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Prostate Cancer Education & Information Support Program since July 1993
Man to Man (M2M) is an educational, not for profit, prostate cancer support program of the American Cancer Society.
It is a forum for discussing medical developments & experiences. Protocols discussed at M2M meetings are sometimes based on anecdotal information. It is always advisable to consult a physician before adopting any form of treatment.
Nutritional Aspects of Cancer
Joint meetings of the Man to Man/Side by Side, the prostate cancer support and
education programs sponsored by the American Cancer Society, were held the 1st
Thursday,s May and June, 2008 at 6:30 PM. Meetings are usually held in the Central
Hudson Auditorium off of the Academy Street Exit, Off Rt 9, in Poughkeepsie.
• Programs for April 3, May 1 and June 5.
The following is a summary of medical oncol-
ogist Dr. Abraham Mittelman's presentation:
• HIFU and PCa•“Da Vinci Robotics” & M2M Prostate cancer (PCa) Is the leading cancer in
men - 218,880 yearly cases and 29,000 deaths - with the numbers rising, approaching epidemic proportions. Prevention of PCa should be a majorthrust. He cited several preventive studies usingvitamin E and selenium. Men taking vitamin E Any Questions? We’re here!
were 32% less likely to get PC than men who did- Dennis P. O’Hara, Founder & Facilitator Emeritus. n't take it. The results with selenium were better P/F-845-473-9827 e-mail: <[email protected]> with a 60% advantage compared to a placebo.
Yet another study with a sample of 32,400 men Jim Kiseda 845-223-5007 < [email protected]> concluded that there was no advantage in taking Paul Totta 845-297-7992 <[email protected]> either vitamin E or selenium, canceling out the Herm London 845-831-3930 <[email protected]> previous study. But there is more to this story Mike Kulla-845-635-1948 <Sue [email protected]> Frank Hildenbrand845-454-8335 <[email protected] Cancer Society Information He talked about the role of Finasteride (Proscar)
and Dutasteride (Avodart) as preventatives.
These are 5 alpha Reductase inhibitors which reduce DHT levels 60 to 80% with Proscar and prostate: one with an indolent (benign) tumor where one might actively observe vs. a some- referred to a trial with 18,882 men, 55 and over, what more aggressive cancer where local treat- with normal DREs and a PSA < 3 ng/ml who got ment is advisable. With micro-metastatic cancer either 5mg Proscar or a "sugar pill." All men had the use of hormone ablation is relevant. As to an end-of-study biopsy after 7 years. Results: treatment paradigms, you can't predict how the Placebo receivers had four times higher risk of biology of a tumor will influence PSA or visa getting cancer than the Proscar group. But there versa as multiple factors come into play. In gen- was a greater risk of high grade cancers with eral, If the tumor is indolent (slow growing) treat Proscar than with a placebo - 37% vs 22%, or It later and if less lethal, treat it earlier and more 270 vs 237 men. These results may be changed by the smaller size of the prostate gland in theProscar (which shrinks the gland) patients vs the Finally he presented two cases illustrating how
placebo patients, making detection of cancer in difficult the decision process is between staging, treatment and after treatment. As in the past,when Dr. Mittelmen addressed our group his talk Another study using 5 mg Avodart vs a placebo
was refreshing and informative. It generated involved 4235 men with BPH and no PCa with a many questions. Two of his remarks without result of halving the possibility of developing PCa in the Avodart group. This study Is still in endorsement of Color Doppler and the fact that process. Dr. Mittelman said that neither Proscar $34 billion is spent on herbal remedies.
nor Avodart kills cancer cells, but they can pre-vent normal cells from becoming cancerous. He Mike Kulla, co-facilitator of M2M Poughkeepsie
also discussed exercise and the consumption ofvegetables to suppress cancer.
