1.1 – The ESICUP database of C & P literature - structure and current status uhrer, Anton; Neumann, Ulla; van der Veen, Jan C.
1.3 – An algorithm for the cardinality constrained bin-packing problem 2.1 – Tools of mathematical modelling of interaction of composed 2D geometric objects Romanova, T.; Stoyan, Yu.; Gil, N.; Scheithauer, G.
2.2 – A new algorithm for the generation of the line-arc no fit polygon Burke, E.K.; Hellier, R.S.R; Kendall, G.; Whitwell, G.
2.3 – A beam search implementation for nesting problems 3a.1 – A GRASP algorithm for the strip packing problem no, F.; Alvarez-Valdes, R.; Tamarit, J.M.
3a.2 – Constructive heuristics for bin packing problem solving: south-west angel method and ant Valeeva, A.F.; Mukhacheva, E.A.; Polyakovsky, S.J 3a.3 – One-dimensional heuristics adapted for two-dimensional rectangular strip packing Belov, G.; Scheithauer, G.; Mukhacheva, E.A.
3b.1 – A branch-and-price framework to solve a class of assortment problems 3b.2 – On hierarchical waste-and-pattern minimization with two part types per stock item Aloisio, Alessandro; Arbib, Claudio; Marinelli, Fabrizio 3b.3 – A stabilized branch-and-price-and-cut algorithm for the multiple length cutting stock problem 4a.1 – A method of covering a polygonal region with a given number of equal circles of minimal radius 4a.2 – Parallel greedy algorithms for packing unequal circles into a strip or a rectangle Kubach, T.; Bortfeldt, A.; Gehring, H.
4a.3 – Covering a set of axis-aligned rectangles with fewer rectangles 4b.2 – New ways in determining number of cutting-loading patterns 4b.3 – First- and second-stage optimization in the cutting stock problem Diegel, Adolf; Dixon, Mark; Miller, Garth; Montocchio, E.; van Schalkwyk, Sias; Diegel, Olaf 5a.1 – A hybrid random key based genetic algorithm for the container loading problem 5a.2 – A heuristic approach to container loading problem with load bearing strength considerations 5a.3 – A hybrid tabu search for three-dimensional container loading problem 5b.1 – On constructive patterns for the cutting stock problem: the two-dimensional case e Nilton; Arantes de Oliveira, Marcelo; Soma, Nei Yoshihiro 5b.2 – Using a heuristic algorithm for two dimensional cutting stock problem: car company application Yazdi, Mohammad M.; Lotfaliei, Babak; Tehrani, Behdad M.; Taghdisiyan, Sepehr 5b.3 – A sequence-pair heuristic for the two-dimensional knapsack packing problem 6.1 – Packing various nD-parallelepipeds into a nD-parallelepiped 6.2 – Packing of nonconvex polytopes into a parallelepiped Pankratov, A.; Stoyan, Yu.; Gil, N.; Scheithauer, G.
6.3 – Three-dimensional knapsack packing of non-box shapes 7a.1 – Heuristics and metaheuristics to solve cut order planning 7a.2 – Memetic algorithms applied to cutting path determination problems 7a.3 – Concordance and discordance of objective functions for cutting stock problems 7b.1 – On graph-theoretical models for k-dimensional guillotine-cutting problems 7b.2 – Two-dimensional bin-packing problem, the non-oriented case El Hayek, J.; Moukrim, A.; Negre, S.
7b.3 – Approximate and exact algorithms for the double-constrained 2-dimensional CSP Hifi, Mhand; M’Hallah, Rym; Saadi, Toufik



CLIO, MAGISTRA VITAE: HISTORY & NIGERIA’S SOCIETAL ENGINEERING Professor J. U. Asiegbu University of Port Harcourt 7th June, 2000 INTRODUCTION. Principal officers of the University of Port Harcourt Distinguished Professors and Academic Colleagues of the University Our dear Students, Distinguished invitees The institution of inaugural lectures by university professors is more th


Der Einsatz von Lithium-Polymer-Akkus > Li-Po< Teil 1 > Der Li-Po-Akku Beschreibung, Vergleiche, Konfektionieren und Lagerung Nr. NiCd - NiMH Teuer, Ladeaufwand, Unterschiede in der Lagerung E ntlade s chlu s s-Spannung 1,0 V L ade s chlu s s-Spannung 1,38 V Bild2 6 Zellen Tamiya Standard Wenn du einen kostengünstigen Akku einsetzt, ohne Platz-, Gewichtsp

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