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The Story of Ambrotose® Complex
A new level of benefits from over a decade of nutraceutical science & research.
Ambrotose® Complex is one of the worldʹs most important nutraceuticals.

• It’s an all-natural, plant-derived, non-toxic, “functional” food.
• It has not been altered, synthesized, or genetically engineered in any way.
• It has some of the most powerful, beneficial properties known for any natural food

The story of Ambrotose® Complex begins thousands of years ago, with the plant that
provides one of its components. In many cultures throughout the world, the Aloe Vera
plant has been revered and used for its remarkable healing properties.
Aloe is mentioned in the Bible (Num. 24:6, 7) and has always been a popular home
remedy, earning the title of the ʺpotted physicianʺ. Many people keep an Aloe Vera
plant in the home in case of minor cuts and burns. Just a little of the fresh gel brings
instant relief.
Traditional medicine used fresh Aloe Vera to support immune function, to treat wounds
and burns, to help recovery from illness, and to treat many common health problems.
It was known to magnify the power of other herbs, so it was added to other medicines to
increase their potency and healing abilities.
Yet, for some reason, today’s processed and packaged Aloe Vera products arenʹt as
effective as fresh Aloe gel. They donʹt provide any of the benefits traditionally attributed
to Aloe.
During the early 1980ʹs, Dr. Bill McAnalley, a research pharmacologist at a large
pharmaceutical lab, was hired by a group of manufacturers to prove scientifically that
their packaged Aloe products were beneficial. Unfortunately, Dr. McAnaIleyʹs studies
proved the opposite: the processed Aloe products did almost nothing.
Dr. McAnalley continued his research, first by himself and then with Dr. Reg McDaniel,
a research pathologist and Chief of Staff at Southwest Medical Center in Ft. Worth.
After 10 years of work and $20 million of research, they discovered:
• The active component in Aloe Vera was a single phytochemical (plant chemical): a complex sugar molecule known as mannose or ʺbeta-mannanʺ. • This molecule is responsible for virtually all the healing properties traditionally • A natural enzyme in the Aloe Vera plant destroys the molecule, within 48 hrs. after itʹs harvested. That means that the “key” ingredient mannose is missing from every processed Aloe Vera product. The Story of Ambrotose® Complex

Dr. McAnalley and Dr. McDaniel then developed a method to deactivate the enzyme
that destroys the betamannan molecule, and freeze dry the Aloe Vera gel. This created a
natural white powder they trademarked as Manapol®, the only Aloe product that
contains the essential betamannan molecule responsible for Aloeʹs legendary reputation.
Over 66 patents for Manapol® have been granted to Dr. McAnalley and Dr. McDaniel
for their discoveries and processes, including a substance of matter patent on the
betamannan molecule itself. Mannatech™, Inc. of Grand Prairie, Texas holds 20-year
exclusive use rights to Manapol®. This means that no other company’s products can
contain this molecule.

Beyond Manapol®
Dr. McAnalley, Dr. McDaniel and their team have continued to perform cutting-edge
research into the health effects of complex sugar molecules. This research is at the
frontier of nutritional science, and they are recognized as world authorities on the

Ambrotose® Complex: A complete glyco-nutrient formula.
most recent nutraceutical breakthrough is the formulation of
Ambrotose® Complex. It contains patented glyco-nutrients that further support cell-to-
cell communication as well as other vital body functions. These nutrients are the 8
biological sugars (carbohydrates or monosaccharides) the body uses to make
glycoproteins. Glycoproteins are large molecules made up of sugars and amino acids.
“Glyco” means sugar, and amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.
Experiences with Ambrotose® Complex have been tremendous! Manipol® contains
only one of the eight sugars (mannose) and weʹve had spectacular success with it.
Ambrotose® includes Manapol® plus all the other 7 essential biological sugars your
body needs to make every glycoprotein it requires for optimal health.
Here are some examples of how glycoproteins are used in the body:
Cell-to-cell communication. Cells have to be able to recognize each other and know
how to interact. Glycoproteins on the surface of every cell serve as signals to tell other
cells who they are and what they need. (ʺIʹm a liver cell. Iʹm part of your liver, so Iʹm
friendly, and I need some help with this virus thatʹs bothering me.ʺ) The cells of the
immune system, as an example, talk to each other and to all the other cells in the body
constantly. So we can say that Ambrotose® Complex is designed to help support the
natural defense system and cell-to-cell communication generally.

are important molecules in connective tissue, collagen, cartilage, bone
matrix, and mucins (the bodyʹs lubricants). Ambrotose® Complex is a nutritional
supplement for bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and all the bodyʹs structural tissues.
The Story of Ambrotose® Complex

Glycoproteins are involved in nutrient transport throughout the body. Ambrotose®
is a nutritional supplement that helps the body make better use or other foods.

