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Microsoft word - social action proposal

Title: School Supplies Fundraising initiative for Dominican Republic Orphanage
Group Members:
Kim Todd, Amanda Moore, Meghan Toth, Jimmy Sha, and Sheena Murnaghan
Class: 3103 Section I
Date: January 29th 2009
This social action project is meant to assist with the fundraising efforts of the University of Ottawa Teachers Graduates 2009’s team of volunteersi. This team of 10 teachers is fundraising $4200USD for orphaned, abandoned, and disadvantaged children in the Dominican Republic. This fundraising is being done through a larger non-profit organization called Orphanage Outreach. Once this goal has been reached, this team will be travelling to the Dominican Republic and will be volunteer teaching for one week. This team is already engaged in several fundraising efforts for this cause. Our group will be assisting with some of these efforts, as well as several independent initiatives. These efforts include, bake sales, clothing drives, and pizza lunches. To assist this team, our group will be fundraising to buy food, clothing, and educational and health supplies for the children they will be working with. The funds we raise will not go towards this team’s monetary goal, but will go towards the purchasing of these supplies for the students. In addition to buying supplies, we also hope to raise awareness within the university community for this cause, and the volunteering opportunities that it could provide to future classes at the University of Ottawa. The items listed below are those that the orphanage has reported it is in need of. These lists will act as a guide for our fundraising and donation gathering efforts. If you wish to find more information about Orphanage Outreach and its programs, you can view their brochure at this address RATIONAL
After discovering that local students within our community were embarking on a mission to raise enough money to help educate an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, we decided to assist them by sending materials essential for their daily lives. The rationale behind equipping community volunteers with the materials required by orphaned, abandoned, and disadvantaged children is to provide the children with the necessities that are fundamental to a more gratifying life. By volunteering our time, raising funds, and consequently purchasing the necessary materials, we are providing opportunities that may not have been attainable beyond our assistance. Participating in such an activity enriches the lives of the orphans and improves the learning environment for the volunteers. SOCIAL ACTION OBJECTIVES
In co-ordination with the organization Orphanage Outreach, our social actions project is focused on providing assistance and opportunities for orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children in the Dominican Republic in the region of Monte Cristi. Our goal is to raise the necessary funds to buy supplies the children in this region require. We are to provide them with food, household items, clothing and shoes, educational supplies, recreational equipment and health supplies. Through specific events and activities listed in the deliverables, we believe that we will be able to meet these objectives and help make a difference to these children. When the project is complete, we will send these supplies with one of our group members (Sheena) as she will be volunteering and giving her time to help the children in Monte Cristi. We are very fortunate to live where we are, and have all the resources necessary to sustain a comfortable way of life. This social action project is an opportunity for us to give something back to the people that need it the most. It is a project that we are very excited to be a part of. DELIVERABLES BEFORE THE MID-TERM
Group Meetings - Meetings will be held prior to fundraising activities and after fundraising activities.
We will have at least 3-4 meetings. At the second meeting we will discuss the bake sale initiative. We
will figure out who will be baking and who will be working at the booth. We will also discuss how we
will coordinate the pizza lunches and the venue for the pub night.
Team Meetings - We will be in communication with the Orphanage Outreach-Ottawa Team will be
bringing our supplies and resources to the orphanage in the Dominican Republic. We will share our
fundraising ideas with them and ask them for any suggestions or further information we may need to
support this social action project.
Bake Sales - The Orphanage Outreach hosts a bake sale every two weeks. As part of our social action
project will be baking and contributing our services in participation with the Ottawa Team to raise money
for the orphanage in an effort to raise money for supplies and resources for the children.
Pizza Lunch- One of our fundraising ideas is to plan a pizza lunch. Each slice will cost a little over a
dollar in order to make a profit. We will put posters up and make announcements in classes. We would
like to hold the pizza lunch on Thursdays because the PED2145 classes are held on those days and
majority of students will be in the Lamourex building.
Pub Night- Our group plans to contact certain pubs (Pier 21, 1848… etc) to discuss the possibilities of
having a pub night fundraiser for funds to help buy supplies at the orphanage. As is done on student
council pub nights, the pub can charge a cover fee (usually 4 dollars) for students at the university and all
proceeds from that would be donated to our cause. The pubs can also offer certain ‘perks’, such as
discounted drink prices, to help us draw in crowds. We need to discuss details with certain pubs and look
into dates for this cause; however we are thinking late February, early March.
Used Clothing Drive- The used clothing drive will be implemented to attempt to cover some of the
clothing needs sent to us (via email) by the orphanage. We understand we will probably not raise enough
money to buy clothes for the children, so getting people to bring in some gently used clothing to send
down with the orphanage team would greatly help the children. We hope to get advertisements for this up
and running shortly, however we do think that the actual clothing drive might happen after the midterm
because as the weather grows warmer people start to go through their closets.
Donations- Donations are always tricky to get. We plan on asking some bigger corporations, such as
Toys R US and Chapters to donate some books, clothing or toys to send down to the children. We will
draft up a letter which can be given to the stores and circulated it around downtown Ottawa. We need to
be mindful that the orphanage does not need certain things and we will include the needed supplies in the

with group
12. Meeting
with group
18. Clothing 19.
with group
i Further information regarding this team and their fundraising efforts can be found at



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