May M2M Program
He differentiated between absolute and relative
risk factors for cancer. The former include family
history, ethnicity and older age. The later includeobesity, sedentary life style, high fat (processed On May 1, 2008, the Poughkeepsie Man to Man
Group had the pleasure of listening to a talk byD r. Jason Ogiste. Dr. Ogiste was Chief of Briefly covered were screening guidelines for
Urology at the Mid Hudson Medical Group in early detection. PSA and DRE should be offered Fishkill, NY. He has done extensive research in annually beginning at age 50 to men who have a his field and recently worked with Dr Aaron Katz life expectancy of at least 10 years. Men at high at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He is also risk should begin screening at age 45 as should trained in the use of the da Vinci Robotic African-American men and men with a risky fam- ily history (one or more first degree relativesdiagnosed with PCa at an early age). For men at The title of his talk is “New Trends in the
average-to-high risk, information about what is Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer of the
known and what is uncertain should be provided Prostate”. The talk started out with an introduc-
so those affected can make informed decisions. tion to prostate cancer, for the benefit of newermen, and then delves deeper into the subject.
Phases of PCa progression were mentioned as
The Power Point presentation consisted of 50 were 3 clinical PCa subtypes. Here, he differen- slides which are too much to reproduce here.
tiated two kinds of cancer confined to the Thus, the following will be a condensed summa- ry of the talk covering all the pertinent material.
taking dozens of cores during a biopsy. Of Prostate cancer, in men, has the highest inci-
course, anyone would likely choose the Color dence rate of all the cancers. In 2005, there were Doppler over the saturation biopsy. It is a benign 710,000 total cases of cancer in the USA. Of that method compared to making your prostate a total, 33% were prostate cancer. Estimates for piece of Swiss cheese from this type of biopsy.
2008 are approximately 200,000 new cases and Sensitivity is 15% and specificity is 94%. These deaths. The reduction, to the current level, isattributed to the increased PSA screening that Advantages for the Color Doppler are: short
has occurred since about 1990. Men are being study time for the patient; faster exam; qualities diagnosed now with lower grade cancer that can and quantitative date is better; can rotate and be effectively treated to allow a longer progres- translate the picture to any degree; gives views sion free life. Even so, black men have twice the not possible with 2D; visualization for seed death rate of white men and this continues to be placement is exact; gives accurate volumes of a target for much research. Five year survival the prostate and bladder; and, also used for rates now approach 90% for low grade prostate accurate positioning of catheters. Other imaging techniques were only mentioned. These are, MRISpectroscopy, Elastography and PET Scans.
The relapse rates at 20 years are: 7% for
Gleason 2-5; 30% for Gleason 6-7; and, 71% for
The next form of treatment discussed was the
Gleason 8-10. Also, since many more younger Radical Prostatectomy which can be performed men are being treated for local disease, the num- in the standard way with a large abdominal inci- ber of those who have relapsed, leads to addi- sion or with the da Vinci Robotic System. The tional cases that must be re-treated.
robot form was presented. Pictures of an operat-ing room setup with an actual patient were A diagnostic method, in the form of a block dia-
shown. The abdominal probes were clearly seen gram, showed the pathway used to evaluate the and the remote operating booth shown. The patient and point to a method of treatment. The learning curve for the doctor is quite steep and criteria used were: absolute PSA; DRE (digital requires many operations to perfect a style. But, rectal exam); tumor size; PSA acceleration; can- the training is quite intensive. Doctors must first cer grade; Gleason score; and, biopsy.
train on animals and then cadavers for a lengthytime. Then, they can only act as an assistant in Slides were shown, in sketch form, that depicted
an actual operation for some time before being T1, T2, T3 and T4 tumors in the prostate. They quickly showed the audience the extent of thedisease and how this can be used to separate The many advantages are: quicker operating
local disease from systemic disease.
time; less post operative pain; hardly any bloodloss; very short hospital stay; good numbers for The next topic of discussion was the 3D Color
Doppler System and its role in prostate cancer.
