Newsletter no. 28, July 16th, 2010
Dawson.IT.E. (Dawson IT in Education) is a weekly newsletter compiled by Rafael Scapin with the latest news in IT and Education. Please send your comments and suggestions to DawsonITE Website: http://dawsonite.dawsoncollege.qc.ca Powered by OID (Office of Instructional Development) - Dawson College FreeVideoLectures: 740 + Free Online Video Courses From Leading Universities
This website has a great motto: “to organize the world’s educational videos and make them
universally accessible and down-loadable”. They offer 740 + free online video courses from
leading universities universities. All courses are categorized by Subjects and Universities.
ImageBase: Public Domain High Resolution Images
The internet is filled with pictures on any topic and you can easily search for them. But your
search results will usually display a random collection of pictures. ImageBase can be a new
image source if you are looking for public domain high resolution images with full rights.
Finland makes broadband a 'legal right'
Finland has become the first country in the world to make broadband a legal right for every
citizen. From 1 July, 2010 every Finn will have the right to access to a 1Mbps (megabit per
second) broadband connection.
NASA and Microsoft Let You Explore Mars Like Never Before
Microsoft Research and NASA have teamed up once again and brought the “most complete,
highest-resolution coverage of Mars available” to WorldWide Telescope, Microsoft’s app
which lets you explore space either through a zoom-and-pan interface or guided tours.
Into Tomorrow: Looking at the Extreme Future (Video)
This is about the extreme future 10 to 20 years out. It's not a crystal ball but an informed look ahead at the good, bad, and ugly. A great presentation by Ian Jukes at ISTE 2010 Conference.
http://www.istevision.org/viewsession.php?id=120 The iPad for Academics
After having used an iPad shortly since its release I can safely say that the device — or
another one like it — deserves to become an important part of the academic’s arsenal of
gadgets. Choosing to plop down the money for an iPad is like Ingrid Bergman’s regret over
leaving Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart. You will do it: not today, not tomorrow, but soon
— and for the rest of your life.
All of a Twitter … how are social web tools used in University classrooms (Video)
It is the very interactive nature of social web tools that academics are finding so useful in the
classroom. What you can do with the Web 2.0 is that you can deliver material gradually and
you can allow students to interact with your course materials in a very different way.
The Anatomy and Physiology of a PLE (Personal Learning Environment)
Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) do exactly what they say on the can - they are
personal to each individual, created by them, owned by them, used by them within their
lifelong learning. In these two articles, Prof. Steve Wheeler explains PLE’s main concepts:
The Anatomy of a PLE: http://steve-wheeler.blogspot.com/2010/07/anatomy-of-ple.htmlThe Physiology of a PLE: http://steve-wheeler.blogspot.com/2010/07/physiology-of-ple.html Blackboard acquires Elluminate and Wimba: the end of LMSs?
Tony Bates, from E-Learning and Distance Education Resources writes: “I’ve deliberately
waited a few days before commenting on this, because my immediate reaction was
unprintable. At the end of the day, I found myself asking: does this really matter?”
Is There a Better Way to Find Email Attachments?
DokDok enhances your inbox to make it easy to find, work on and share the latest version of
any document.
An introduction to social media - for learning and performance enhancement
Pretty nice table-of-contents style post that is in effect a handbook on social media. This is a social resource as it also provides the opportunity for you to provide your own experiences of using social tools for learning. http://janeknight.typepad.com/pick/2010/07/an-introduction-to-social-media-for-learning-and-performance-enhancement.html A Simple Guide to Google Video Chat
Google Video Chat is a nice alternative to Skype available to anyone using Gmail. Some folks
aren't aware of how easy it is to video chat using Google Video Chat. Therefore, yesterday
Google released a simple video guide and PDF guide about it.
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDvgjV54wIg
PDF: http://www.google.com/chat/grandma/google-video-chat-guide.pdf
Smart.fm: Helps To Learn Stuff Quickly & Remember Longer
Who said learning and social networking cannot come together? Smart.fm is a fun website
that combines education with social networks. The web app serves as an online academic
assistant that offers courses to anyone who wants to learn about any topic.
A Twitteraholic's Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter
If you're still wondering which way is up in the Twitterverse, this post is for you. Sue Waters
offers the introductory landscape, spoken with the experience of a Twitter aficionado.
IT and Education in Québec
If you want to be up-to-date with what's happening in IT and Education in Québec, please visit these two websites: ProfWeb: http://www.profweb.qc.ca/en/home/index.html
La Vitrine Technologie-Éducation: http://en.ntic.org/

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Pll stands for 'phase-locked loop' and is basically a closed loop frequency control system, which functioning is based on the phase sensitive detection of phase difference between the input and output signals of the controlled oscillator (co)

PLL stands for 'Phase-Locked Loop' and is basically a closed loop frequency control system, which functioning is based on the phase sensitive detection of phase difference between the input and output signals of the controlled oscillator (CO). Fig. 2 shows the classic The phase detector is a device that compares two input frequencies, generating an output that is a measure of their p

Antireflux surgery and esomeprazole similarly efficacious (printer-friendly)

Antireflux Surgery and Esomeprazole Similarly Efficacious (pri. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/757724_print Laparoscopic Antireflux Surgery and Esomeprazole Similarly Efficacious for Symptoms in People With Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease Who Respond Well to Proton Pump Inhibitors George Triadafilopoulos Posted: 02/06/2012; Evid Based Med. 2012;17(1):17-18. © 2012 BMJ

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