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Desensitized Extra Gelatin Nitroglycerin
Density (g/cc) Avg
Energya (cal/g)
Relative Weight Strengtha
Relative Bulk Strengtha,b
Velocityc (m/s)
Product Description
D-GEL 1000 is a desensitized, nitroglycerin-based dynamite formulated to reduce Detonation Pressurec (Kbars)
sensitivity to sympathetic detonation (hole-to-hole propagation). This dynamite Gas Volumea (moles/kg)
has superior water resistance and is an excellent choice for use in ditching, site Water Resistance
preparation, submarine blasting and any operation where control is critical. D-GEL 1000 is packaged in easy-to-load spiral tubes or in convolute shells which are Fume Class
available with the Tamptite® feature. This feature allows the cartridge to expand easily when tamped to increase explosive to rock coupling and pounds of explosive per foot a All Dyno Nobel Inc. energy and gas volume values are calculated using PRODET™ the computer code developed by Dyno Nobel Inc. for its exclusive use. Other computer codes Application Recommendations
• Minimum diameter is 32 mm (1 ¼ in).
• Minimum detonator is No. 8 strength.
• Storage at elevated temperatures and/or high humidity for 1 to 6 months can reduce Approved by Natural Resources Canada as Fume Class 1 in valeron chub package in all the performance of D-GEL 1000 dynamite depending on the diameter. Consult diameters greater than 50 mm (2 in) and only in diameters greater than 125 mm (5 in) in
your Dyno Nobel representative for specifi c recommendations.
Hazardous Shipping Description

Explosive, Blasting, Type A, 1.1D, UN 0081 II Technical
Transportation, Storage and Handling
• D-GEL 1000 must be transported, stored, handled and used in conformity with all
applicable federal, state, provincial and local laws and regulations.
• For maximum shelf-life, dynamite must be stored in cool, dry and well-ventilated magazines. Dynamite inventory should always be rotated by using the oldest materials fi rst. For recommended good practices in transporting, storing, handling and using this product, see the booklet “Prevention of Accidents in the Use of Explosive Materials” packed inside each case and the Safety Library Publications of the Institute of Makers of Explosives.
**Available upon request.
D-GEL 1000 is available in a wide variety of sizes. Custom sizes are subject to surcharge and
may require longer than usual lead times. • Note: All weights are approximate.
• Check with your Dyno Nobel representative should you have any questions.
Case Dimensions
Product Disclaimer Dyno Nobel Inc. and its subsidiaries disclaim any warranties with respect to this product, the safety or suitability thereof, or the results to be obtained, whether express or
assume all risk, responsibility and liability whatsoever from any and all injuries (including death), losses, or damages to persons or property arising from the use of this product. Under no circumstances
shall Dyno Nobel Inc. or any of its subsidiaries be liable for special, consequential or incidental damages or for anticipated loss of profi ts.
Dyno Nobel Inc.
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Phone 800-732-7534 Fax 801-328-6452 Web www.dynonobel.com

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