Continence, for experienced surgeons, is 98% A picture of the stand alone machine was shown and potency is 68%. Progression free outcomes along with a fetal scan that produced extreme range from 92% for low grade cancer to 44% for detail of a baby’s face. Several slides of prostate scans showed detail of tumors and margins andwere striking when compared to 2D black and RT was briefly mentioned, since most men are
white scans. Comparison was made to a satura- familiar with this. Of course, RT can take the form tion biopsy and proved equal to this method of of 3D Conformal, IMRT or seed implants. These can be done with combined hormone blockade.
volatile it is compared to PCa. Be wary of chem- Alternative therapies exist. There is HIFU (High
icals of all kinds. He has a patient that worked on Frequency Ultrasound). This method uses a Jet planes. He is in his 40’s. The doctor is con- probe inserted into the urethra up to the prostate.
vinced the chemicals in fuel etc wrecked this The Ultrasound destroys the tumors. It is not man’s immune system thus causing his very approved in the USA yet but is available in aggressive PCa. We should keep our immune systems at peak operation at all times especiallywhen fighting cancer so our bodies can recog- Cryo ablation is another method. This is essen-
nize the cancer cells and destroy them. T Cells tially freezing the tumor in the prostate. Freezing are very important (T cells belong to a group
probes are inserted into the prostate in a com- of white blood cells known as lymphocytes,
puter planned placement process similar to seed and play a central role in cell-mediated
implanting. The tumor is destroyed by several immunity. They can be distinguished from
freeze and thaw cycles. Recurrence free pro- other lymphocyte types, such as B cells and
gression is very high and ranges 89 to 92% natural killer cells by the presence of a spe -
depending on the surgeons experience.
cial receptor on their cell surface called the T
cell receptor (TCR). The abbreviation T, in T

Jim Kiseda co-facilitator M2M Poughkeepsie
cell, stands for thymus, since it is the princi -
pal organ in the T cell's development).
suggests some of the following.
Newcomers and PCa May , 2008
• Vitamin A-Good for immune system• Vitamin D-for bone integrity One new attendee. HE is 86 years old and
attended the meeting for information. He has
not been diagnosed.
• Zinc-Take 50mg per day to ward off cancer.
Also good for your enzymes.
June M2M Program
The fumes from coal burning plants out West driftinto the North East carrying cadmium, mercury This meeting featured a lecture by Dr. Glenn
and lead (CM) in our air, thus we are inhaling Agoliatti, MD Dr. Agoliatti has spoken to the CM. We are poisoning ourselves with chemi- group on several previous occasions and has cals. Take zinc to help counteract this.
always been enthusiastically received. He isvery interested in CAM (complimentary alter- Our diets have deviated from what we are sup-
posed to eat. Our diet today is totally different
D r. Agoliatti is an Internist, Hematologist and
from what nature designated. Both PCa and BC Medical Oncologist. He has been in practice (breast cancer) are totally out of proportion. New in Dutchess County for over 20 years. He is cases of younger men and women are in epi- demic stages. He relates this to, in a large part, Hematology Oncology Associates, with threeo ffices in our area. our diets which changed drastically in the 1950’s.
White flour and white bread were introduced, Immune System
and whole grains were rejected. Whole grains When dealing with cancer it is very important to are the best. Nature gave China rice, Europe have a positive attitude. Stress is a big factor in cancer because it works against your immune America they lacked their own diets, and their health deteriorated. High corn fruitcose syrup (HCFS) is in everything including our breads.
HCFS is a culprit to our health. High sugar con-tent raises insulin levels very high causing Dr. Agoliatti, as an oncologist, has seen thou-
inflammation. There is a lot of research and evi- sands of patients over the years and is con- dence coupled with many scientists who feel vinced that many of the patients have acquired their cancer either through diet or the environ-ment. We have talked about some of these Some Cancer causes.
things before but it is important to reemphasize Stress, sugar (HCFS) dairy, red meats, farm them again so that we may save family and “Leave the Table Hungry”
The doctor covered many topics and passed out
That is Dr Agoliatti’s mantra. We over-eat, obesi-
papers that contained do or don’t lists for many ty is at epidemic stages in America. It is very of the items. We can only quickly summarize important to change our eating habits. Avoid salt, sugar, honey, ice cream, donuts, cookies andsoda. Japan has the lowest sugar intake per On environmental issues, he stressed watching
capita in the world, and the lowest rate of PCa in your workplace and avoiding the toxic chemicals the world. In the USA we ingest approximately and polluted air in many environs. He talked 100 lbs of sugar each year per person (holy about patients who worked with chemical sol- moley that’s a lot of sugar) Dr. Agoliatti suggests vents and eventually came down with cancer.
