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Sealed Tenders affixed with revenue stamp of Rs.5/- are invited from the manufacturers/registered firms
dealing in the items mentioned below for the year 2011-12:- ITEMS
The tender should reach the office of the C.M.O, University of Jammu on or before 7-7-2011up to 3:00
pm which shall be opened on 8-7-2011 at 11.00 AM.
The tenders should be accompanied by an earnest money in shape of C.D.R of Rs.5000/- for each item.
The details of the items supplied can be had from the office of the C.M.O on any working day between
9:30am to 5:00pm.Deailed tender notice is also available on our
The University intends to purchase medicines & other items as per list pasted overleaf.
1. The rates quoted should be inclusive of all taxes etc. and F.O.R University of Jammu. 2. The medicines supplied have minimum ¾ shelf life at the time of supply. 3. The goods supplied shall be subjected to the verification by the Inspection Board for its confirming to the specifications as laid down in the supply order, expiry date etc. 4. In case the goods on receipt are found unacceptable after inspection. The defective goods shall be removed and replaced at your own expenses. In case of any dispute the decision of the Vice-Chancellor shall be final and binding on you. 5. Once the quotation is accepted, item will have to be supplied within 15 days from the date of supply 6. The university reserves the right to accept or reject the quotations. 7. *Only medicines from any one of the following pharmaceutical companies will be accepted:- Abbot, Cipla, Ranbaxy, Pfizer, Gsk, Cadila, Dr. Reddy, Sun, Lupin, Wokardt. MEDICINES
1 Tab. Amlodipine 2.5mg 2 Tab. Amlodipine 5mg 3 Tab. Amlodipine(5mg) + Losartan(50mg) 4 Tab. Amlodipine(5mg) + Lisnopril (5mg) 5 Tab. Amlodipine(5mg) + Atenolol (50mg) 6 Tab. Enapril (5mg) 7 Tab. Ramipril (2.5 mg & 5 mg) 8 Tab. Atenlol (50mg) 9 Tab. Atenlol (25mg) 10 Tab. Calpol/crocin (500mg) 11 Tab. Trigan D 12 Losartan 50 13 Losartan-H 14 Tab. Diclo (50mg) + Paracetamol (500 mg) 15 Tab. B Complex 16 Tab. Alprozolam 0.25mg 17 Tab. Rantidine (150 mg) 18 Tab. Famotdine (20mg) 19 Tab. Pantaprozol (40mg) 20 Tab. Ibuprofen(400) + Paracetamol (500mg) 21 Tab. Zyloric (100mg) 22 Volini Spray 23 Tab. Calcium (500mg) 24 Tab. Folic acid (5mg) 25 Cap. Iron 56 Tab. Cadisper- C 27 Tab. Elltroxin 100mg 28 Tab. Norfloxacin -400 29 Tab. Norflox TZ 30 Tab. Avil 25mg 31 Tab. Stemtil 32 Tab.Perinom 33 Electral Powder 34 Tab. Deriphylline 35 Cap. Vitamin E 400mg 36 Tab.Metphormin SR (500 mg & 850 mg) 37 Boric Acid 20gm 38 Savlon 1 ltr 39 Wokadine Jar 500mg 40 Silver Sulphadiagine 500g 41 Hydrogen peroxide 400ml 42 Bandages 6”x5’ 43 Glycerine 100gm 44 Adhersive Tape 10cm x 5 cm 45 Tab. Pioglitazone (15 mg) 46 Sumag 75gm 47 Thermometre 48 Ofloxicin+ ornidazol 49 Tab. Gliclazide (80mg) 50 Tab. Glimipride (12 mg) 51 Amoxcillin 250mg DT 52 Amoxcillin 500mg 53 Dicloxicillin (250mg) + Amoxy (250mg) 54 Doxycycline 100mg 55 Ciprofloxicin(250 mg & 500mg) 56 Ofloxacin (200mg) 57 Tab. Cetrazine (10mg) 58 Tab. Aspirin(75mg) 59 Tab Azythromycin (500 mg) 60 Tab. Atorva statin (20 mg) 61 Tab,. Oriprim DS 62 Liquid paraffin 63 Cellin (500 mg) 64 Neosporin eye ointment 65 Vasiline 66 Serratiopeptidase + Diclofenac 67 Tnidazol 500mg 68 Cough Syrups/Expectorant 69 Ciplox D Eye drops/oflox D 70 Oflox/Ciplox Eye & Ear drops 71 Betnovate N ointment Betnovate + Neomycin + Clotrimazol (skin 72 cream/ointment) 73 Tab. Claptin 80mg 74 Band-Aid (water proof) 75 Cotton 500gm 76 Gauze (Pkts) 78 Dothiepin 25 mg INJECTIONS
1 Inj. Diclofenac 2 Inj. Decadron (Vial) 3 Inj. Tetnus Toxide (amp.) 4 Inj. Lynx (amp.) 5 Inj. Deriphylline (amp.) 6 Inj. Perinom (amp.) 7 Inj. Protabol 25mg 8 inj. Polybion (amp.) 9 Inj.Avil (amp.) 10 Inj. Aciloc (amp.) 11 Inj. K Stat 12 Inj. Verorab/Rabipur
Medicines 1 to 11 accepted only branded and 11 to 78 accepted both branded/gereric
All injections accepted only branded
List of sanitation items

