Pharmacy and Therapeutics Updates
June 2013
Automatic Substitution - Insulin
Floranex tablets – 1, 2, 3 tablet TID WC or QID WC Saccharomyces bouladii (Florastor) TID WC or QID WC Lactobacillus acidophilus and bulger • Policy Approvals
o High Alert Medications – 3-year update o Sound-alike, Look-alike Meds – 3-year update o Adverse Drug Reactions – 3-year update o Self Admin Medication – 3-year update • Smart Pump Menu Updates
o Approved Adult Simbiq IV Pump changes o Approved NICU MedFusion Syringe Smart Pump changes • Respiratory Therapy protocol – for titration of treatment and beta-agonist auto
Levalbuterol (Xopenex) 0.63 mg Q6H WA RT • Pyxis Override List Review
o Remove: alteplase, benzocain spray, bupivacaine with & without epinephrine,
cocaine topical, digoxin injection, epidurals, erythromycin ophthalmic oint for
newborn, famotidine injection, indomethacin supp, ketorolac, lido with epi, LET,
lido gel uro-jet, phentolamine, phytonadione (newborn), KCL riders 10 and 20
mEq, thiopental, tromethamine, and verapamil
o Add: cefazolin 1gm for emergent C-section for CP PACU/OR (2gm already on list), glucose gel (all), gel foam (CP PACU), aviteen (CP PACU), and sugifoam (CP PACU), all sizes of propofol where stocked (was only 50mL – now includes 20, 50, and 100mL) o Modify names PCU to HVU, 6S to ACE, and ACP PACU to HP PACU Pharmacy and Therapeutics Updates
June 2013
Formulary Product Changes 2013 in review:
o Ondansetron 32mg IVPB – NFNA, January 2013
o Amikacin – FORMULARY, restricted to infectious disease, January 2013
o Amifostine – NFNA, January 2013
o Homatropine 2% and 5% ophthalmic solution – NFNA, January 2013
o Morrhuate – NFNA, January 2013
o Nystatin Vaginal tablets – NFNA, January 2013
o Cisatracurium – FORMULARY, January 2013
o Atracurium – NFNA, January 2013
o Tacrolimus capsules – FORMULARY, January 2013
o Ganciclovir IV [Cytovene®] – FORMULARY, restricted to infectious disease,
o Choral hydrate capsules/solution – NFNA, manufacture discontinued, February
o Quinupristin-Dalfopristin [Synercid®] – NFNA, February 2013
o Adalimumab [Humira®] – FORMULARY, restricted to GI service, February
o MoviPrep® - CONDITIONAL FORMULARY, February 2013
o Midazolam 5mg/mL – FORMULARY, restricted to intranasal (IN)
administration and pediatrics, February 2013
o Azilsartan [Edarbi®] – Automatic substitution to valsartan, March 2013
o Sildenafil [Viagra®] 25 mg – Automatic substitution to sildenafil [Revatio®],
o Liposomal bupivacaine [Exparel®] – CONDITIONAL FORMULARY –
Restricted to Dr. Proshan’s service, March 2013
o Floranex tablets – NFNA, June 2013
o Saccharomyces bouladii [Florastor] – NFND, June 2013
o Lactobacillus acidophilus and bulger [Latinex] – NFND, June 2013
FORMULARY = available at AAMC
CONDITIONAL FORMUALRY = on formulary but must meet specialized criteria for
use and to obtain (i.e. financial approval)
NFNA = non-formulary/not available at AAMC
**** NF = non-formulary at AAMC

Source: http://www.aahs.org/medstaff/wp-content/uploads/PT-June-2013-Update.pdf

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