we drink water or mineral water and club soda Chlorine, from our showers, is readily absorbed instead of any sweet drinks and or soda’s. He by our large skin surface and is very toxic.
was very adamant about not ingesting artificialsweeteners (AS). Over 25 million packets of AS As mammals, we share a large number of genes
are consumed daily in the USA. Our bodies do with animals. We can learn a lot by studying not recognize diet stuff and AS. He also stated them in their habitat and also using some for the that sweeteners “are carcinogenics (cancer in vivo cancer trials. The mice and rats, which are causing). Our lifestyle with sugars and desserts specially bred for cancer trials, are an invaluable is not very conducive to our health.
The doctor believes in a biblical diet (fruits, veg-
There are three important parameters, in cancer,
ies, and a balanced diet). Eat less. Sugar feeds that we can control. These are: our oxygen envi- cancer; so does protein. “The less you eat, the ronment, our body pH, and our sugar intake.
less your chances of getting cancer. We must Cancer hates oxygen since it is anaerobic. We return to a more primitive diet.” Cook with ginger can increase body oxygenation through exer- and garlic. Grits are healthy. Oatmeal with cise. This is why you see exercise recommenda- tions in the various articles and books on cancer.
Dessert Society” Too much sugar and butter in Secondly, cancer loves an acid body to grow in.
Thus, we must alkalinize our system throughdiet. And lastly, we see sugar as a big player. It is We don't want our bodies to be acidic, our PH
well known that sugar is the favorite food of can- has to be correct. Eat alkalizing foods ie- veg- cer. Cancer cells have about 20 times the affinity etables, fruits. Stay away from red meats, milk for sugar as a regular cell. Our world is bom- products. If we can change our eating habits we barded with food sugar from many sources. We can alter our chemical makeup. He also stated must try to curb our sugar appetites. But, don’t “throw out our deodorants.” The chemicals in think that you can simply use sugar substitutes and think you are safe. Several of them are car- promises fewer side effects and a rapid recovery cinogenic and not a good choice. This is too and, perhaps, higher odds of survival. Not large a subject to explain here. In addition to the approved here in the US for prostate cancer is sugar itself being bad, it causes a reaction that the minimally invasive HIFU (High Intensity spikes your insulin-something already studied Focused Ultrasound). It uses focused ultrasound and implicated in breast cancer. Sodas, with their beams to heat the prostate to temperatures high- fake sugars, are very bad for everyone. Try to er than 80 degrees Celsius, destroying cancer cells. While it sounds promising, this procedure,is not as simple as it first appears to be. There The main lesson here is to boost your immune
are risks inherent to traveling abroad for medical system and avoid the cancer drivers mentioned procedures, in general. (See Daily Health News, above. This will go a long way in avoiding relaps- January 17, 2008, for more on "medical es in cancer and keep you in remission if you are tourism.") And then there's the treatment itself.
a survivor. If you don’t have cancer, it could bepreventive.
Dennis O’Hara, founder facilitator emeritus
HIFU treats prostate cancer without destroying
Jim Kiseda co-facilitator M2M Poughkeepsie
surrounding tissue, reducing the likelihood ofproblems such as incontinence and impotence, Newcomers and PCa June , 2008
which are often associated with other treatmentssuch as surgery, radiation and cryotherapy. This 1) No age given. His PSA rose from 3 to 3.6 to
is alluring to the growing number of prostate can- 5.9. His latest PSA was 4.5. His doctor recom- cer patients who, expecting to live years beyond mends a RP. He went for a second opinion and their treatment, want to preserve their health and the doctor gave him an antibiotic as he may have quality of life. Though one in six American men BPH. He went for another PSA but they lost his will be diagnosed with the disease in their life- records. He will get another PSA. before he time, only one in 35 will die from it.
