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Country music is very old. It came from the United States, Canada, Ireland, and Great Britain. Country music is a mixture of music from all of these places.
In the American West, cowboys had to t ake car the cattle. They had to watch them all day and all night because the cattle were nervous and sometimes ran away. A cowboy’s life was lonely and dangerous. When he was alone in the desert with the cattle, he drank strong coffee with lots of caffeine to stay awake at night. He also sang to the cattle to calm them. He sang about the stars and the moon, about his family and his friends. The cattle li stened t o the cowboy and went to sleep. They did not run away if he sang beautiful, peaceful music.
The cowboys played music either on guitars or on harmonicas. Later, they used violins and other instruments. In the American South, many people came from Ireland, Scotland, and England. Other people came from French Canada. They enjoyed their own kind of music. They used guitars, violins, and harmonicas, too. However, they also added instruments from their homes, like bottles, cans, and spoons.
Country music describes life. It talks about love, jobs, home, and money. It also talks about friends and enemies, trucks and highways, farms and crops. People in many parts of the world like country music because everyone knows something about these things.
mes t o songs, it would be difficult to really understand or even enjoy them without listening to both the words and the music. The following is a classic country song. Why not put many country music fans do and sing it? You wil certainly h Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye I hear her voice, in the morning hours she calls me And driving down the road I get a feeling That I should’ve been home yesterday, yesterday 文意字彙Words for production
1. mixture
He told me the news with a mixture of sadness and
Oil and water don’t mix.
You should not mix business with pleasure.
2. cowboyYou look cool in that cowboy hat.
3. cattleHow many cattle and sheep are there on the farm? 4. nervousI felt nervous about the coming exam.
Jack looked around nervously.
Though Emily felt afraid, she tried hard to hide her nervousness.
5. desertThe Sahara Desert is one of the largest deserts in the world.
6. awake Jane stayed awake all night preparing for the math test.
When Nancy woke up the next day, the sun was blazing through the windows.
I was sleeping but a scream woke me (up).
7. calmCalm down and tell me what is going on here.
The teacher soon calmed the students (down).
They were able to stay calm in the face of danger.
8. peaceful Janet’s dream is to live a peaceful life in the country.
After the peace talks, people can finally live in peace.
The baby slept peacefully in its mother’s arms.
9. instrumentShe plays several musical instruments, including the guitar.
10. addAdd some sugar to your coffee, and it wil taste better.
The addition of butter made the cake less dry.
The bestseller wil be a welcome addition to our library.
You have to pay an additional fee for heavy bags.
11. canHow many cans of milk do we need?Fresh fruit is better than canned fruit.
Can you describe the robber to me?Can you give me a brief description of what happened?The English countryside is beautiful beyond description.
13. enemyWhen investigating a murder case, the first thing the police would want to know is if the victim had any enemies.
14. cropThe main crop in Taiwan is rice.
15. classicHave you ever read the classic children’s novel Alice in Wonderland?“Take Me Home, Country Roads” is a country music classic.
June enjoys listening to classical music in her free time.
16. understandingShe doesn’t have any understanding of the hard work a mother does. Although my teacher explained the math question again and again, I stil didn’t understand what it was all about.
Although I am not good at English, I can make myself understood.
17. heavenReading a good novel by the window with a cup of coffee is my idea of heaven.
The sun is a heavenly body.
18. belongThe chair should belong in the kitchen.
19. gatherBaseball fans gathered in front of the TV in the square.
I’l gather the information I need for the report first.
The photo reminded me of the happy days during my stay in Germany.
Words for Recognition
1. Canada
2. Ireland
3. Great Britain
4. caffeine
5. harmonica
6. Scotland
10. ridge
12. breeze
13. miner
14. misty
15. moonshine
Idioms and Phrases1. take care ofWho wil take care of your baby sister when you are out? 2. run awayHe broke the window and ran away as fast as he could.
3. when it comes toWhen it comes to dancing, Ian is second to none.
4. fall in love withJack fell in love with Linda at first sight.


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PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH Phytother. Res. (2010) Published online in Wiley InterScience ( DOI : 10.1002/ptr.3116 FULL PAPER Amelioration of Oxidative Stress in Red Blood Cells from Patients with β-thalassemia Major and Intermedia and E-β-thalassemia Following Administration of a Fermented Papaya Preparation Eitan Fibach1*, Ee-Shien Tan2, Saumya Jamuar2,

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