January 28, 2013
Roll Cal : Present Stacy Ross, Ted Disabato, Brenda Smarko, Jan Hil , Kendal Dauphin, Beth Murphy Reports:
Peggy Meyer – Principal of Woerner School
Update: Woerner has 400 students, preschool – 5th grade; pul students from Holly Hil s, Bevo; Feed to Long and Blow Schools; Feel free to cal for a visit; 85% of students on free or reduced lunch; Woerner has single gender class rooms; Been using single gender class rooms for 2 years and so far has been successful; 22 is average class size; Officer Jim Cox and Captain Dan Howard
Captain Howard: Looks positive with new Police Chief; great relationship with City Hal ; tough on bad
So far this year, one burglary on 3272 Federer and two cars broken into in the neighborhood; There have been some issues with car break in in YMCA lot; going to have more officers on the lot; Keep items in your car out of view; put them in the trunk; Three homicides in Dutchtown in the beginning of the year; Have suspects in custody in two of the cases; seven robberies in two-week span; six of them were people in from another neighborhood purchasing marijuana; Officer Cox: Provided paperwork on break in statistics - times and days that are most popular for break
ins (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday midday) Also a booklet on ways to protect your home, safety tips;
Taking poll on who would be interested in neighborhood ownership program; We want to make sure we have enough people interested in it before we begin Officer Cox is a part of the neighborhood ownership program for Bevo; very successful there; One example- burglary on Morganford, Bevo residents went to sentencing of defendant and he received 20 years; Can be very successful once up and running; Top one or two things to make a priority in your home: 1. Make sure nothing valuable in sight of windows when you are not home 2. Keep trusted neighbors informed if you are out of town or gone for an extended time Burglar alarms are useful; the noise itself can scare burglars away; Question: Can neighborhood spend money on trained people to walk the neighborhood for security? Captain Howard feels our neighborhood is safe and not to that point yet Brian Kolde: 11th Ward Neighborhood Stabilization Officer
Has worked a lot with neighborhood watch – different from neighborhood ownership model, which is much more extensive; Neighborhood Watch: groups of people as neighbors being aware of what is going on on your block; Get the block to meet regularly to discuss what is going on for that block; Distributed pamphlets on how to organize your block; Happy to come to the meeting if your block is interested in getting a Neighborhood Watch together; try to get 50% of your block to participate Can also discuss problem properties where there are behavioral, nuisance activities; Car theft; The Club almost 100% effective in preventing; Has clubs available for purchase; $13 ; Also in the Collector of Revenue’s office; Cash only Tips: if you are in your yard, keep the doors locked; so important to just be aware of your surroundings, for yourself and your neighbors Next Step: Safety Expo; Sunday Afternoon April 7 1-3 p.m. at the Rec Plex (see page 1); information on safety and security; alarm companies invited.
Tammy Brownfield-Neighborhood Directory – Mira Digital Publishing Wil list al businesses in the neighborhood, maps, neighbors, available on line; advertising is available if interested; EMT Allegra Grizzanti and Paramedic Melissa Rieger
Ambulances have been shut down in the city; Went from about 12 ambulances to 10 for the entire city; Response times are much longer; many times a day they go NUA (no ambulances available); private ambulances go NUA about as often as the city ambulances; City ambulance cost about $500 per trip bil ed to patient and private about $1,000; 2. Not al owed to use overtime employees to cover the gaps Contact your Alderman, Director of Pub Security; anyone that can assist in getting this issue known Dennis Trask - Bevo Long Community Educational Center
Lots of fun classes; some are low cost and some are free; pamphlets available 13th Ward Alderman Fred Wessels
Spoke with Chief Jenkerson and he had several good reasons for ambulance shut downs. City has liberal vacation and family leave guidelines and there is no OT available; Firefighters can respond to emergency cal s but they are not always able to handle cases that EMS can. Both Aldermen are available at Schnucks every Friday 8:30-10:30 Spring and Delor Apartments; Wil look very nice; not section 8 housing; $12 mil ion project; Kitchen and Bath store at Holly Hil s and Morganford – nothing certain, however the gentleman interested in this spoke of parking a construction trailer there to work out of temporal y; if you see this cal Fred! He wil not let this happen Water Issue –Veolia says there wil be no layoffs, no sale of the water division; However, employees of the Water Dept are not agreeable to having an outside company come in; 11th Ward Alderman Tom Villa
Items stolen in yards and garage in 11th Ward; Neighbors need to be vigilant; Prostitution Ring stil prevalent on Broadway; New sidewalks going into the park to YMCA and the bridge wil be done as wel ; New trees in at Holly Hil s and Arendes; Passed tougher bil on re-sale of stolen cel phones; Shoppers Cleaners building is condemned; Neat building but wil need someone with money to come in and refurbish it.
Cameras in the al y, they are expensive and not always effective; Once they catch on to where the cameras are, they park their car so they are not visible Harry Kennedy - Legislative Director for Lewis Reed
Water issue off the agenda for now; STL spends a lot of $ on our water;

Source: http://hollyhills.info/minutes/hhia_minutes_2013_01.pdf

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