HIFU can be an excellent technology when used
2) No age given. His PSA is 7. A biopsy showed
"in the right hands among appropriate patients," his right lobe clear of PCa but left lobe had 5 I was told by Thomas Gardner, MD, associate samples positive for PCa. He has been staged professor of urology at Indiana University School between T1 and T2. No decision on treatment of Medicine in Indianapolis. He is a researcher yet. He was considering robotic RP. He was involved in clinical trials of Sonablate HIFU here informed about the possibility of incontinence in the US. Phase I/II trial results, published in the problems and now is not so sure of using that Journal of Urology in December 2007, were encouraging: "High-intensity focused ultrasound Herb Ilker PCA 101
in patients with previously untreated prostatecancer is generally well tolerated and it has thepotential to completely ablate the prostate High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)
gland," their study concluded, noting "with further for Prostate Cancer
refinement of the optimal treatment dose andtechnique, this technology has the potential to be Some men with prostate cancer are planning
an effective form of therapy for localized prostate expensive trips abroad -- but not for vacation.
cancer." However, research efforts have been They are seeking a high-tech and somewhat partly delayed for the Phase III trial due to controversial treatment for their cancer that Of course, given risks of the current treatment
fits all' device because it only delivers focused options, such as surgery, many men are still anx- ultrasound at one distance," says Dr. Gardner.
ious to try what appears to be a better, more tol- Also, Ablatherm sometimes requires a pre-surgi- erable and more effective method. Though there cal procedure, called a transurethral resection of are claims of fewer side effects compared with the prostate (TURP) in large prostates, while the other prostate cancer treatments, Dr. Gardner said this has yet to be proven -- and the sameholds true for HIFU's long-term cure rates. No THE PRICE IS ONE BIG PROBLEM.
published US clinical trial data comparing long- Beyond a lack of data, the real downside of HIFU
term cure rates of HIFU with other standard for consumers is cost. Treatment can range prostate cancer therapies is available.
between $10,000 and $25,000, depending onwhere the patient is treated. Insurance compa- HOW HIFU WORKS
nies rarely pick up the tab. It's perhaps under-standable that some patients, especially those There are two types of HIFU technologies, nei-
with deep pockets, might waive those concerns, ther approved in the US. Both use a transrectal but the problem with seeking HIFU treatment probe to deliver ultrasound energy directly to the overseas is that some clinics offering the therapy prostate without causing damage to areas out- may be largely motivated by big profits, says Dr.
side of the gland. "This technology can spare Gardner, not quality patient care. The results can nerves, whereas other prostate cancer treat- be devastating. Many off-shore sites seek to ments often cannot," Dr. Gardner explained.
treat as many patients as quickly as they can.
potentially leaving a significant percentage S o n a b l a t e. This technology is available in
under-treated. Due to the size of the prostate and amount of time it takes to treat it effectively, two Republic, Costa Rica, Argentina, Japan, Europe or three HIFU treatments may be required to and South Africa. The equipment uses a split- eradicate the cancer -- and patients are not nec- beam technology allowing the doctor to visualize essarily told this before they begin. For PCa and treat the cancerous area. It has four different patients who are nonetheless interested in pur- probes of varying focal lengths that can all be suing HIFU, how can they protect themselves? used sequentially in one treatment session. "TheSonablate is a more controllable device because First, says Dr. Gardner, is to find out whether or it can provide adjustable focused ultrasound," not it's a good therapy for their cancer. HIFU explained Dr. Gardner. HIFU with Sonablate is therapy is reasonable for patients who meet all an outpatient procedure usually lasting between two and three hours, depending on the size of • Early stage (T1 or T2) cancer with localized
the prostate. Since it involves no incision, cutting (organ-confined) tumors
or radiation, it can easily be repeated if neces-sary. It can also be used as a salvage therapy if • A Gleason score (a grading score of the
there is a recurrence of cancer in the event other prostate tumor that indicates how likely the
tumor is to spread) of less than or equal to 6
Ablatherm. In comparison, this is a device pro-
•A PSA level less than 10 ng/mL
duced by the French company EDAP TMS and isapproved for use in Canada, Europe, Russia, •Have had a recent (within six months) prostate
South Korea and Australia. It employs just a sin- biopsy that is positive for cancer cells.
