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Compiled and Written by a Panel of Registered Nurses and Health Professionals The healthcare industry is rapid expanding and long with the expansion come several reward career opportunities. One healthcare related career is in the area of direct care giving. This area is applied at nursing home or hospital setting. As the elderly population grows so does the need for qualified caregivers …………………….Sample………………… NAME:_______________________ DATE: _________________________________

Study each question carefully and indicate your choice by drawing a circle around the letter you have chosen YOU MAY BEGIN NOW:
Multiple choices
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question
1. Digoxin (Lanoxin) is an ___________________ a. anti-coagulant/hemolyticb. anti-arrhymic/cardiac glycosidec. anticonvulsantd. hypnotics Answer (B )
When giving a resident a diuretic you should_________________a. give med early in the day, encourage fluids intakeb. protect resident from injury; shave with electric razorc. check apical pulsed. check blood pressuree. both a and d Answer (E )
Side effects medication containing iron such as iron sulfate and iron a. stomach irritationb. constipation or diarrheac. tarry stoolsd. all the above Answer (D )
The abbreviation for Aspirin is______________a. B.I.D.
b. A.S.Ac. A.P.A.P.
d. TID Answer (B )
5. Side effect of Lopressor is ________________ a. anxiety and nervousnessb. irregular heart beatc. Postural hypotensiond. Blood disorders Answer (C )
When Lanolin is given___________________a. the blood pressure should be taken after one hourb. the pulse should always be 80 or morec. the pulse should always be 60 or mored. the B/P should be 140/90 or higher Answer (C )
Confusion, muscle weakness, muscle cramping are all signs of a. acidosisb. digoxin toxicityc. potassium depletiond. narcotic addiction Answer (C )
The following meds are given when residents are not eating a. mineral oil and castor oilb. lasiz and bumexc. lopressor and inderald. multivitamin and minerals Answer (D )
Fill in the blank
Answer (5 )
Answer (5 )
Answer (3 )
Answer (1 )
Answer (1 )
Answer (3 )
Answer ( 2)
Answer (5 )
Answer (8 )
A daily weight gain of more than ________ pounds is Answer ( B)
If you have a bottle of Promethazine syrup, the label states 6.25mg/5ml and the Dr has ordered 18.75 mg how much do you give the resident?________ mla. 10 ml Answer (B )
Res has Zantac 150 mg tablets the order is for 300 mg at HS. How many tablets would you give?a. 2 tablets Answer (A )

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