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IICN Registrar’s
Neuroscience 2010
Four Seasons Hotel, Dublin
November 5th 2010
RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS (12 mins: 10 mins presentation + 2 mins Qs)

10.40 Familial ALS: Defining the true rate of familial ALS, assessing the role of
chance occurrence within kindreds, and proposing criteria for familial
Susan Byrne1,2, Cathal Walsh1, Catherine Lynch2, Orla Hardiman1,2
10.52 Significance of anti-skeletal muscle antibodies in autoimmune myasthenia
Carr AS1,2, Cardwell C2, McCarron Peter2, McConville J1, 3.

11.04 The Kurtzke EDSS rank stability increases 4 years after onset of Multiple

Sclerosis: results from the MSBase Registry.
Hughes SE1, Gray OM2, Butzkueven H3, on behalf of the MSBase Registry3.

11.16 Natalizumab: what happens when we stop it?
SB Kelly, M Duggan, K Kinsella, C McGuigan, N Tubridy, M Hutchinson
11.28 Prevalence of ex vivo
non-responsiveness to commonly prescribed
antiplatelet therapy following TIA or ischaemic stroke: results from the
TRinity AntiPlatelet responsiveness (TRAP) study
Tobin WO1, Kinsella JA1, Collins DR2,3, Coughlan T2,3, O’Neill D2,3, Egan B4,
Tierney S4, Feeley TM4, Murphy RP1,3, McCabe DJH1,3,5

11.40 Gamma-aminobutyric acid transporter 1 (GAT-1) expressing synaptic
inputs in the lateral amygdala of pharmacoresistant temporal lobe
epilepsy patients
Ayman Khalil, Don O`Leary , Albert Becker , Johannes Schramm , Deniz M.

11.52 Independent association of carotid stenosis with very early stroke

recurrence causing long-term disability in the North Dublin Population
Stroke Study
Michael Marnane MB MRCPI, Danielle Ni Chroinin MB MRCPI, Elizabeth
Callaly MB MRCPI, Orla C Sheehan MB MRCPI, Aine Merwick MB
MRCPI, Niamh Hannon MB MRCPI, Gillian Horgan BSc, Lorraine Kyne MD
MPH FRCPI, Joan Moroney MD MRCPI, Patricia ME McCormack MD
FRCPI DCH, Eamon Dolan MD, Joseph Duggan MD FRCPI, David Williams
PhD FRCPI, Gloria Crispino-O’Connell PhD, Peter J Kelly MD MS FRCPI

12.04 Addition of brain and carotid imaging to the ABCD2 score to improve

identification of patients at high early stroke risk after transient
ischaemic attack.

Merwick Á1, Albers GW2, Amarenco P3, Arsava EM4, Ay H4, Calvet D5, Coutts SB6, Cucchiara BL7, Demchuk AM6, Furie KL4, Giles M8, Labreuche J3, Lavallée P3, Mas JL5, Olivot JM2, Purroy F9, Rothwell PM 8, Saver JL10, Sheehan ÓC1, Stack JP1, Walsh C11, Kelly PJ1.
12.16 Laboratory non-responsiveness to commonly prescribed antiplatelet
regimens under low and high stress conditions following TIA or ischaemic
stroke: results from the TRinity AntiPlatelet responsiveness (TRAP)
Justin A Kinsella MRCPI*, W Oliver Tobin MRCPI*, Dermot Cox PhD†,
Tara Coughlan MRCP∞, Ronan Collins MD∞, Desmond O’Neill MD,
Raymond P Murphy FRCPI*∞, Dominick J H McCabe PhD, FRCPI*∞‡ 12.28 Synaptic input to neuropeptide y (npy) immunoreactive neurones in the
amygdala of pharmacoresistant temporal lobe epilepsy patients
Uchenna Okafo1, Don O`Leary2, Ayman Khalil3, Albert Becker4, Johannes Schramm5, Deniz Yilmazer-Hanke6. 12.40 The prevalence of Nonconvulsive Seizures in PICU: a prospective clinical-
video EEG study.
Dr. Declan O’Rourke, Prof. Mary King, Dr. Amre Shahwan
13.00 Lunch
CASE PRESENTATIONS (10 mins: 8 mins presentation + 2 mins Qs)

14.00 Salbutamol responsive myopathy
Carr AS1, Walsh R2, Hardiman O2,3, McConville J1

14.10 Severe sensory axonal neuropathy secondary to primary amyloidosis
associated with a MGUS.
Cummins G1. Hardiman O2, Ruttledge M3.

14.20 Painful generalised dysaesthesia, palatal myoclonus, bilateral inferior
olivary hypertrophy and a unilateral brain stem lesion.
14.30 Brain metastasis from prostate carcinoma
Ayman Khalil, Chandrasekaran Kaliaperumal, Eoin Fenton, Uchenna Okafo Catherine Keohane, Charles Marks
14.40 Turn Out The Lights: a case report

A. Laffan, M. Healion, A. Sweeney, C. Doherty, Y. Langan
14.50 Cerebral Vasculitis Mimicking FTD with Parkinsonism.
Dr. Allan Mc Carthy1, Dr. Donal Costigan2, Prof Michael Farrell3, Dr. Killian O’Rourke4, Prof Timothy Lynch5 15.00 The Elephant in the Brainstem
15.20 – 15.40 Tea / Coffee break

15.40 Lewy Body Disease Presenting with Clinical Features of Frontotemporal

Dementia: a Case Series
O’Dowd S1, Kearney H1, Murray B1, Doherty C2, Farrell M3, Keohane C4,
Lynch T1
15.50 Stiff person syndrome (SPS) complicated by respiratory failure:
successful treatment with rituximab.

16.00 Neurosarcoidosis-related intracranial hemorrhage: three new cases and
systematic review of the literature
O'Dwyer JP MRCPI (1), Al-Moyeed BA MB (2), Farrell MA FRCPath (3)
Pidgeon CN FRCSI (4), Collins DR MD (5), Fahy A FFARCSI (6), Dempsey
O FRCP (7), Kidd DP FRCP (8), Reid JM FRCP (2), Smyth S MRCPI (1),
McCabe DJH PhD, FRCPI (1,8).

16.10 A rare cause of adult onset ataxia and palatal temor
Dr Kinley Roberts, Dr Killian O’Rourke, Professor Tim Lynch 16.20 Abdominal wall endometrioma in a patient with lumbo-peritoneal shunt:
case report
Shoakazemi A1, Brady A2, Cooke RS3

16.30 All That Glisters is Not Gold
Tobin WO1, Jansen M2, O’Connell K1, Gaughan M1, Molnar PP2, Hutchinson
16.40 A little Botox can go a long way.

D. Bradley1, S. Connolly2, M. Farrell3, M. King4, K. Bhatia5, M. Hutchinson1. 17.10 Announcement and presentation of Prizes


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The Heavenly One, The Heavenly Family and the Heavenly Life 1. The Heavenly One “ The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven ” (or as it should literally read “ out of heaven ”) (1 Cor. 15:47). Reader, what do these words convey to your heart and mind? Have you ever weighed the contrast they set forth? the contrast between the life that m

PARTICIPATION REPORT OF THE DELEGATION OF INDIA TO THE 15TH SESSION OF THE FAO/WHO COORDINATING COMMITTEE FOR ASIA (21-24 NOVEMBER 2006, SEOUL, KOREA) The Indian delegation to the 15th Session of the FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Asia was led by Shri Rajesh Bhushan, Director, Ministry of Health &FW and consisted of Shri Prashant Goel, Deputy Secretary, Department of Commerce,

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