gle focal zone length and does not allow for mon- • A prostate volume of less than 40 cc.
itoring during treatment. It's more of a " 'one size Be sure to carefully investigate the quality of
physicians and facilities at the HIFU clinic youare considering. Dr. Gardner has concerns about On May 22 nd, Dennis and I attended a Robotics
the treatments in places such as Mexico or the Surgery Conference at the Greenwich Hospital in Dominican Republic, where he believes there's Connecticut. Dr Molinelli chaired the event.
not as much control over the quality of care -- a Speakers were chosen from each of the groups problem that gets truly dangerous when coupled using the machine for operations. The lectures with a financial incentive in some clinics to treat lasted for two hours but it moved very fast since as many patients as possible. Also, while there is each speaker was only allotted 10 minutes time.
no data demonstrating Sonablate to be superior This might sound too short, but the speakers did to Ablatherm, Dr. Gardner believes its flexibility an excellent job in describing their discipline and makes it easier to use. How to reconcile the choice? He says wait for a clinical trial or takeyour chances.
There were 6 speakers. Their topics were:
History of Robotics; Prostate Cancer; Future
However, Dr. Gardner urges caution. "Patients Development; Gynecology; General Surgery; should be very careful," he said. "There are sev- eral established techniques, such as surgery,radiation and cryotherapy, available in the US for We were treated with having the complete da
the treatment of localized prostate cancer. While Vinci machine on display in the lecture room. We these do have some risk to future male function, were even allowed to sit at the console and actu- unlike HIFU, they are generally conducted in ally manipulate the robot. Placed remotely from approved hospital or surgical settings. Here in us was a target model of various geometric the US, it is only safe to have unapproved tech- shapes and sizes. Some of the shapes had plas- niques such as HIFU in a clinical trial setting." tic rings around them and we were to remove therings and move them to other shapes and force Do not sign up for treatment unless you
the ring on them. Also, 2 coins were placed in the have thoroughly discussed your case and
array on edge and we were to remove them and your eligibility with your doctor, he cautions.
place them, on edge, between these shapes. Itwas truly amazing how quickly we became Source(s):
adapted to the machine and were able to dothese exercises.
Thomas Gardner, MD, associate professor of
urology at Indiana University School of Medicine
What struck us was the exquisite color picture in
in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Gardner specializes our eye pieces that gave us the effect of 3D. One in the care of patients with cancers of the urinary can quickly see why the doctors extol the great system including prostate, kidney and bladder.
surgical field of view. Also, the surgical tool that He joined the Indiana University faculty after is placed in the patient, has a range of motion that is not possible with the human hand and not Fellowship at the University of Virginia. He con- possible in straight laparoscope’s .
tinues to develop novel therapies for patientswith urologic cancers and conducts clinical trials We won’t dwell on the all the various surgeries
through the Walther Oncology Center.
but concentrate on prostate surgery. Robotsurgery is quickly overtaking radical prostatec-tomies as the matter of choice. There is very Submitted by Herb Ilker, M2M Poughkeepsie
good reason for this. Some of advantages are: •Shorter hospital stays
While I was operating the consul I actually took a
•Less Pain
Dime (ten cent piece) and picked it up off of the •Less risk of infection
operating table and turned it around and read the •Less blood loss and transfusions
date. The clarity of the letters etc. was simply •Less scarring
•Extremely small incisions for the tools
•Faster recovery

Definition of the Da Vinci Surgical System
•Quicker return to normal activities
The Da Vinci Surgical System is powered by the
The side effects still have to be proven over time
state-of-the-art robotic technology. The system but the claim now is that the time to continence allows your surgeon’s hand movements to be is short and there is less erectile dysfunction.
scaled, filtered and translated into precise move-ments of micro-instruments within the operative The anesthesiologist at the meeting had the
operation himself and said that everything ransmoothly for him. He stated that the anesthesia The Da Vinci System enhances surgical capabil- is nothing special and is the same as a regular ities by enabling the performance of complex surgeries through tiny surgical openings. Thesystem cannot be programmed nor can it make Our overall opinion is that this was the best pre-
decisions on its own. The Da Vinci System sentation we have heard, on the subject. The requires that every surgical maneuver be per- question and answer period was very lively, with formed with the direct input from your surgeon.
excellent response from the audience.
