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BCNH Level 6 Diploma (WITH Clinical Practice)
Programme Specification
A 4-year, part-time course (195 credits)
Year 1 - Level 4 Diploma Modules

401 - Digestion & Metabolism
This course will teach you about the importance of efficient digestion and how impaired digestive and
chemical processes affect digestion, absorption & energy production. Theory seminar will explore the
topics further and you will be able to put your knowledge into practice during a clinical seminar where
several case studies with various digestive conditions will be discussed.
402 - Nutritional Therapy (NT) for Immune & Musculoskeletal Health
This course will give you a foundation in relation to the function of immune, lymphatic and
musculoskeletal systems and their interactions. You will learn how the body can defend itself against
internal and external harmful agents including micro-organisms, food and environmental allergens.
Diet, lifestyle & environmental factors are further discussed during theory and clinical seminars, as
you will need to be familiar with these in preparation for the clinical practice.
403 - Nutritional Therapy for Endocrine, Nervous & Sensory Health
This course will teach you a fundamental understanding of the functions of hormones and glands,
skin, ears & eyes, nervous system and their interactions. Theory seminar will explore the topics
further and you will be able to put your knowledge into practice during a clinical seminar where several
case studies with hormonal & skin conditions will be discussed.
404 - NT for Cardiovascular, Respiratory & Urinary Health
This course will teach you about the role of the cardiovascular, respiratory & urinary systems in the
transport of nutrients, elimination of wastes, exchange of gasses, fluid balance, etc. Theory seminar
will explore the topics further and you will be able to put your knowledge into practice during a clinical
seminar where several case studies with various immune & musculoskeletal conditions will be
Year 2 - Level 5 Diploma Modules

505 - Principles of Nutritional Therapy I
This course gives you a deep understanding of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals &
phytochemicals and how dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors impact on their metabolism &
functions in the body. You will also learn about therapeutic applications of individual nutrients as well
as signs and symptoms of their deficiencies and how to address them.

506 - Principles of Nutritional Therapy II

This module will help you to gain an understanding of the nutritional and therapeutic value of
individual foods and food constituents. This is key in enabling you to construct menus and nutritional
protocols for individual clients. Farming methods and food processing methods are also explored to
enable you to determine how foods differ in nutritional value and how these, in turn, affect human
health, as well as the environment.
507 - Advanced GI Health & Pathology
You will learn in-depth aspects of gastrointestinal health management, including celiac disease,
inflammatory bowel diseases, gut flora, oral health, etc. You will also learn how to apply various
nutritional strategies, including functional tests, as a tool to complement the allopathic approach
and to enhance your ability to manage clients’ care effectively.
508 - Pollution & Detoxification
This module considers the sources of endogenous and exogenous toxins as well as free radicals and
antioxidants and their impact on health. You will learn about the role of elimination organs and about
the detoxification pathways in the body and nutritional protocols to support them. Biochemical and
functional tests are also discussed, along with traditional cleansing methods such as specific dietary
and herbal protocols.
509 - Nutritional Therapy and Advanced Endocrinology
This course will extend your knowledge and understanding of how compromised function of various
glands such as thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, etc., affect overall health. You will learn how to apply
various nutritional management protocols, based on contemporary research, as well as how to apply
and interpret various functional tests for hormonal imbalances frequently encountered in a clinical
Year 3 - Level 6 Diploma Modules

610 - Clinical Skills for Nutritional Therapy
This course is about developing skills required in a successful clinical practice. You will learn how to
apply functional medicine when addressing complex health issues and how to apply nutritional
treatment in combination with orthodox medicine, based on the latest research. You will put theory
into practice by completing case studies, which will be marked by the course tutors. You will also
learn how to communicate with the medical profession in order to establish a mutually rewarding
611 - Nutrition through the Lifecycle
This course is an overview of nutritional requirements during the various stages of a lifecycle
(preconception, pregnancy, childhood & adolescents & ageing), based on contemporary research.
You will learn about complex issues such as effects of biochemical & environmental factors on male
& female fertility, childhood development, healthy ageing, etc.
612 - NT for Optimum Physical, Mental and Emotional Health
This course looks at the role of nutritional therapy in influencing optimal physical, emotional and
mental function, based on the latest research. You will learn about the energy needs of individuals to
maintain optimum weight, about management of obesity and about the role the Nutritional Therapy
plays in the management of eating disorders. You wil also learn about children’s and adult mental
health issues in addition to the role nutrition plays in optimum physical performance such as sports
613 - NT for Chronic & Degenerative Diseases
This course will give you a deeper understanding of how inflammation and various other factors play
role in the aetiology of various chronic and degenerative diseases (e.g. cancer, multiple sclerosis,
CFS, fibromyalgia, chronic inflammation, etc.), based on contemporary research.
Year 4 - Clinical Practice

BCNH clinical training is designed to put theory into practice, You will learn how to apply the principles
of Functional Medicine in clinical practice, with strong emphasis on holistic, albeit evidence-based
You will see 8 clients, each of them at least 3 times, under a watchful eye of our Clinic Supervisors
who will guide you through the process and help you achieve the clinical skills and confidence that
you will require to set up a successful nutritional therapy practice.

BCNH Early Exit Academic Awards
1. BCNH Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology

Candidates will be awarded the above certificate by BCNH, subject to successful
completion of all BCNH Level 4 courses.

2. BCNH Diploma in Nutrition & Health (NOT NTC accredited)

Candidates, such as health professionals, journalists, etc. who have successfully completed all Level 4, Level 5 & Level 6 BCNH modules, without the Year 4 clinical practice, will be awarded the above Diploma by BCNH.


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