Packing List
∙ 1 windproof jacket
∙ 2 long pairs of pants
∙ 2 short pairs of pants
∙ 1 pair of cloves (light weight)
∙ 2 long sleeve shirts
∙ 2 short sleeve shirt
∙ 4 pairs of socks
∙ 1 tracking suite
∙ Sports bra for the ladies, it is bumpy on the bush roads
∙ 1 pair of boots or hiking shoes for long walking sessions
∙ 1 pair of tennis shoes to relax in
∙ 1 wide brim hat for the Africa sun
∙ Sunscreen
∙ Sunglasses
∙ Insect repellent
∙ Toiletries
∙ Personal medication
∙ Soft rifle bag for transporting your gun on the back of the truck while in the bush
∙ Binoculars
∙ Passport
∙ Tickets
∙ Rifle and correct ammunition
∙ Lip ice (chap stick)
NB: No inoculations are necessary for South Africa but it is advisable to have the Tetanus injections.
Useful Tips
∙ Obtain sufficient Local currency upon arrival to pay for small things that you might want. (Approximately
R1 000.00)
∙ Insure that hunting boots are lightweight, wel broken-in and comfortable. Have a back-up pair of shoes
or boots, should you inadvertently lose a sole or heel on your primary footwear.
∙ Carry a good quality sun block with at least 30 – 50 protection rating. Ultra violet rays from the sun can
be very fierce.
∙ Wear sun or regular glasses, or some form of eye protection while traveling in hunting vehicles. Thorn
tree branches and other type low-hanging vegetation, particularly in the Acacia Thorn bush, can be very
∙ Bring plenty of spare batteries. AA for penlights, and other types for various lights and appliances.
∙ Bring adapters for the RSA electrical connections to charge your camera and batteries. 220V Available.
∙ Bring good quality, reasonably lightweight binoculars. Keep them with you at all times. The acquisition of
animals under less than optimal conditions can be significantly enhanced. ∙ Keep cash and/or traveler’s checks on your person, in a locked container or in your gun box. ∙Preparation H. Aspirin, Neosporin, Cortisone ointment, Band-Aids, Alcohol wipes, Imodium, Pepto-Bismol, Q-tips and tweezers can be useful. A quality insect repellent with a high percentage of deet is useful to protect yourself from ticks and other bugs. ∙ Bring lots of film and a back-up camera, should your primary camera become inoperable. ∙ I you have special food preferences, or if there are foods that you cannot eat, please make sure we know well in advance on the safari form. If you have special beverage requirements (Bloody Mary Mix etc.) make sure they are also known. ∙ All food and water to be used while on safari wil be contained in a cool box. Do not drink or eat from any other source. Only drink bottled water from the cool box. Do not share a drink from your water bottle with anyone other than your hunting companions. ∙ Be able to access ammunition that you are bringing into the country quickly. Custom officials will want to count and verify the number of rounds being imported. ∙ Bring lens cleaner, Outers Oil Wipes for rifles, a good-sized day pack poncho, handy wipes. ∙ If bringing more than two guns, a Tuff-Pak container works quite well. It looks like a golf bag case, is not as conspicuous as a normal gun case, is lightweight, and, in addition to your guns, can hold a lot of other clothing and/or equipment. Also bring soft gun cases for charter flights. ∙Zero al bush rifles at 100 yards and long shooting plain rifles at 200 with scopes prior to commencing the hunt. During transit, even the best quality scope in rings and/or detachable mounts, can shift the point of aim slightly. We will confirm the shooting point at you arrival in camp. ∙ Use bikini or other easily removable lens covers to protect your scope lenses from dust. Flip type covers work okay, but are sometimes not as useful as the Bikini type covers. ∙ For most plains game, up to Eland, a 7 mm Mag., 30-06, 300 WinMag. 300 Weatherby, 338 Winchester or, similar type cartridges work reasonably well. However, avoid poorly constructed bullets, and opt for the greatest bullet weight for a particular caliber. Buffalo, lion, elephant ect., recommend a .375 or larger caliber (this is government law) does not be reluctant to use a recoil arrestor to help manage recoil. Let your safari begin.

Source: http://www.dabulasafaris.co.za/Dabula%20Africa%20Safaris%20Packing%20List%20&%20Tips.pdf

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