The Da Vinci System has been successfullyused in thousands of PCa procedures worldwide.
Jim Kiseda, co-facilitator M2M Poughkeepsie
The above is taken from the literature
“Da Vinci Prostatectomy”
Additional information on the Da Vinci Robot
Dennis O’Hara, founder & facilitator
emeritus, M2M Poughkeepsie
During the Q & A, a question was raised on how
difficult it was for the surgeon to lay down (so to
speak) his knife and pick up the controls of the
Check out back issues of M2M
robot. The panel of doctors all agreed that is was Poughkeepsie and more at.
not difficult at all. There was an adjustment peri- h t t p : / / w w w. b o o d r o w. c o m
od where they had to learn how the feel of thetools as opposed to having hands on.
There is software being developed that someday
A little old lady was sitting on a park bench in a in the near future the doctor will be able to voice Florida adult community. A man walked over and sits down on the other end of the bench. After a few Robotics are also being tested on the battlefield
moments, the woman asks, 'Are you a stranger by the Armed Forces. A doctor will be able to operate on a wounded soldier on the battle field in a temporary surgical area, and the surgeon will 'So, where were you all these years?''In prison,' he says.
be at a remote site in a safe environment operat- 'Why did they put you in prison?' He looked at her, ing the consul that controls the robot. Many lives and very quietly said, 'I killed my wife.' will be saved when this takes place.
'Oh!' said the woman. 'So you're single.?!' Author Unknown
Attendance Information
after surgery, in 11% after radiation and in 8% of Joint meetings of Man to Man (M2M) and Side by men after seeds. This information may be helpful Side (SXS), the prostate cancer (PCa) support and to men trying to make a treatment decision.
These numbers seem low compared to reports education groups sponsored by the American Cancer Society, were held on May 1, & June 5 in the Central TOXIC METALS
Poughkeepsie, NY. There were 30 in May including Toxic metals have shown, in past studies, to
1 new M2M member and 8 SXSs. The June meet- somehow link with prostate cancer. Getting rid ofmetals is tricky and complicated. Modified Citrus ing had 38 including 2 new M2M members and 8 Pectin (MCP) trials proved effective in removing metals. But, new studies combining MCP with TO ALL RECIPIENTS OF OUR
alginates (kelp seaweed) proved highly effective NEWSLETTER.
in metal removal. The small study was done at If you are experiencing any problems with receiving
the Amitabha Medical Clinic near San Francisco.
the newsletter, possibly your name, address or zip Heavy metals were slashed an average of 74% code are wrong. If you are receiving duplicate or in the small group. One of the men reduced his triplicate issues or if you know of any other mem- PSA from 102 to 0.1 where it has stayed for 18 bers who are experiencing mailing problems, con- tact Peter & Teresa Hardin, phone: 845-897-9667,e- mail: <[email protected]>, or regular ground Complementary Medicine, a German publication.
mail: Peter Hardin, 12 Penn Street, Fishkill, NY12524 INCONTINENCE EXPERT (PATIENT)
Meetings for 2008
I met a man at a Man to Man meeting in
•July 10 (date change due to 4th of July)
California who is remarkable. He had a prostate- General Meeting with an Open Discussion
ctomy. When they wheeled him back to his room •Aug 7 Two Videos from 2007 PCRI Symposium
on a gurney they were forcefully lifting him to his #1 Dr. Colin Campell-Effect of Diet on Pca
(37 min)
bed. Unfortunately they forget to disconnect his #2
catheter bag from the gurney. They ripped up his Supplements. (3 2min)
insides and he has serious incontinence to this •September 4 TBA
day. He made himself an expert in this area and •October 2 Bob Carter on His journey with PCa.
knows more about all the aspects than most doc- •November 6 TBA
•December 4 TBA
He can tell you the best clothes to wear at home
Worth Checking
or traveling. He travels a lot. He evaluated all the RESEARCH SQUIBS
diapers and pads on the market and knows the TREATMENT SIDE EFFECTS
best. He can tell you the best places to change In the March issue of The New England Journal
diapers or pads on a trip. He has evaluated the of Medicine, 1200 men were surveyed as to their various penile clamps. He knows which opera- side effects at 2 years after their treatment.
tions work. He is a wealth of knowledge.