1. Liquid Phenyl (ISI mark) 2. Naphthalene Balls 200gms pack 3. Harpik/Sanifresh/R-6 500gm pack 4. Mosquito Spray in spray bottles (Hit/Baygon) 5. Urinal Cakes 6. Odonil Cakes 7. Wipers 8. Dusters 9. Soft Brooms 10. Brooms coconut (loose) in 50kg packs 11. Street PVC Broom with wooden handle 12. Detergent Soap cakes- Dettol & Lifebuoy 13. Hand Wash- Dettol/Soft care star 14. Room Freshener 15. Wet Mopping System 1) Single Bucket 15ltrs 2) Single Bucket 30ltrs 16. Dry Mopping System ‘V’ shape 17. Window Glass & High Roof Cleaning system 1) Window washer with 25cm support 2) Window washer with 35cm support 3) Window squeeze 25cm 4) Window squeeze 35cm 5) Twin bucket for window cleaning. 6) Window washer squeeze 18. Optional Telescopic Poles for window washing 1) Telescopic Pole 2x2m=4.0mtr 2) Telescopic Pole 3x2m=6mtr 3) Telescopic Pole 3x3m=9m 4) Telescopic Pole 4+4+3m=11mtr 19. Disinfectant and cleaner for floor cleaning (only Protection Agency Certified) 20. Plastic wheel Barrows- small and large 21. Dust bins for indoors and outdoors (PVC for outdoors and steel for indoors) 22. Hessian Cloth 24. Lizol 25. Wooden Rehris 26. Cycle driven garbage collection trolley

2 Lignocaine/Xylocaine jelly 5% ointment Ultrasonic saling tips for NSK various multitask ultrasonic system tip 9 Hand sanitizer Chlorhexidine Gluconate,microbicidal hand cleaner 10 Povidone iodine mouthwash (Betadine gargles) 11 Scissors stainless steel,stright,Curved,Pointed, blunt 14 Stannous floride 0.4% Desenstivity paste for scaling Instrument trolley with Shelves and front door(Cabinet with roller 19 Interdental cleaning Aid with Tapered & Cylindrical heads set 29 NON-STANDARDISER & Non color coded GUTTA PERCHA m-size 39 Inj. Lignocaine/xylocine with Adreline(1:200000) 46 Zeiss,Heine Binocular Loupes 3.0x magnification 48 Ultraviolet cabinet for storage of Sterlized equipments 49 Digital Radioography unit with cordless sensor (RVG) Pansonal Gel Cholone Saliylate 8.7% + Cetalkonium Chloride 60 Elugel (Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.2%) 70 Cotton Drum with lid (steel drum for sterilization of cotton) 71 Autoclave (front loading for dental purpose) 72 NSK care 3 plus for maintence of Hand pieces

1 Scissor pointed different sizes (6”/8”) 21 Hydrotherapy tank(whirlpool standard size) Swiss balls 60cm(small),90cm(medium),120


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