to play in the knock-out rounds. If there are 5 or less teams, the event will be played in a round-robin format without knock-out.
Teams will play as follows: A vs X; B vs Y; Doubles; A vs Y; B vs X General: The numbers of groups will be decided by the TD and the referee in cooperation with the organising committee. If the number of groups in an event is decided not to be a multiple of 2 (e.g. 2, 4 or 8 etc.), winners from the groups with the highest ranked seeded players shall have byes in the first round of the second stage, in ranking order.
All matches will be played to the best of 5 games.
Medals will be awarded for gold (1st), silver (2nd) and bronze (3rd) places.
Seeding for all the events will be done according to the latest ITTF PTT ranking list at
The technical meeting will be held on 30th October at 21:00 in Van Der Valk Hotel
The draws will be done for the singles events on 30th October and for the team events
The following persons on the bench are permitted:
19.1 In singles events, 1 seat for a coach on the playing field (behind the surrounds).
19.2 In the team events 5 seats for one (1) coach and up to 4 players of the team playing
19.3 No other players or personnel may have access to the area behind the surrounds or the playing area. Special provisions and seating areas will be made for medical personnel.
For PTT events, the entry fees include accommodation and capitation fees.
The entry fees have to be paid in Euro to the organisers as set out below: Entry to be submitted with the first entry = 495,00 € per person (for 4 nights) (2 in a room) 640,00 € per person (for 4 nights) in a single room 80,00 € per person per extra night (2 in a room) 120,00 € per person per extra night in single room Non-residential fee (no accommodation and no meals included): 200,00 € All other persons wishing to accompany a team (i.e. who are not members of the team) are subject to special charges and should contact the organisers for further information. These packages are limited and subject to availability of places in the official hotels. Priority will be given to the Official Party of all the delegations.
Payments should be made as follows: Name : Belgian Paralympic Table Tennis Foundation Bank : BNP Paribas Iban : BE27001684373573 BIC/SWIFT : GEBABEBB All bank charges are for the cost of the party making the payment.
Van Der Valk Hotel Beveren ****
Best W estern H o tel S erwi r **** Koningin Astridlaan 57 - 9100 Sint-Niklaas 22. TRANSPORTATION
The organizers will provide transportation for teams and officials from and to Brussels
International Airport Zaventem and Brussels South Airport Charleroi airport or from and to Antwerp railway station.
All players entered must compete against any other participating player and by
entering, agree to be bound by the ITTF Anti-Doping, Anti-Harassment and Classification policies and procedures during the event. The entry forms contain an undertaking to be signed by a responsible official of the nominating Association and the team member covering these matters and no entry will be accepted unless such an undertaking has been given.
Similarly, it is the responsibility of the association, player or team member to ensure that he or she has adequate medical, travel and other appropriate insurance.
By entering the event, all participants agree to abide by all ITTF rules and by the rules
and regulations of the organisers. All associations, teams and individual players agree to be abide by the rulings of the ITTF and its agents in all matters concerning television coverage, video, internet web casting, motion picture coverage, and photographic coverage of any kind. Participants release all rights, or rights held by their agents or sponsors, in all matters relating to television and web casting coverage, video and motion picture coverage, and photographic coverage of any kind; and hence accept such coverage during the event. Any participant, when called upon, must appear promptly to press conferences or medal presentations and follow the procedures set by the ITTF and the organisers.
The policy applies as follows:
25.1 cancellations after the first entry but before the second entry: the first entry fee is
25.2 cancellations after the second entry: the first entry fee plus an additional 30% of the entry fee is forfeited i.e. a total of 60% of the total entry fee.
25.3 cancellations within 10 calendar days of the arrival date will be decided by the organisers in consultation with the TD.
This is provided that the player is not able to prove circumstances beyond his or her 26. VISAS
Should you need assistance to apply for a visa (e.g. a letter of invitation), please
provide the organisers with the following details: Full name as in passport Function in the team Passport number Passport expiry date Note: the requirements for visas are not under the control of the ITTF or the organisers but under the Belgian Government’s jurisdiction and the association must fulfil all requirements in order to get a visa in time.
Average high temperature expected: 15º
Celsius Average low temperature expected: 6º Celsius Average rainfall expected: 60cm3 28. DOCUMENTS ATTACHED
Together with this Prospectus, attached are the following documents:
28.1 first entry form:
28.1.1 entry by numbers
28.1.2 first entry fee payment form
28.2 second entry form: 28.2.1 singles and team entry forms by name 28.2.2 second entry payment form 28.2.3 rooming list 28.2.4 tournament indemnity form (to be signed by all participants) 28.2.5 transport form Otherwise, you can down load the documents from the ITTF PTT website,


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