Three of the six main pituitary hormones (master hormones) are glycoproteins.
Follicle stimulating hormones control ovulation in women and spermatogenesis in men.
Luteinizing hormones and thyroid stimulating hormones are molecules the pituitary
gland sends to tell other glands (ovaries, testes, thyroid) how much of their hormones
(progesterone, testosterone, thyroid hormone) to make. Ambrotose® Complex is a
nutritional supplement designed to help support hormone balance (in addition to PLUS,
which supplies plant sterol hormonal building blocks from Mexican wild yam).

Ambrotose® Complex
isnʹt a hormone or a drug, itʹs a food _ a “functional” food that
your body uses to manufacture glycoproteins. Your body already knows how to decide
to put the complex sugars in Ambrotose® Complex to use.

Ambrotose® Complex
is included as the base ingredient in every Mannatech™
product, so you donʹt have to buy extra products to enjoy its benefits.
For most people, the best way to get the benefits of Ambrotose® Complex is to take
Man-Aloe®. Man-Aloe® is Ambrotose® Complex plus soy lecithin, which aids the
absorption of the betamannans. For soy-sensitive people, thereʹs a separate Ambrotose®
product without lecithin.
Hereʹs an example of why glycoproteins are so important. Healthy bodies must have
accurate internal communications to function correctly. Cells must ʺtalkʺ to other cells.
How do they do this? The main way is with glycoproteins.
In cell-to-cell communication, each glycoprotein is actually a message created by the
cellʹs DNA. The different combinations of sugars and amino acids in each glycoprotein
are like letters, words, and sentences. Together they form the language of the cells. The
glycoproteins move to the surface of the cell and when cells touch each other, they
ʺreadʺ the glycoprotein messages on each otherʹs surfaces.
Obviously, itʹs important for the glycoprotein messages to be accurate. What if a cell
said, “Iʹm self and Iʹm okay”, but in fact the cell was diseased? The white blood cells of
the immune system wouldnʹt know to tell the body to heal the cell.
Or, what if a cell said, “Iʹm not self, but the cell was a normal part of the body? Now the
white blood cell would tell the body to destroy part of itself! Unfortunately, these
mistakes do happen and can be the cause of severe autoimmune health problems like
Lupus or Fibromyalgia.
The Story of Ambrotose® Complex

How do the glycoprotein messages get garbled? The cells do not have enough of the
right sugars (or “SuperCarbs”) to make up the correct glycoproteins.
In the English alphabet, a few ʺprimitivesʺ such as a long line, a short line, a small curve
and a large curve can be combined to create all the letters. In the body, 8 sugars are the
primitives or the alphabet of the cells. Each cell needs all 8 sugars to make all the letters,
words, and sentences in the glycoproteins. If any are missing the messages will be
In our normal diet, we only get 2 sugars glucose and galactose (which comes from milk).
If we do not tolerate milk, we only get glucose. All the rest the body has to synthesize,
and often cannot create enough. Manipol® adds one more sugar, mannose, and weʹve
seen that remarkable benefits occur by just adding this one sugar. Ambrotose®
contains Manipol® plus the other seven essential sugars.

Ambrotose® Complex
from Mannatech™ contains natural plant molecules that
provide all 8 sugars needed for accurate glycoprotein messages. Itʹs a formulation for
cell-to-cell communication, for the bodyʹs natural defense system, for structural tissues
and for supporting the bodyʹs natural production and balance of hormones.
Ambrotose® Complex Developers Receive Award for Top Biochemistry Discovery of 1996
has presented its highest
scientific honor of recognition to Bill McAnalley, Ph.D., research pharmacologist, and H. Reg McDaniel, M.
D., pathologist.
ANMA, the largest association for natural health care practitioners in the U.S., presented an award citing
work of the research team (also including Eric Moore, D. Chem. and William C. Fioretti, Ph.D.) for the
development of the nutritional carbohydrate complex, Ambrotose® Complex, and the subsequent patent
filing on this complex. The selection committee of the ANMA presents this award annually for the most
significant progress made in biochemistry.
Dr. McAnalley, in his acceptance response, explained that this patent protects the proprietary combination
of the eight naturally derived monosaccharides used by mammalian cells to synthesize the molecules
responsible for cell-to cell communication. Of the 200+ known monosaccharides occurring in nature, only
eight are used by the body to produce glycoconjugates (glycoproteins and glycolipids).
Dr. McDaniel stressed that, “The best medical therapy in the world will never be as effective as it could
be without the support of good nutrition, which can be enhanced greatly with dietary supplements.”
went on to explain that the genes of animal cells that contain the operational instructions necessary to
defend the body tissues need specific nutritional components to fulfill their genetic functions.
In conclusion, Dr. McDaniel stated, “We are extremely excited about the potential of Ambrotose® Complex
in support of optimal health, because it provides essential glyconutritional components that support cellular


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