Sexual problems existed in 43% of men after He gave permission to use his name and phone
surgery, in 37% after radiation and in 30 % after number to help any men who need it. His name seeds. Urinary problems existed in 7% after is John Theriault and phone is 714-962-4611.
surgery, in 11% after radiation and in 16% afterseeds. Bowel problems existed in 1% of men Jim Kiseda, co-facilitator M2M Poughkeepsie
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Support Program Meets in Kingston NY
Meetings for Prostate Cancer 101
Call 212-946-1494 or <[email protected]>
Meetings held on the First Tuesday of every month
at 4:30 PM at the Hurley Reformed Church 17,
Main Street, Hurley. For further information call
Diane & Walt Sutkowski at (845) 331-7241, Arlene
& Bill Ryan (845)- 338-9229
Out of the Area PCa Program
Prostate Cancer Education Forum
Held the first Monday of each month in theGreenwich (CT) Hospital, Noble Conference US TOO & THE ACS Strand M2M Program
Center from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. For information Meeting time 6 to 7:30 PM, 2nd Wednesday of
and to register, call (203) 863-4277, or (888) 305- the month. Meets in the Coastal Grand
9253, or register and meeting information online at Mall, HEALTHFINDERS ROOM.
BOB JOSEFEK 843-651-5478
Man to Man New York City
TOM BYINGTON 843-399-7272
Meetings will take place at:
JOHN MURPHY 843-357-7284
The American Cancer Society 132 W. 32nd
Street New York, NY 10001 Accessible by N R QB D F or 1 2 3 Trains to 34th Street Walk to 32nd MONMOUTH COUNTY NEW JERSEY
Street Between 6th and 7th Avenue For informa- M2M GROUPS
tion please feel free to contact: Joelle Vasquez
(212) 237- 3826 or David Pulli (212) 237-3843

FREEHOLD-CHRIS PAPA (732) 946- 2694
NEPTUNE-MARC GORDON (732) 774-3683

RED BANK-JOAN OTOOLE (732) 530-2468
Cancer Awareness Research
The tri-state CARE group meets the
second Thursday of each month at the
1. TOMS RIVER-DICK MULLER (732) 240-5717
Ridgewood Methodist Church, located
at 100 Dayton Ave., Ridgewood NJ

2. TOMS RIVER-LARRY PUCCIO-(732) 349-2950
from 7PM until. For directions etc.
Call Harvey Kunz: 201-664-5005

and 2008 is the 15th year of Man to Man, Poughkeepsie
Come join us at the
"Celebration of Life" dinner
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Place: The Villa Borghese, Widmer Road, Wappingers Falls
Date: Thursday, September 18th, 2008
Time: 6:30 PM, Social hour (cash bar)
7:30 PM, Dinner
Entertainment: The "All Together" sounds of Brian O’Hara
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Menu: Buffet
Carving station – Breast of Turkey
Sliced London Broil
Chicken Marsala

Pasta Primavera
Mussels Marinara
Roasted Red Potatoes
Seasonal Hot Vegetables
Salad Bar and Fruit Salad
Dessert and Coffee

Price: $28 per person
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reservations are required:
Mail your check and form to the address below
or bring to the next meeting.
Peter and Teresa Hardin, 12 Penn Street, Fishkill, NY 12524
Tear off and mail this form with your check or hand in at the meeting
Make your check payable to: Peter Hardin, Special Events
Name__________________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________ City_________________________ State_______ Zip____________ E-mail No. of reservations: ___________ x $28 = $________________

Source: http://www.boodrow.com/cancer/poughkeepsie/mayjune08.pdf

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