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Refractive procedure post-procedure care

PRK and epi-LASIK

Use the non-preserved lubricating drops
every 2 hrs while awake during the first five (5) days; but continue frequent lubrication for many
1) For PRK and epi-LASIK: (A) NSAID drops 4x/day for three days (procedure day and two more
days). (B) Antibiotic drops 4x/day till contacts removed. (C) Strong steroid drops 4x/day for three
weeks. (D) 1000 mg of Vitamin C by mouth for 6 months or longer. (E) Medrol dosepack taken as
directed over six days. (F) Neurontin 300 mg. 3x/day for four days. (G) Frequent non-preserved
artificial tears
2) EYE SHIELDS should be worn to cover and protect the eyes every night until your bandage
contact lenses are removed. Do not shower for 24 hours.
3) You MUST wear UV filtered sunglasses outside for one year. In south Florida, it’s a good
practice to wear them outside all the time. Heavy ultraviolet light exposure could cause regression
of the laser treatment. Wearing a brimmed hat is also advisable. Do not go swimming for at least
three weeks.
4) A small number of patients do experience pain. You may take Advil (Ibuprofen, Aleve,
Motrin, etc.) if needed. In PRK and epi-LASIK ice packs directly to the closed lids can help. Use
the packs as frequently as needed. Comfort drops will also be provided, which are a weak
numbing drop. Use the comfort drops as needed. Frequent non-preserved artificial tears
(provided) can also soothe your eyes as discussed above.
5) With PRK or epi-LASIK, a bandage contact lens will be inserted into your eye at the end of
the procedure. It will protect your eye and significantly reduce the pain experienced. The contact
lens will be removed from your eyes when the skin has healed, usually 3-6 days after the
procedure. If the contact lens falls out, keep your eyes closed until you see the doctor. Do not
reinsert the contact lens. You can wear make-up and resume all normal daily activities 48 hours
after the bandage contact lens has been removed.
8) With PRK or epi-LASIK, your vision will recover more slowly, since the surface skin heals
during the first 48-96 hours after your procedure. It will take 5-7 days for your vision to improve
and sometimes longer. During this time your eye may be red and feel itchy, (like you have an
eyelash in your eye) which may cause it to water and your nose to run. You probably will be able
to drive within 4-6 days, but you may find that you need sunglasses in bright light. Sunglasses are
in your kit. Your depth perception may be off for 7-10 days, so take special care. Fluctuation and
blurriness can be expected for 2 – 4 months. If an enhancement is needed, it will be performed at
around 6 months. Finally, remember that everyone heals at their own pace, so please have

SUDDEN LOSS OF VISION 954-458-2112 OR 1-888-954-LASIK

REVISED 2/09/2009


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